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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snarking "Elitism"

If one believes Team Clinton's current talking points, Clinton's War Room will get F*CKING PUMPED UP MOTHERF*CKER!!!! for tonight's debate in Philadelphia with this:

While Obama's War Room will get mildly piqued for tonight's debate with this:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Well Beam Me Up Mr. Speaker!"

During last night's Democratic debate Dennis Kucinich repeated his claim that he has seen a UFO.

And maybe he has.

Or maybe Kucinich was just channeling his former House colleague from Ohio, James Traficant.

What is it about Ohio Congressmen and outer space?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FLASH: Katie Levinson Addresses "The Help"

First Senator Joe Biden said this:

To which Giuliani communications monkey Katie Levinson responded with this:

“As the pundits work to figure out who won the debate tonight, it’s pretty clear Rudy Giuliani was the real winner. It is increasingly apparent Rudy is the one the Democrats are most worried about running against in the general election.

“Senator Biden’s comments were of particular interest. The good Senator is quite correct that there are many differences between Rudy and him. For starters, Rudy rarely reads prepared speeches and when he does he isn’t prone to ripping off the text from others. And, Senator Biden certainly falls in to the bucket of those on the stage tonight who have never had executive experience and have never run anything. Wait, I take that back, Senator Biden has never run anything but his mouth.

“Such a desperate attack from Senator Biden is to be expected considering I - Katie Levinson - have a better chance of becoming President than he does.”

"I - Katie Levinson - blah, blah, blah."

Talk about ego.

Katie dear, Joe Biden is a United States Senator.

You're a "nothin".

Best remember that.

33 Minutes Into Tonight's Democratic Debate We Have To Ask - Why Isn't Joe Biden Taking Off? (UPDATED)

Yeah, we know, there are several easy answers to our question.

But (pure) candidate Joe Biden makes a lot of sense.

A hell of a lot of sense.

No snark.


(UPDATED) Biden just got done filleting Rudy's qualifications to be President.

And we are (eagerly) awaiting the YouTube clip.

But we need to say, right now, "Bravo Joe Biden. Bravo!"


(UPDATED) Oh, we got the YouTube clip. See above.