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Later, he had the opportunity to develop research on the consequences of the Battle of Bulge--a battle that occurred between 12/16/1944 and 01/25/1945 during World War II--when he observed the conditions of soldiers who developed "trench foot" due to very low temperatures [a circulatory condition in the feet caused by long exposure to humidity, insalubrity and cold].
This landscape, now familiar and appealing, bears no sign of insalubrity nor, for that matter, any trace of the violence that has engulfed it.
Yet, the masses also contributed to Newark's insalubrity. Most of the city's poor opposed the removal or regulation of cesspools and wells since they viewed them as harmless; equally, they resisted compulsory vaccination against pestilential diseases.
the service provider will monitor the process, accompanying the municipal services and their partners in the fight against unworthy housing (non-decency, insalubrity, peril) on buildings and housing previously identified and in the implementation of the all necessary technical, legal, financial and social means.
This contract concerns cleaning and decontamination after a disaster (such as fire, floods, and very occasionally disinfection during insalubrity of premises on the heritage of archipel habitat.
it therefore lies in the social, technical, legal and financial support of households facing a situation of insalubrity and in the support and mobilization of local actors in this area.
Main features: the feasibility study mainly consists of: in the realization of: - summary diagnoses, at the scale of the building, technical, land and real estate, social and legal characteristics, - an urban diagnosis of the feasibility of land transactions or real estate (constraints, conservations to be identified, easements), - a sketch of the development project at the end of the operation, if it concerns an island or group of islets.A the result and the confirmation: - of a scope of buildings eligible for the rhi system, even if their degree of insalubrity is not yet established or the acquisition of a building will not necessarily materialize.A preparation and filing: - a file of verification of the eligibility of the project for financing and the choice of the device.