Indican Pictures Presents ‘W.M.D.,’ It Don’t Gitmo Better’N This, Incredible Drama Available On DVD And Streaming Now, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s one of the films taken from the headlines, only this time around it really makes you think.  Indican Pictures releases “W.M.D.,” a feature film starring Tom Kiesche as Captain Hank Garrison, John Posey as The President, and also Weetus Cren, Leila Birch, John Brickner, Kate Mines, Jeff Prewett and a distinguished cast and crew.  The film is now available online as well as on DVD at  IMDB’s synopsis says, “The Iraq war has turned from ‘Mission Accomplished’ into a hellhole with an indeterminate outcome. There are no WMDs. No links to Al Qaeda. No imminent threat as promised by the administration. In an alternate reality, a group of angry and disgruntled U.S. soldiers set out on a suicide mission to uncover the truth. Doing the unthinkable, they kidnap the Commander in Chief and interrogate him using the same techniques they were trained to inflict upon the people whose country they invaded.”

The pulse-pounding drama is almost like a fast-moving fire.  You can’t seem to keep up with the twists and turns, and that’s a good thing.  Written and directed by the acclaimed Richard Halpern, you get the feeling as if he truly understands the world of soldiers, the hell they endure on missions given to them by authorities who may have a their very own reasons for sending heroes to war.
Ripped from the headlines, but given a forceful and creative powerful storyline, “W.M.D.” will make you think twice before you take anyone’s word for justification for a war again. 
See the official trailer here!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Indican Pictures
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