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Last Updated: Monday, 12 December 2005, 08:01 GMT
In pictures: Australia violence

A man threatens police with a bottle on Cronulla Beach, Sydney

Some of Australia's worst racial violence in history erupted on Sunday as thousands gathered on Cronulla Beach, Sydney.

Police lead a man away from Cronulla Beach, Sydney

The crowd targeted people of Arabic and Mediterranean appearance, blamed for attacks on two lifeguards a week ago.

Police escorting an ambulance are pelted with glass bottles, Cronulla Beach

Police and ambulance workers were pelted with beer cans and bottles. Trouble spread overnight to other suburbs.

Police shelter a man as he flees a mob on Cronulla Beach, Sydney

Police rushed to protect people at risk of assault, as the alcohol-fuelled violence left at least 30 people injured.

Police arrest a man on Cronulla Beach, Sydney

More than a dozen people were arrested as police sought to contain the rioters, many of whom chanted racist slogans.

Police arrest a man on Cronulla Beach, Sydney

Authorities and Muslim leaders have condemned the riots, said by police to have been fanned by white supremacist groups.

A man wearing an Australian flag walks past a slogan on the sand on Cronulla Beach, Sydney

Prime Minister John Howard said the "totally unacceptable" violence did not reflect an underlying racism in Australia.

Howard condemns riots in Sydney
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