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9780470908280 : Carver, Lorenzo; Sasin Library      
      Venture capital valuation : case studies and methodology Sasin Library; 658.15 C331V 2012   BOOKS 2012
9780470908846 : Sasin Library      
      Leading culture change in global organizations : aligning culture and strategy / Daniel R. Denison ...[et al.] ; foreword by Edgar H. Schein Sasin Library; 658.402 L434 2012   BOOKS 2012
9780470909447 : Education Library      
      Critical social theory and evaluation practice / Melissa Freeman , editor Education Library; 378.018 N42 No.127   BOOKS 2010
9780470910559 (hbk.) : Cervo, Dalton,; Central Library (4th Floor)      
      Master data management in practice : achieving true customer MDM / Dalton Cervo, Mark Allen Central Library; 658.4038 C419M   BOOKS c2011
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9780470912867 : Laursen, Gert H.N; Sasin Library      
      Business analytics for sales and marketing managers : how to compete in the information age / Gert H.N. Laursen Sasin Library; 658.834 L387B 2011   BOOKS 2011
9780470912874 : Bragg, Steven M; Central Library (4th Floor)      
      The new CEO corporate leadership manual : strategic and analytical tools for growth / Steven M. Bragg Central Library; 658.15 B813N   BOOKS c2011
9780470912881 (hardback) : Moeller, Robert R; Chula Business School Library      
      COSO enterprise risk management : establishing effective governance, risk, and compliance processes / Robert R. Moeller Chula Business School Library; 658.155 M693C 2011   BOOKS 2011
9780470915349 : Albini, Angelo; Engineering Library      
      Photochemically-generated intermediates in synthesis / Angelo Albini, Maurizio Fagnoni Engineering Library; QD305.C3 A43 2013   BOOKS c2013
9780470915516 : Ritchhart, Ron,; Central Library (5th Floor), Central Library : Audio-Visual Collection (3rd Floor), Education Library, Education Library : Reserve Collection      
      Making Thinking Visible : how to promote engagement, understanding, and independence for all learners / Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church, Karin Morrison ; Foward by, David Perkins Central Library, Education Library ; 370.152 R598M   BOOKS c2011
9780470915622 : Dicker, Daniel,; Central Library (5th Floor)      
      Oil's endless bid : taming the unreliable price of oil to secure the economy / Daniel Dicker Central Library; 338.23282 D549O   BOOKS c2011
9780470915806 : Chula Business School Library, Sasin Library      
      Investments : principles of portfolio and equity analysis / Michael G. McMillan ... [et al.] Chula Business School Library, Sasin Library ; 332.6 I62 2011   BOOKS c2011
9780470915820 : Sasin Library, Chula Business School Library      
      Investments workbook : principles of portfolio and equity analysis / Michael G. McMillan ...[et al.] Sasin Library, Chula Business School Library ; 332.6 I62 2011   BOOKS 2011
9780470916278 (hbk.) : Central Library (4th Floor)      
      Polymer adhesion, friction, and lubrication / edited by Hongbo Zeng Central Library; 620.192042 P783   BOOKS c2013
9780470916629 : Sasin Library      
      International financial statement analysis / Thomas R. Robinson ...[et al.] Sasin Library; 657.3 I61 2012   BOOKS 2012
9780470916636 : Sasin Library, Chula Business School Library      
      International financial statement analysis workbook / Thomas R. Robinson ...[et al.] Sasin Library, Chula Business School Library ; 657.3 IW61 2012   BOOKS 2012
9780470917398 (hbk.) : O'Dell, Carla S.,; Central Library (4th Floor)      
      The new edge in knowledge : how knowledge management is changing the way we do business / Carla O'Dell, Cindy Hubert Central Library; 658.4038 O23N   BOOKS c2011
9780470917404 : Marchetti, Anne M; Sasin Library      
      Enterprise risk management best practices : from assessment to ongoing compliance / Anne M. Marchetti Sasin Library; 658.155 M317E 2012   BOOKS 2012
9780470917459 : Voet, Donald; Science Library      
      Biochemistry / Donald Voet, Judith G. Voet Science Library; QU4 B615v 2011   BOOKS c2011
9780470917466 : Tortora, Gerard J.; Pharmaceutical Sciences Library      
      Principles of human anatomy / Gerard J. Tortora, Mark T. Nielsen Pharmaceutical Sciences Library; QM23.2 T68P 2012   BOOKS c2012
9780470918005 : Murphy, Aaron G.; Central Library (4th Floor)      
      Foreign corrupt practices act : a practical resource for managers and executives / Aaron G. Murphy Central Library; 658.120973 M978F   BOOKS 2011
9780470919972 : Dehn, Milton J; Central Library (5th Floor), Central Library : Audio-Visual Collection (3rd Floor)      
      Helping students remember : exercises and strategies to strengthen memory / Milton J. Dehn Central Library; 371.92 D322H   BOOKS c2011
9780470920459 (cloth) : Chula Business School Library      
      Handbook of budgeting / William R. Lalli, editor Chula Business School Library; 658.154 H236 2012   BOOKS c2012
9780470922248 : Clock, Kenneth; Sasin Library      
      Resolving conflicts at work : ten strategies for everyone on the job / Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith Sasin Library; 650.13 C643R 2011   BOOKS 2011
9780470922255 (hardback) : O'Gorman, Thomas W; Chula Business School Library      
      Adaptive tests of significance using permutations of residuals with R and SAS / Thomas W. O'Gorman Chula Business School Library; 519.536 O35A 2012   BOOKS 2012
9780470922385 (hardback) : Chula Business School Library      
      Financial contagion : the viral threat to the wealth of nations / Robert W. Kolb, editor Chula Business School Library; 332.042 F491 2011   BOOKS 2011
9780470923368 : Szymanski, Jeff; Central Library (5th Floor)      
      The perfectionist's handbook : take risks, invite criticism, and make the most of your mistakes / Jeff Szymanski Central Library; 155.232 S999P   BOOKS c2011
9780470923436 : Linkner, Josh; Central Library (4th Floor)      
      The road to reinvention : how to drive disruption and accelerate transformation / Josh Linkner Central Library; 658.4063 L735R 2014   BOOKS 2014
9780470923511 Paperback : alk paper) : Slack, J. M. W.; Science Library, Central Library (4th Floor)      
      Essential developmental biology / Jonathan M.W. Slack Science Library, Central Library ; QH491 E78s 2013   BOOKS 2013
9780470923535 : Brown, Constance M; Sasin Library      
      Mastering elliott wave principle : elementary concepts, wave patterns, and practice exercises / Constance M. Brown Sasin Library; 332.63 B877M 2012   BOOKS 2012
9780470923955 : Chula Business School Library      
      GAAS 2012 : including all SASs, SSAEs, SSARSs, and interpretations / Steven M. Bragg Chula Business School Library; 657.45021873 G111 2012   BOOKS 2012
9780470923962 : Chula Business School Library      
      GAAP 2012 : interpretation and application of generally accepted accounting principles / Steven M. Bragg Chula Business School Library; 657 G111 2012   BOOKS c2012
9780470923993 : Mackenzie, Bruce; Chula Business School Library      
      Wiley IFRS 2012 : interpretation and application of international financial reporting standards / Bruce mackenzie, Danie Coetsee, Tapiwa Njikizana, Raymond Chamboko, Blaise Colyvas, Brandon, Hanekom Chula Business School Library; 657 M156W 2012   BOOKS 2012
9780470924310 (cloth) : Medicine Library      
      Production of plasma proteins for therapeutic use / edited by Joseph Bertolini, Neil Goss, and John Curling Medicine Library; WH400 P963 2013   BOOKS c2013
9780470925609 : Education Library      
      Institutionalizing community engagement in higher education : the firest wave of carnegie classified institutions / Lorilee R. Sandmann, Courtney H. Thornton, Audrey J. Jaeger, editor Education Library; 378 N42 No.147   BOOKS 2009
9780470927083 : Luyben, William L; Petroleum & Petrochemical College Library, Science Library      
      Principles and case studies of simultaneous design / William L. Luyben Petroleum & Petrochemical College Library, Science Library ; TP155 L978 2011   BOOKS c2011
9780470927106 : De Nevers, Noel,; Science Library, Petroleum & Petrochemical College Library, Engineering Library      
      Physical and chemical equilibrium for chemical engineers / Noel de Nevers Science Library, Petroleum & Petrochemical College Library, Engineering Library ; TP155.2.T45 P578d 2012   BOOKS c2012
9780470927625 : McDowell, Gayle Laakmann; Sasin Library      
      The Google resume : how to prepare for a career and land a job at Apple, Microsoft, Google, or any top tech company / Gayle Laakmann McDowell Sasin Library; 650.142 M138G 2011   BOOKS 2011
9780470927939 : Huder, Roger C; Central Library (5th Floor), Environmental Research Institute Library      
      Disaster operations and decision making / Roger C. Huder Central Library, Environmental Research Institute Library ; 363.348 H884D   BOOKS c2012
9780470928042 : Kuhns, John D; Sasin Library      
      China fortunes : a tale of business in the new world / John D. Kuhns Sasin Library; 338.88851 K96C 2011   BOOKS 2011
9780470928639 (cloth) : Baker, Kenneth R.,; Chula Business School Library      
      Optimization modeling with spreadsheets / Kenneth R. Baker Chula Business School Library; 005.5422 B167O 2011   BOOKS c2011
9780470929735 (hardback) : Medicine Library      
      Hamilton & Hardy's industrial toxicology / editors, Raymond D. Harbison, Marie M. Bourgeois, and Giffe T. Johnson Medicine Library; WA465 H217 2015   BOOKS 2015
9780470929759 (cloth) : Ericson, Clifton A; Central Library : Reference Collection      
      Concise encyclopedia of system safety : definition of terms and concepts / Clifton A. Ericson II Central Library; 620.8603 E68C   BOOKS c2011
9780470930571 : Lacy, Kyle; Sasin Library      
      Twitter marketing for dummies / Kyle Lacy Sasin Library; 658.872 L152T 2011   BOOKS 2011
9780470930588 (cloth) : Baird, Donald G.; Central Library (4th Floor)      
      Polymer processing : principles and design / Donald G. Baird and Dimitris I. Collias Central Library; 668.423 B163P 2014   BOOKS 2014
9780470931110 (pbk.) : Raines, Susan; Chula Business School Library      
      Conflict management for managers : resolving workplace, client, and policy disputes / Susan S. Raines Chula Business School Library; 658.4053 R155C 2013   BOOKS c2013
9780470932131 (pbk.) : : Dujardin, Hélène; Central Library (5th Floor)      
      Plate to pixel : digital food photography & styling / Hélène Dujardin Central Library; 778.996413 D876P   BOOKS 2011
9780470932209 : Jha, Siddhartha,; Chula Business School Library      
      Interest rate markets : a practical approach to fixed income / Siddhartha Jha Chula Business School Library; 332.632044 J59I 2011   BOOKS c2011
9780470932957 (pbk.) : Finlayson, Bruce A; Science Library      
      Introduction to chemical engineering computing / Bruce A. Finlayson Science Library; TP184 I61f 2012   BOOKS c2012
9780470933114 : Swindall, Clint; Sasin Library      
      Engaged leadership : building a culture to overcome employee disengagement / Clint Swindall Sasin Library; 658.4092 S978E 2011   BOOKS 2011
9780470933244 : Shein, James B; Sasin Library      
      Reversing the slide : a strategic guide to turnarounds and corporate renewal / James B. Shein Sasin Library; 658.406 S543R 2011   BOOKS 2011
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