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0262631792 (pbk.) : Science Library : Dept. of Mathematics      
      Intelligent multimedia information retrieval / edited by Mark T. Maybury ; [foreword by Karen Spärck Jones] Science Library; QA76.575 I61m 1997   BOOKS c1997
0262631903 (pb) : Arts Library      
      Methods for assessing children's syntax / edited by Dana McDaiel, Cecile McKee, and Helen Smith Cairns Arts Library; P118.15 M592   BOOKS 1998
0262632055 / (paperback) : Mitchell, William J; Architecture Library      
      E-topia : "Urban life, Jim-But not as we know it" / William J. Mitchell Architecture Library; 303.4833 M681E   BOOKS 1999
9780262632553 (pbk)    
      The language of new media / Lev Manovich Communication Arts Library; 302.23 M285L 2002   BOOKS 2002
      The language of new media / Lev Manovich Arts Library; P96.T72 M285L 2001   BOOKS c2001
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0262632861 (pbk.) : Murphy, Timothy F.,; Arts Library      
      Case studies in biomedical research ethics / Timothy F. Murphy Arts Library; R724 M978C 2004   BOOKS c2004
9780262633079 : Markusen, James R; Economics Library      
      Multinational firms and the theory of international trade / James R. Markusen Economics Library; HF1379 M37 2004   BOOKS 2004
0262633124 : Social Research Institute Library      
      Seeing the forest and the tree : human-environment interactions in forest ecosystems / edited by Emilio F. Moran and Elinor Ostrom Social Research Institute Library; 333.75 S451   BOOKS 2005
0262633221 / (paperback) : Mitchell, William J; Architecture Library      
      Placing words : Symbols, space, and the city / William J. Mitchell Architecture Library; 720.1 M681P   BOOKS 2005
9780262633246 (pbk.) : Central Library (5th Floor)      
      Dealing with dictators : dilemmas of U.S. diplomacy and intelligence analysis, 1945-1990 / edited by Ernest R. May and Philip D. Zelikow ; with Kirsten Lundberg and Robert D. Johnson Central Library; 327.730 D279   BOOKS c2006
9780262633369 / (paperback) : Architecture Library      
      Global environmental assessments : Information and influence / edited by Ronald B. Mitchell...[et al.] Architecture Library; 333.7 GE562   BOOKS 2006
9780262633499 (pbk. : alk. paper) : Chula Business School Library, Political Science Library      
      Governance and information technology : from electronic government to information government / edited by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and David Lazer Chula Business School Library, Political Science Library ; 352.3 G721 2007   BOOKS c2007
9780262633536 : Mossberger, Karen; Central Library (5th Floor)      
      Digital citizenship : the internet, society, and participation / Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert, and Ramona S. McNeal Central Library; 303.4833 M913D   BOOKS c2008
9780262633543 (pbk. : alk. paper) : Mataric, Maja J; Central Library (4th Floor)      
      The robotics primer / Maja J. Mataric ; illustrations by Nathan Koenig Central Library; 629.892 M425R   BOOKS c2007
9780262633598 (pbk.) : Central Library (4th Floor)      
      Digital youth, innovation, and the unexpected / edited by Tara McPherson Central Library; 600 D574   BOOKS c2008
9780262633635 (pbk. : alk. paper) : Chula Business School Library, Chula Business School Library : Audio-Visual Collection      
      Sound unbound : sampling digital music and culture / edited by Paul D. Miller Chula Business School Library; 780.9 S724 2008   BOOK&CD-ROM c2008
0262640023 : Norberg-Schulz, Christian; Architecture Library      
      Intentions in architecture / Christian Norberg-Schulz Architecture Library; 720.1 N822I   BOOKS 1997
0262640600 : Nauman, Bruce,; Central Library (5th Floor)      
      Please pay attention please : Bruce Nauman's words : writings and interviews / Bruce Nauman ; edited by Janet Kraynak Central Library; 700.92 N299P   BOOKS 2005
9780262640640 (pbk) : Naughton, Barry; Thailand and ASEAN Information Center (6th Floor), Political Science Library, Economics Library      
      The Chinese economy : transitions and growth / Barry Naughton International Information Center (5th Floor), Thailand and ASEAN Information Center (6th Floor), Political Science Library, Economics Library ; 338.951 N38C   BOOKS 2007
9780262640671 : Nye, David E.,; Central Library (5th Floor)      
      Technology matters : questions to live with / David E. Nye Central Library; 303.483 N994T   BOOKS c2007
0262650312 / (paperback) : Offe, Claus; Political Science Library      
      Disorganized capitalism : Contemporary transformations of work and politics / Claus Offe and John Keane Political Science Library; 306.342 O32Dc   BOOKS 1989
0262650339 (v.1 pbk) : Arts Library      
      An invitation to cognitive science volume I / edited by Danie N. Osherson and Howard Lasnik Arts Library; BF311 I68 1990   BOOKS 1990
0262650401 (pbk.) : Osborne, Martin J; Central Library (4th Floor), Economics Library      
      A course in game theory / Martin J. Osborne, Ariel Rubinstein Central Library, Economics Library ; 658.4 O81C   BOOKS c1994
0262650525 (pbk.) : O'Neill, Kate,; Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management Library      
      Waste trading among rich nations : building a new theory of environmental regulation / Kate O'Neill Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management Library; TD1030 O72 2000   BOOKS c2000
0262650533 / (paperback) : O'Brien, Mary; Architecture Library      
      Making better environmental decisions : An alternative to risk assessment / Mary O'Brien Architecture Library; 333.714 O13M   BOOKS 2000
0262651076 (pbk. : alk. paper) : Central Library (5th Floor)      
      The first half second : the microgenesis and temporal dynamics of unconscious and conscious visual processes / edited by Haluk Ogmen and Bruno G. Breitmeyer Central Library; 152.14 F527   BOOKS 2006
0262651106 (pbk. : alk. paper) : Central Library (5th Floor)      
      Institutional interaction in global environmental governance : synergy and conflict among international and EU policies / edited by Sebastian Oberthur and Thomas Gehring with a foreword by Oran R. Young International Information Center (5th Floor), Central Library ; 363.70526 I59   BOOKS 2006
0262660296 : Pugh, Alexander L; Central Library : Stack (Contact Staff)      
      DYNAMO user's manual : including DYNAMO II/370, DYNAMO II/F, DYNAMO III, Gaming DYNAMO / Alexander L. Pugh III Central Library; 001.6424 P978D   BOOKS c1976
0262660555 / (paperback) : Perez-Gomez, Alberto; Architecture Library      
      Architecture and the crisis of modern science / Alberto Perez-Gomez Architecture Library; 720.1 P438A 1992   BOOKS 1992
0262660725 (pbk.) : Pacey, Arnold; Arts Library      
      Technology in world civilization : a thousand-year history / Arnold Pacey Arts Library; T15 P115T 1991   BOOKS 1991
0262660733 : Pinker, Steven; Language Institute Library      
      Learnability and cognition : the acquisition of argument structure / Steven Pinker Language Institute Library; 401.9 P655L   BOOKS  
026266092x : Arts Library : Stack      
      Natural language processing / edited by Fernando C.N Pereira and Barbara J. Grosz Arts Library; QA76.9.N38 N285   BOOKS 1994
0262660997 / (paperback) : Pendleton-Jullian, Ann M; Architecture Library      
      The road that is not a road and the open city, Ritoque, Chile / Ann M. Pendleton-Jullian Architecture Library; 711.45098255 P398R   BOOKS 1996
0262661004 (pbk.) : Pesetsky, David; Arts Library : Stack      
      Zero syntax : experiencers and cascades Arts Library; P291 P474Z   BOOKS 1996
0262661071 (pb) : Platts,, Mark de Bretton,; Arts Library      
      Ways of meaning : an introduction to a philosophy of language / Mark de Bretton Platts Arts Library; P106 P719W 1997   BOOKS 1997
0262661136 / (paperback) : Perez-Gomez, Alberto; Architecture Library      
      Architectural representation and the perspective hinge / Alberto Perez-Gomez, Louise Pelletier Architecture Library; 720.222 P438A   BOOKS 2000
0262661284 (pbk.) : Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management Library      
      Confronting consumption / edited by Thomas Princen, Michael Maniates, and Ken Conca Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management Library; HB801 C623 2002   BOOKS c2002
0262661381 : Economics Library      
      Tax policy and the economy 17 / edited by James M. Poterba Economics Library; HJ2305 T39 20032   BOOKS 2003
0262661640 : Economics Library      
      Tax policy and the economy 14 / edited by James M. Porterba Economics Library; HJ10.3 T39 2000   BOOKS c2000
0262661748 (pb) : Engineering Library      
      Complex worlds from simpler nervous systems / edited by Frederick R. Prete Engineering Library; QL785 C54 2004   BOOKS c2004
9780262661850 (pbk. : alk. paper) : Prinz, Jesse J.; Arts Library      
      Furnishing the mind : concepts and their perceptual basis / Jesse J. Prinz Arts Library; BD418.3 P957F 2004   BOOKS 2004
0262661888 : Paehlke, Robert C.; Political Science Library, Economics Library      
      Democracy's dilemma : Environment, social equity, and the global economy / Robert C.Paehlke Political Science Library, Economics Library ; 306.2 P126D   BOOKS 2003
0262661896 (pbk.) : Political Science Library      
      From resource scarcity to ecological security : Exploring new limits to growth / edited by Dennis Pirages and Ken Cousins Political Science Library; 333.7 F931   BOOKS 2005
0262661934 (pbk.) : Political Science Library      
      Power, justice, and the environment : A critical appraisal of the environmental justice movement / edited by David Naguib Pellow and Robert J. Brulle Political Science Library; 363.700973 P887   BOOKS 2005
9780262662031 (pbk.) : Price-Smith, Andrew T.; Political Science Library      
      Contagion and chaos : Disease, ecology, and national security in the era of globalization / Andrew T. Price-Smith Political Science Library; 362.1969 P946C   BOOKS 2009
9780262662079 (pbk.) : Central Library (5th Floor)      
      Living in a material world : economic sociology meets science and technology studies / edited by Trevor Pinch and Richard Swedberg Central Library; 306.301 L785   BOOKS c2008
9780262670043 : Quine, W. V.; Central Library : Stack (Contact Staff)      
      The time of my life : an autobiography / W.V. Quine Central Library; 191 Q7T   BOOKS c1985
0262680025 / (paperback) : Rasmussen, Steen Eiler; Architecture Library      
      Experiencing architecture / Steen Eiler Rasmussen Architecture Library; 720 R222E   BOOKS 1966
0262680114 : Rasmussen, Steen Eiler; Architecture Library      
      Towns and buildings : described in drawings and words / Steen Eiler Rasmussen Architecture Library  BOOKS 1994
0262680270 / (paperback) : Rasmussen, Steen Eiler; Architecture Library      
      London : the unique city / Steen Eiler Rasmussen Architecture Library; 942.12 R225L 1982   BOOKS 1982
026268036x / (paperback) : Rykwert, Joseph; Architecture Library      
      On Adam's house in paradise : The idea of the primitive hut in architectural history / Joseph Rykwert Architecture Library; 720.1 R988A   BOOKS 1981
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