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How We Manage Our Roads

In this section you can find out more about how we manage and maintain these roads and plan for the future

The Project Control Framework

On 1st April 2008 we launched the Project Control Framework. The Framework sets out how we, together with the Department for Transport, manage and deliver major improvement projects.

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Area 3

Area 3

Area 3 is the second largest HA area, covering 1,242 km of carriageway including the following Motorways and trunk roads in Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire :

  • M27, M271, M275  (All)
  • A27   (A27 Hilsea - A259 Warblington)
  • A31   (Bere Regis - J1 M27 Cadnam)
  • M3   (J2 Thorpe - J14 Chilworth)
  • A3, A3 (M)  (Ockham - Horndean)
  • A303   (M3 J8 - A338 Parkhouse Cross)
  • M4   (J5 Slough - J15 Swindon)
  • A404   (A413 Burchett's Green- M40 Handy Cross)
  • A404(M)  (All)
  • A34   (M3 J9 - M40 J9 Wendlebury)
  • A308M    (All) 

In managing this part of the trunk road network, the Highways Agency is supported by its Managing Agent Contractor (MAC) EnterpriseMouchel.
EnterpriseMouchel, work on behalf of the Highways Agency, operating Incident Support Units (ISU's) out of Chieveley, Dummer and Park Gate depots,  working alongside Highways Agency Traffic Officers and emergency services to reduce delays on the motorways and major A roads and clear up incidents quickly and safely. Since the start of the new Area 3 Managing Agent Contractor (MAC) Contract on the 1st September 2008, the Network Control Operators and ISU's have responded to more than 25 incidents each day.

These incidents included debris in the carriageway, vehicle collisions, and damage caused to the network infrastructure. In the first 6 months, 41 critical incidents were successfully managed and supported by the NCC and ISU crews. Incidents challenging the resolve of the NCC operatives and ISU crews included collisions involving significant damage to safety barriers. Incidents involving damaged barriers were required to be immediately repaired within 24 hours which fully tested the abilities of the NCC operators, ISU crews, supervisors and managers.

Another improved service for the road users of Area 3 is the HA's recent launch of our new winter fleet to combat the cold weather. This winter there will be 45 new vehicles in use within Area 3, able to apply, where appropriate, pre-wetted salt to the road, which can be more accurately placed and reacts more quickly. This in turn means we will be using less salt which is better for the environment, for road users' vehicles and the road network. The spreaders use the latest technology allowing us to accurately log where we spread and know where each vehicle is at any time.

Guy Berresford, Highways Agency Service Manager for the area said:

"The Highways Agency is committed to providing improved services to road users. Our new managing agent contractor for this area, EnterpriseMouchel, is responsible for delivering integrated highways management and maintenance on around 770 miles (1,242 km) of carriageway that include some of the busiest roads in the country."

While maintenance and repair works are taking place avoiding delays to the travelling public is always difficult, particularly where those repairs involve two bridges carrying the M4 over the busy A34 Chieveley Junction. This was one of the challenges Area 3 faced when the forty year old bridges were suffering from road salt damage, vulnerable deck connections and sub-standard piers. The solution was to replace almost everything except the bridge deck within the very limited confines of headroom and site access. 

Steve Cobb, the Project Sponsor said: 

 "To provide a virtually new substructure with the bridge decks remaining in place, without disrupting to the M4 traffic flow above, was a huge challenge. The site was extremely confined and the ground conditions poor. However, with careful planning and contingencies, a dedicated team carried out the work safely."

Traffic management trials carried out before the start provided the basis for the scheme, which caused minimal delays to junction users and absolutely none to those on the M4.

It's not only road users that have benefitted from Area 3's improved services, Acoustic Barriers were installed on the northbound and southbound carriageway to reduce the noise from the motorway for residents of the M3 between Junctions 3 and 4, near Frimley, Surrey. In Phase 3 of these works site clearance began in late February with the installation of the barriers themselves beginning in March and completion in August 2008. The work took place mainly during the daytime, with hard shoulder closures and narrow running lanes in use with a 50mph speed restriction helping to reduce disruption to the road users while improving the resident's environment.

Map of Area 3 Roads

Map of Area 3 Roads