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Ed Sheeran

Up to 160,000 fans are expected in Ipswich as the singer ends his record-breaking tour in Suffolk.

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Scarlett Johnsson

Scarlett Johansson's wages rocket, but female stars remain way behind men on the whole.

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Jeremy Kyle pictured in 2016

The host is is developing a new programme, three months after his daytime series was cancelled.

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Ed Sheeran: Ipswich garden party gigs and the early years
A look at Ed's early years as the global star returns to Suffolk for a series of homecoming gigs.

Cold Callers

The best way to deal with those scam phone calls?!

Why Wales Has 'The Best Flag Ever'

"It's the best flag in the world" but just one thing...
Monos film review: War, conflict and Lord of the Flies
The film tells the story of eight young guerrillas who are watching a hostage in a remote location.
Taylor Swift

Critics say the pop star's 18-track album is "unapologetically bubblegum" and a "towering work".

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Motivation Challenge: Fans attempt Normani's basketball trick
Fans have been trying out Normani's basketball bum bounce... with mixed results.
Will the Breaking Bad duo be reunited in the movie?

Bob Odenkirk, Saul Goodman in the series, has revealed the Breaking Bad movie has already been shot.

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