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Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Not Going To Be Tim Pawlenty

Jon Martin broke it.

Other news outlets are confirming it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

IF Tim Pawlenty Is McCain's VP Pick, Remember 10/08/07 (UPDATED)

In October 2007, while John McCain was still HEMORRHAGING political support, Tim Pawlenty flew to Manchester, NH to do a political event on McCain's behalf in Fairlee, VT.


The state with negative electoral votes.

For a campaign event that took Governor Pawlenty well over 10 hours to complete if you include fly and drive time.

But, as Mr. Pawlenty was finally being dropped off at his hotel after a very looong day, he turned to Team McCain's Jim Barnett and said, "I'd like to do more, please let me know how I can do that."

That was in October of 2007.

When 3/4ths of the Republican Party was saying, "John? John Who?"

We know that this happened because we were in the car with the Governor on that trip.

Bottom line - Tim Pawlenty is qualified to be Vice President for any number of reasons.

As are most of the folks rumored to be on McCain's short list.

But we hope that Pawlenty's respect for, and loyalty to, John McCain puts the Minnesota Governor over the top in the Veepstakes.

Fingers. Crossed.

(UPDATED) A longtime reader writes to remind us that Tim Pawlenty is the "clear" choice of McCain loyalists who have ridden the '08 campaign roller coaster from the beginning.

Don't we know it.

McCain Has NOT Contacted GMP1 To Personally Inform Us Of His VP Choice, Therefore GMP1 Cannot Believe That The Choice Has Been Made

Unfortunately, it looks like we don't have as much juice with the American Hero as we thought we did.

In any event, we'd love to see a Tim Pawlenty pick.

Fighting Joe would be good too (although several Republicans we trust say that the pick would be a disaster).

Mitt Romney, now that WOULD be a disaster.

But what about "none of the above"?

We really have no idea.

But we bet we find out within 12 hours.

Right about when Obama hits the stage at Mile High.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Future Of The Republican Party

Any guess as to who we think Johnny Mac should pick as his running mate?

The American Hero & The Accomplished Chief Executive, Fresh Face Member of Sam's Club.

In 2008.

It's a messaging winner.

Believe it.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Tim Pawlenty: "Emerging Issues"

"So, who's McCain going to pick as his VP?"

We're getting that a lot these days. From everybody.

So here's our plain and simple answer: We have no idea. The last time that anyone in the high levels of Team McCain talked to us about that was never. So we don't know jack. Or jill.

But - and there is always a but with us - we like Tim Pawlenty for the pick. Always have.

Noted: We also like Johnny Mac to pick a Democrat/Independent for the slot as well. To put up "the political deep ball". And explode the heads of the chattering class. But that's a story for another day.

Anyway, the only knock on the Minnesota Governor seems to be that he is too young and no one has heard of him. We "snort" at that.

The American Hero has more experience, gravitas and name ID in his two pinkie fingers than most politicians have in their whole body when they die at 104. In other words, the descriptions "youthful" and "less experienced" before the name of McCain's VP pick shouldn't be a negative.

In fact, in this year and in this environment, we think that those words should only be a positive (for goodness sakes, look who's running - very strongly - against McCain on the other side).

But, most importantly, Governor Pawlenty "gets it" - Tim Pawlenty understands that the GOP must modernize, that the Republicans can no longer be a white male cul-de-sac party and survive.

And what Pawlenty told the Washington Times today is the exact same thing he told us almost 16 months ago:

Tim Pawlenty on the ticket in 2008 could go a very looong way towards modernizing (and strengthening) the Republican Party.

To put it another way, Pawlenty on the ticket stands for "SAFE Change", which couples beautifully with how Johnny Mac is (or should be) portraying himself in this change election environment.

And John McCain knows that.

Which is the big reason why we like Tim Pawlenty so much as his pick.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Nice To See That Someone In The GOP (other than McCain) Still Has A Sense Of Humor

Is THIS a big deal in an election cycle of whiskey shots, beers, bowling and pool?

Not in the slightest.

And it probably even wins him a point or two with McCain.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tim Pawlenty: "He Stressed Health Care, Energy, and the Environment"

At a Georgetown meet and greet last night.

But of course Governor Pawlenty did.

One, he's been talking those issues on the stump for the 10 months that he's been on our radar screen.

And two, he "gets" that it's 2008. Not 1988.

Noted: Not to worry all you national security GOPers. The Governor can work the security angle into both the energy issue and the environment issue, we've watched him do it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

McCain Starts Putting Together VP List, Clacker Not On Short List, Not Even On Long List

John McCain, on the Don Imus radio show this morning, told the radio king that he has started putting together a list of people who he will consider as his running mate.

We can confirm that Monday Morning Clacker is not - we repeat - not on that list.


But that doesn't mean we don't have an opinion on who McCain's VP pick will be:

1. Tim Pawlenty

2. Joe Lieberman

3. Rob Portman

4. None of the above or anyone currently being talked about in Washington DC parlors.

How's that for hedging our bets?

Noted: We are willing to bet a shiny nickel that McCain's choice for VP moves the ticket towards the political center. Not towards the right.

Time will tell.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why Team McCain Loves Tim Pawlenty

The very able Jon Martin has a good story up this morning about why Minnesota Governor (and McCain national co-chair) Tim Pawlenty makes an attractive VP pick for the Senator from Arizona.

Keyword: Steadfast.

We covered an event that Governor Pawlenty did for Senator McCain in Fairlee, Vermont (on the NH border) on October 8th, 2007.

October 8th - dark days for Team McCain. Not a lot of phone calls being returned, not a lot of surrogates wanting to hit the campaign trail for him.

But there was Governor Pawlenty, flying into Manchester, NH to then make a four hour round-trip car ride to give a dinner speech in Vermont on behalf of Senator McCain to maybe 200 people.

That's dedication to a candidate. Big Time.

And the Fairlee trip is just one example of what Tim Pawlenty has done on behalf of Johnny Mac. Through thin and thick.

Which is one big reason why Team McCain loves the Governor from Minnesota.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What The Republican Party Can Learn From Tim Pawlenty

Let's set aside the fact that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty visited New Hampshire yesterday on behalf of Senator John McCain.

Noted: The Mitt Romney supporter in our picture was certainly able to set his feelings aside.

Everyone knows where we stand on McCain's candidacy. And, as Governor Pawlenty is the Senator's national campaign co-chair, everyone should be able to guess where Mr. Pawlenty stands as well.

So this post is not about John McCain. Shocking, we know.

This post is about Governor Pawlenty.

And his terrific "Road-Map Out Of The GOP Message Wilderness" stump speech (our words not his) that he delivered in Fairlee, Vermont last night to New Hampshire and Vermont GOP activists.

Noted: Fairlee is a long way from Manchester, New Hampshire. And while we would love to include snippets of the 4 hour conversation we had with Governor Pawlenty traveling to and from last night's event, off the record means off the record. Even for bloggers.

So back to Pawlenty's (public) stump speech.

The Governor's speech started with a few self-depreciating jokes. There is nothing wrong with warming a crowd up with a little humor. And Pawlenty tells good jokes well.

Like a lot of politicians.

But then the Governor moved into the actual meat of his speech. And he stopped sounding like "a lot of politicians".

He began by talking about the massive economic, cultural and technological changes currently sweeping across the globe. He told the audience that "massive change" is both "a little bit scary" and "exciting" at the same time.

Then he told the audience that Americans in general, and the Republican Party in particular, needs to "hold on to what makes us great" while at the same time being flexible enough to "take advantage of new opportunities".

"So what's something that makes us great?" Governor Pawlenty asked the Republican crowd. "We are the Party of fiscal discipline!" he answered himself.

The Governor then proceeded to sort out his 55 vetoes as Governor of Minnesota, including his vetoes of most of Minnesota's major omnibus bills.

Heads started bobbing up and down in the room.

"But the Republican Party needs to have a broader vision than just being accountants for the Democrats," Governor Pawlenty explained.

Our heart fluttered. More than a little bit.

The good Governor then launched into a 20 minute discussion on education reform, health care reform and energy reform.

Our favorite quote, on the need for energy reform, "70% of our oil comes from foreign sources and it hooks us to people and places that we shouldn't be hooked to. It is a national security imperative that we move our country away from oil. The public is way ahead of the politicians on this issue."

By God! A Republican who is clearly unwilling to cede the energy issue to the Democrats? Incredible!

Noted: The AP has a good Pawlenty interview on this subject.

Heads are really bobbing up and down in the room now. And remember, these are Vermont/NH GOP activists.

And so far not a peep - not one peep - has come from Governor Pawlenty about the War In Iraq or the troop surge (when he talked about the need for energy reform he specifically cited Venezuela, Russia and Saudi Arabia).

Now finished with the issue portion of his stump speech, Governor Pawlenty turned to the 2008 election and his support for Senator John McCain who Pawlenty says is "ready to lead from day one".

Which is where the subject of Iraq and the troop surge finally appears, 30 minutes into his stump speech. But only briefly. In a - you know John McCain, you know his experience, you know he will do what needs to be done in Iraq, you trust him, case closed - sort of way.

And, when you're backing a candidate who has the military experience that John McCain has, you get to make that sort of argument.

Which allows you to focus more time on other issues that voters still really care about (health care, energy, fiscal discipline, education etc).

No question that America's fight against radical Islamic fundamentalism is important. But so are these other issues. Issues that the GOP can use to build and expand their Party in 2008.

Imagine that.

Governor Pawlenty seems to understand this.

And the Republican Party should watch the good Governor closely and learn a thing or two about updating (creating?) their broader message for 2008. And beyond.

We're just saying.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mr. Vice President? Monday Morning Clacker Interviews Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

About 70 supporters turned out for U.S. Senator John McCain's "official" campaign office opening in Manchester, New Hampshire this morning.

Although Senator McCain was not present for the office opening Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota Governor and co-chair of McCain's national campaign, acted as a surrogate.

Noted: 70 supporters for an office opening less than 3 days after Senator McCain himself did a campaign event in Manchester? Willingly inside on a beautiful Saturday morning? Even though the main roadway to the campaign office was closed due to a Manchester marathon? Not bad at all.

Governor Pawlenty is one of a few Republicans to win a statewide re-election campaign in a "purple" state in 2006.

Which means that even though the Governor is a "good" Republican (believe it), he isn't afraid to talk honestly about the problems currently plaguing the GOP.

Which is probably why he and John McCain get along so well.

GreenMountainPolitics1 caught up with Governor Pawlenty at McCain's office opening and asked him several questions including why he is a Republican, what the Republican Party can do to win back young people and Independents and why he is so fond of John McCain.

Editor's Note: We apologize in advance for the (somewhat) poor lighting as well as Monday Morning Clacker's tendency to rush when asking the questions. We're still getting used to this.

You can read the New Hampshire Presidential Watch write-up of the McCain's office opening here.

And you can hear Governor Pawlenty's radio interview with Granite Grok here.