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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ragin' Cajun: Go F*ck Yourselves Obama/Richardson

James Carville has himself an op-ed in this morning's WaPo.

It's worth a read.

Noted: When you've backed Clinton and your wife backed Fred Thompson well, it's going to (probably) be a fairly cold next four years in DC no matter what.

So why not throw the kitchen sink? Again.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Clack Clack Clack (Part 2)

Four things we know as the Democrats exit the stage and the debate rodeo comes to a close.

First, Hillary Clinton is one able politician and a bruiser. Who is absolutely still in this. Even if she comes in 3rd in NH, which we don't think she does (she will do better).

Second, John Edwards is a terrific debater. And he is probably still in this. Even if he comes in 3rd in NH, which we think he probably will.

Third, Barack Obama is extremely sharp and tonight's debate format allowed him to highlight that. But we still don't get "Hope" and therefore we still cannot believe that he will be the Democratic nominee. Double if he doesn't end up winning NH (flip a coin).

And fourth, Bill Richardson ain't presidential timber. But he's having fun. Even as he whacked Justice White over things that Richardson has absolutely no concept of.

But again, that's just our clack, clack, clack.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

NH Dem Comm Directors "Batton Down The Hatches", Clacker To Do Radio Tomorrow Morning To Discuss Tonight's Debate

GMP1 will be chatting with Arnie Arnesen at about 6:30am tomorrow to discuss tonight's debate in Nevada.

Catch us on the radio at 1110 AM (if you live in southern NH or northern MA).

Or the live stream is here.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Team Richardson Is Handing Out At NH Events

Richardson finally made it onto a baseball card.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Richardson, Late To The Rove Roast, Tries To Make Up For Lost Time

This just hit our email box.



Thursday, July 19, 2007

Biden Makes Good Sense On Iraq. So Does Duffy.

Just because we support Bush's troop surge (especially when the only other choice is what the Democratic Congress is peddling) doesn't mean that we're not listening/reading other folks with different ideas about "a way forward" (or out) in Iraq.

Especially folks who are as concerned as we are with the chaos that will result if/when the United States pulls all of its troops out of Iraq.

Anyone remember "You break it, you buy it"?

Noted: For you pro-Richardson folks who emailed us to tell us you weren't very happy about our anti-Richardson Snark yesterday we have two quick questions - 1. What's the difference between genocide in Darfur and genocide in Iraq? 2. What is your car's daily MPG?

Exactly. So let's get serious.

And Joe Biden, who we don't talk enough about on this blog, is as serious and able as they come on how to work our way out of this Iraqi clusterf*ck.

Biden proved it again last night on Jim Lehrer.

Also, Time's Mike Duffy has a very good piece up talking about many of the same ideas Biden has.

Neither of the two men's plans are perfect. But neither is Bush's surge. And all three are better than anything Reid/Pelosi are pushing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bill Richardson Ad Transcript - "The Big One"

"I'm Bill Richardson.

And because no presidential candidate has yet found the stones, or ovaries, to talk about the terrific downsides of America's casual consumption of the world's natural resources, which is what got us into Iraq in the first place, I'm forced to promise you that I will pull ALL of our troops out of Iraq when I am elected President.

Which is total bullsh*t.

Because Iraq sits on top of 1/3 of the world's proven oil reserves and if you think that Washington's National Security Establishment, or the 98% of Americans who go batsh*t when gasoline prices spike, are going to let some first term President from New Mexico waltz into DC and throw into greater turmoil an area of the world that is of vital national interest to the status quo, well, you've been eating peyote.

If I was telling you the truth I would tell you that there is a better chance of us dropping The Big One on Tehran than there is of American troops coming out of Iraq in the next 10 years.

Speaking of The Big One. I'm hungry.

Let's hop in my campaign car and hit the drive-thru.

I'm Bill Richardson and I approved this message."

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Well Bill, That Was Pretty Stupid

+4 Kudos to Bill Richardson for campaigning in New Hampshire on the 4th of July.

-18 Kudos to Bill Richardson for rolling around the Granite State in a Hummer.

(Picture compliments of Politico's Ben Smith)

UPDATE: When you post on someone else's post you update when they update. And Ben Smith is updating his original post because Team Richardson claims that the Humvee is NOT an official campaign car, the New Mexico Governor never rode in it and it was not in his caravan.

UPDATE2: I just got this 2nd picture of the Humvee from a reader at the parade (Luke Vargas, who is running for President in 2040). The Hummer might not be an official Richardson campaign vehicle. But it sure does look like the driver, whoever he is, is a "super" volunteer.

Monday, June 04, 2007

"Pack" Journalism

575+ of us came. 575+ of us saw. 575+ of us didn't learn much.

Shame on us. Because we don't think that many of "us" get it. And we are quite sure that many of "us" aren't trying.

But we know The Politico's Roger Simon "gets" it. So does Mark Halperin, who did his best with the slop we were served last night.

We are stunned at the time, money and manpower that went into a "debate" where the moderator got more speaking time than 6 of the 8 candidates.

And not nearly enough was said about David Walker. Not. Nearly. Enough.

But the salmon buffet was nice. And we did see some of our friends from the media. And it was on CNN's dime. So...

Inside Basball Snark to one of our Clacker neighbors from last night: When people are sitting really, really close to one another there is not a whole bunch of privacy.

So, if you send a email that refers to your neighbor as "that Monday Morning Fucker" well, chances are your "fucker" neighbor is going to see it.

And that "fucker" neighbor might be tempted to tell his 400 friends in the old and new media that a well known blogger, who is nothing if not a shrill one trick pony on the Iraq War, looked completely lost when the conversation last night turned to Bob Kerrey's recent Iraq War Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

It was kinda a big deal. And not knowing about it well, it makes you look ignorant.

Even if we are a "fucker".

We're just saying.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Richardson Fallout

Folks in the Granite State are more likely to spend Sunday morning watching NBC's Meet The Press.

Even in the middle of a three day weekend.

This past Sunday, sandwiched between backyard BBQs, we caught Bill Richardson's hour long performance on Meet The Press. All we can say is "Thank God for our Bloody Mary".

Richardson was terrible - "Air conditioners"?

And, we weren't surprised when Tim Russert dredged up old Washington Post editorials damning Richardson's tenure as Energy Secretary. The News Hour's Kwame Holman was writing about this stuff back in 2000.

So was the RNC.

Which is why we have never taken Richardson seriously - he failed at managing one executive branch agency so the country is asked to reward him with managing ALL the executive branch agencies?


And, judging by the traffic in our email box, we weren't the only people watching on Sunday. We have gotten a few "Hey, did you see..." emails about Richardson's performance that we are quite sure were not sent by Richardson's campaign.

We wonder if this will cool Richardson off a bit in the Granite State. It certainly won't pick him up any votes.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


We caught New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson pressing the flesh (but not the bread) at Consuelos Taqueria in Manchester this morning where he took questions from about 20 people for 45 minutes.

Most of the (pretty sophisticated) questions centered on foreign policy (Crib Note: W is a war monger who has screwed the U.S. royally, how would you rebuild our country's alliances?) on health care and on energy.

The Gov even managed to work in rhetoric about his recent fundraising "successes" and about how he has moved up and out of the "margin of error" in the polls.

Hi-yi! Hi-yi! Hi-yi!

Richardson does have a dedicated following in New Hampshire. In fact, in the last month we have talked to two savvy Democrat activists who both picked Richardson to "break out" in the first-in-the-nation Primary.

Although we're not activists, savvy or Democrats, we remain unconvinced of Richardson's long term viability.

The Governor clearly has a story to tell and some experience in diplomacy. But his tenure at the Department of Energy was a disaster (yes, we're citing a Republican hit piece but the quotes in it are accurate).

So New Hampshire is supposed to elevate a man who had trouble running 1 Executive Branch Agency to a position where he would control the entire Executive Branch?

That doesn't sound right.

We're just saying.

Friday, February 16, 2007

LOAFGATE! Bill Richardson Gives New Hampshire Its First '08 YouTube Moment

One slight problem - we don't have the tape.

But the HDTV Network camera crew out of Boston that spent the day shooting Governor Richardson for an upcoming Dan Rather broadcast sure does.

Viewer discretion will be advised. We promise.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Governor Richardson was in NH today stumping for primary votes.

GreenMountainPolitics1 caught up with the Governor late this afternoon at a Tilton house party.

A crowd of about 60 people (a good size gathering, take Note other Democratic contenders) turned out to see Richardson. By the time we arrived, late, there were so many people listening to the Governor give his stump speech in the kitchen that we were forced to wait in the dining room with the Potluck supper goodies.

45 minutes later the Governor wrapped up his stump speech and came into the dining room to chat with the overflow crowd.

And this is where the WEIRDEST thing we have seen thus far on the campaign trail happened.

We watched Richardson, in the middle of a conversation with a NH State Rep, reach down and STROKE the end of a Potluck French baguette with his pinkie finger.

Lovingly. Tenderly. So unfortunately.

And then, just as quickly as he had reached for the dough in the first place, he pulled his hand away and left the jilted baguette on the table.

For some other lucky dinner guest.

We've seen some crazy sh*t on the NH Primary trail.

But this takes the cake.

Chris Dodd Goes To Keene! (actually he doesn't but we do learn how professional Dodd's campaign staff really is) And Other Odds & Ends

Some things we would like you to remember as the New Hampshire Primary hits warp speed -

The Gang of 500 likes The Big 6 - McCain, Giuliani, Romney, Clinton, Edwards and Obama.

GreenMountainPolitics1 likes the Big 4 - McCain, Huckabee, Edwards and Dodd.

The Union Leader likes Chris Dodd and gives him good press (which he deserves).

GreenMountainPolitics1 does to (which everybody deserves).

We think the fact that Senator Dodd's campaign staff sent us a personal and timely email notifying us of today's Keene event cancellation bodes well for the Senator quickly moving out of single digits in a state where everyone knows everyone and everybody talks. We think that RUDEy might want to Note Dodd's NH behavior. Even if we are only a humble Blogspot blog.

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (a/k/a Kos) and Bull Dog Pundit (of Ankle Biting Pundits) believe that Hillary Clinton's Iraq Answer "Problem" is new news. So does a lot of dead weight in the Gang of 500.

GreenMountainPolitics1 says, "Only if you consider 'new' news something we've been writing about for 4 months." Please give the link time to load, there is a lot of "new" news there.

John Edwards likes this sort of talk.

The Dean of the New Hampshire Press corp, John DiStaso, writes in his latest Granite Status column of the sounds of silence coming from McCain's NH operation.

GreenMountainPolitics1 believes that McCain's NH Campaign Manager, Jim Martin, and his Field Director, Bryan Bernys, know exactly what they are doing. We expect the two of them to put on a clinic during Cindy McCain's visit tomorrow.

Finally, we look forward to meeting New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for the first time at a house party in Tilton tonight. We plan on asking him to sign our Bible, The Way To Win.

We also plan on asking him if the ghost of Wen Ho Lee has chased him all the way to the Granite State.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Welcome To The Freak Show Madame Speaker

Maybe H.R. 508, sponsored by Representative Lynn Woolsey, has a better shot at House passage than we originally thought.

We have always believed that H.R. 508, which cuts off funding for the Iraq War and re-deploys all American troops out of Iraq within six months, was dead on arrival in the U.S. House of Representatives.

We've argued that under no circumstances would the Democratic Leadership allow a bill cutting off funding for the whole war reach the House floor.

"Speaker Pelosi has her eyes on the '08 prize," we'd confidently proclaim, draining yet another Irish Car Bomb at Manchester, New Hampshire's Strange Brew Pub. "She knows that you don't win a Presidential election in '08 being known as the Party that cut off funding for the Iraq War."

And then, before we burped, "Of course, we think she's wrong. And so does John Edwards, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson."

(Diarist Note: We support the troop surge but we think the Iraq War might very well sink any '08 candidate who doesn't favor an immediate troop withdrawal right now)

But Grandmother Pelosi doesn't care what I think. Or what Edwards, Dodd and Richardson think. Or even what her newly elected anti-Iraq Democratic House members think (who I refer to as the "Anti-War Establishment" and Dick Morris refers to as the "New Left").

Speaker Pelosi thinks what she thinks and that's it.

And, as House Madame of the House of Representatives, she will nut cut anyone who crosses her.

As we've said before, you don't become the first female Speaker in the history of our Republic by loving your grandchildren and smelling really, really nice.

Which is why the Anti-War Establishment has been so timid in actually taking her on. Even though we believe (and they do to) that their very re-election depends on passing strong anti-Iraq War legislation.

But that was then.

Now we think we see some of the Speaker's blood in the water. And, even if it's just a little bit, we bet the Anti-War Establishment smells it.

We are of course talking about the moronic air travel flap that has been dogging the Speaker for over a week.

If you care to dignify stupidity you may read the ABC News story here. Or the LA Times story here.

While we are not fans of Speaker Pelosi, the substance of this story (what little there is) shows that at worst the Speaker is a little tone deaf.

We believe this flap to be nothing more than a tempest in a teapot.

But the "Freak Show", what Mark Halperin describes as a unholy conveyor belt of blogs, talk radio, Drudge and 24-hour cable news, doesn't often stop to consider substance. Especially when it's dealing with a Democratic Speaker of the House.

So the Freak Show is doing what it does - it's freaking.

But the Freak Show isn't the real problem in this example.

The real problem is that Speaker Pelosi lost control of her public image so easily. The real problem is that his foolish story has been hanging around for a week. The real problem is that this story was allowed to work its way out into the Old Media in the first place.

Speaker Pelosi looks weak and she looks foolish.

And with her House taking up the Iraq War debate next week she cannot afford to look weak and foolish if she intends to keep her own caucus in line. Let alone handle the Republicans.

Like we said earlier, maybe Woolsey's bill has a chance after all.