Johnny Jolly: From Titletown to nowhere and back again

One of Johnny Jolly‘s memorable plays before leaving the game in 2010 was this interception of a Jay Cutler pass in 2009.
Raymond T. Rivard photograph


Johnny Jolly caught the interception midair at the goal line, turned to run the other way, athletically used his spin move to avoid a tackle and made it back to around the 10 yard line. It wasn’t the greatest of plays in NFL history, but that interception three weeks ago against the St. Louis Rams in the Packers second preseason game may have been the one he will remember for years to come.

And while his 10-yard return may have not been a great distance, it surely was overshadowed by the miles he has traveled between 2010 and today. He’s overcome much in that time period – an accomplishment that came to a head today when it was announced he made the final 53-man roster with the 2013 Green Bay Packers.

Here’s what the big man tweeted just a few minutes ago:




Surely he’s had help along the way, but it’s been his unselfish attitude and hard work the past year that has brought him from the depths of prison, suspension from the league, his reinstatement, and to today when he was told he made the team.

It’s one of the best stories of the summer. Redemption will be his motivation.

The team is better off with Johnny Jolly on the roster. Not only will he be looked to for production on the field, but he will be counted on for leadership in the locker room. If there’s anyone who can show the younger players how it’s done, it will be Jolly. The 30-year-old is ready to take on the rest of the league and ready to show the world that he is back.

Congratulations to @JJolly97.

May even better times be ahead for you.

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