This site lists Traditional Orthodox Parishes and Missions in the United States. The list consists of Traditional ("Old Calendarist") Orthodox Churches in the United States whose jurisdictions resist ecumenism and modernism. Many of these are home chapels.
However, as can be seen, there are, between the jurisdictions of the True Orthodox Churches, over 100 parishes that can be listed in 39 states.

Criteria of this list is very simple. All parishes listed are either descended from the True Orthodox Church of Greece (both "Florinites" and "Matthewites" are listed) or from True Orthodox Russian Churches (both those that descended from the Free Russian Churches and those who separated from the ROCOR during its rapproachement with the Moscow Patriarchate). Mutual recognition is not a criterion for listing-- many of these jurisdictions do not recognize each other during this period of apostasy, and we respect their caution
towards each other. But this list is not made for a particular jurisdiction, but for Christians looking for the True Orthodox faith, without modification and innovation.

Two sets of parishes are not listed for another reason: the parishes of the ROCIE under Archbishop Anthony (Orlov) and the parishes of the Synod of the TOC under Makarios of Athens. The reason for this is simply that no directory can be found for them, and if this can be corrected, we will update it accordingly.

A minority of parishes in the Metropolia of the West ("Milan Synod") use a pre-schism Western liturgy. This is not to be confused with the "Western Rite" used in the Antiochian Archdiocese. These parishes are noted.

Not included, specifically are the parishes of "Independent jurisdictions" which lack a canonical basis for standing and derive from bodies outside the Traditional OrthodoxChurches (but claim to be "traditional" or "Old Calendarist" anyway), nor the parishes of Gregory of Colorado, since he was deposed by two jurisdictions of the True Orthodox Church of Greece as well as excommunicated by the ROAC.

Missing states: Alaska, Idaho, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming-- if by happy circumstance one knows of parishes we missed let us know!