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OPINION - Traffic

'The Bristol City Council diesel ban is persecuting innocent drivers'

17 Nov, 2019

Innocent motorists are being unfairly picked on as a result of the diesel ban by Bristol City Council, says Mike Rutherford

OPINION - Car deals

'Hold your nerve for incredible new-car deals this year'

13 Nov, 2019

Being brave and holding your nerve can lead to some great new-car deals, says Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler

Opinion - ULEZ

“The war on car ownership is being won by politicians and ecomentalists”

9 Nov, 2019

Mike Rutherford thinks October was a horrible month for drivers, motor manufacturing and motoring in general


'Think of what PSA/FCA can do, not what they can’t'

6 Nov, 2019

Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler thinks PSA and FCA could achieve incredible things together

OPINION British Motor Show

'The British Motor Show is back and we should all get behind it'

2 Nov, 2019

The British Motor Show will return next year and it will be a great way to inspire the next generation, says Mike Rutherford

OPINION Mitsubishi

'The Japanese have finally found their design mojo again'

30 Oct, 2019

The Tokyo Motor Show showcased how much Japanese car design has made a comeback, says editor-in-chief Steve Fowler


'The cost of driving is the biggest concern for modern motorists'

27 Oct, 2019

The rising cost of driving in the UK is the biggest concern for motorists, says Mike Rutherford

OPINION Volvo XC40 Recharge

'Volvo want to lead the way in sustainability, as well as safety'

23 Oct, 2019

After revealing their first EV, Volvo want to lead the way in sustainability just like they have with safety, says Jonathan Burn

Opinion - M11

'A two-tier UK road network would divide rich and poor motorists'

18 Oct, 2019

A two-tier road system would separate the rich and poor motorists forever if we aren't careful, says Mike Rutherford


'Dyson’s electric car woes show that going it alone is tough'

16 Oct, 2019

The sad scrappage of Dyson's electric car plans show just how tough the car industry is to crack, says Steve Fowler