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Artist:The Edwin Hawkins Singers
Label:  Buddah
Date:23 May 1969
Chart Position:2
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Community:85 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Edwin Hawkins SingersOh Happy DayHawkinsLaMont BenchEdwin R. Hawkins8.7  Rate
BThe Edwin Hawkins SingersJesus, Lover Of My SoulHawkinsLaMont BenchEdwin R. Hawkins4.0  Rate


Record Mirror review May 17, 1969.

A-side - Soloist: Dorothy Combs Morrison.


Comments and Reviews
mickey rat
23rd Feb 2015
 At the risk of boring the crap out of you all I can remember the exact moment I first heard this - two o'clock in the morning on my car radio, driving to my part-time newspaper delivering job after a couple of hours sleep, and eating an orange. I cannot eat (or smell) orange quarters to this day without "hearing" this song. God works in mysterious ways?.

23rd Feb 2015
 The 1st. poster mentioned that "Dorothy Combs Morrison" was the soloist. Yes, but only on the "A" side.

23rd Feb 2015
 Make me the 6th. non-religious person on here to like "Oh Happy Day"..but as for the B side :(

mickey rat
16th Oct 2014
 I consider myself lucky to have been born into an agnostic family and have considered myself an atheist for most of my life. However I do like a lot of gospel music (meaning BLACK gospel music, not the white bread variety). Like many of us I came to it via soul music, backtracking as it were. All of the best soul singers came out of the church of course and some of the greatest singers never left it. I have to say though that I like the rough and ready stuff from the '50s and '60s and find later gospel uninteresting for the most part. Same with secular soul music really - not much I like beyond the late '60s.

15th Oct 2014
 I have zero time for religion in any form but I too also think this is a great record... it's got a real vibe about it. I read a few years ago that this was effectively a live recording direct to two track and whoever engineered it did a grand job - headphones on, eyes shut and you're there in the middle of this massed mayhem. It sounds really powerful!

15th Oct 2014
 I was brought up as a Christian and, although I lost interest in the religion as soon as I was able to think for myself (which was before this record came out), I love this song.

15th Oct 2014
 Nothing to do with religion, I just find it grates me as it is so repetitive, perhaps I was rather harsh calling it rubbish but we're all entitled to our own opinions! :-)

15th Oct 2014
 I'm a rampant atheist and I love this song!

Oakley Boys
15th Oct 2014
 I quite like it, worse than that I've got the album as well.

14th Oct 2014
 Really? I'm an out-and-out atheist, and I like this one.

Neil Forbes
14th Oct 2014
 I'll join Westernking on this one - I really DETEST religious songs!

Charlie Chalk
14th Oct 2014
 We're all entitled to our opinions. The song doesn't do very much for me, but there's no way I could call it 'rubbish'.

14th Oct 2014
 repetitive rubbish of the highest order!

My Friend Jack
3rd Apr 2013
 "This version of Oh Happy Day inspired George Harrison to write My Sweet Lord."

On the other hand, it might have been this!

3rd Apr 2013
 Does anyone know why this UK release is a 3:55 edit (shorter intro, and faded ending) instead of the full 4:59 (or longer) version that every other country seems to have? Even the US promos on Pavillion appear to be the full version. A terrific record, nevertheless, and the B-side is mighty fine too, I especially like Edwin's synocpated piano around about the middle just before the male bass voices come in.

16th Jul 2012
 Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh Happy Day (SINGLE EDIT)


17th Feb 2012
 This version of Oh Happy Day inspired George Harrison to write My Sweet Lord.


5th Jul 2011
 A sterophonic knock-out belt that out on a half decent system and you're there at that session.

Five images missing to make the full original 7 varient UK pressings

1. The Phonogram die cut paper label
2 The Phonogram IEP un cut (the dull pink paint)
3 The Phonogram IEP die-cut (the dull pink paint)
4. The Phonogram IEP 3 pin dinked (the dull pink paint)
5 The contract 4 pin dinked Decca pressing

I have and will add #5 which I found and replaced #1 with

The German pressing has the full colour kaleidoscopeb background labels and is naturally die-cut, (it's here in the UK that we got the cheaper to print silver on black labels.and plain white wavey top - thumb tags bags/sleeves)

Four religions! Polydor is a German co Christian or RC ? :)

5th Sep 2010
 .......And the guy who owned the label in America was Jewish..make that, four!

5th Sep 2010
 Always been amused at a Christian song being published by Kama Sutra and issued on Buddah. There you go, three religions on one disc!

5th Feb 2010
 Soloist: Dorothy Combs Morrison

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