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  • Yeah, I hear ya man. I'm pretty much the same as you. I just play for fun these days with the occasional tourney. Agreed! Good to hear from you again!
    lol I don't know how it linked to you, you didn't say that.
    wait is that lighning kick thing still prevelant in Brawl as well? I mean when you said that Blue Zelda had a better kick
    Hey, your the guy that found wavedashing! Lol just wanted to say hi =P
    Don't be like me.
    Let me be more like you.
    t'd judt that ii'm so silly, everyone likes me. In a no homo/or maybe even some homo way, depending on the person.
    I found you!
    I <3 you!
    Mine too I'm trying to get better at SF4.
    Yea Brawl helped me with spacing and safe moves and what not when I decided to get into 2d fighters.

    I see you post a lot on the Gief forums.
    you from srk?
    Luigi is too good!
    sup how u been

    lol no VM's?
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