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General Secretariat
64 Aitken Street
Tel: 01236 764061
Fax: 01236 762489

President: Bishop Hugh Gilbert
Vice-President: Bishop John Keenan
Episcopal Secretary: Bishop Brian McGee

General Secretary: Fr James A. Grant  
PA to General Secretary: Mrs Josephine Traynor
Finance Officer: Mrs Louisa Crisp
HR Adviser: Mrs Laura McAllister

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For up to date news affecting the Catholic Church in Scotland contact:  

Scottish Catholic Media Office


Scottish Catholic Media Office
5 St. Vincent Place,  Glasgow, G1 2DH.
Tel. 0141 221 1168
Fax 0141 204 2458

The Bishops' Conference of Scotland

The Bishops' Conference of Scotland enables the Roman Catholic Bishops in Scotland to work together, undertaking nationwide initiatives through their Commissions and Agencies.

The members of the Bishops' Conference are the Bishops of the eight Scottish Dioceses.  Where appropriate the Bishops Emeriti (retired) provide a much welcomed contribution to the work of the conference. The Bishops' Conference of Scotland is a permanently constituted assembly.

God Bless Our Pope

Can you give something extra?

The Services offered by the Bishops' Conference of Scotland are provided free of charge. The General Secretariat and other agencies depend entirely on the generosity of the Catholic population who give financial support through their dioceses and directly to agencies. If you would like to help with the costs of running the Bishops' Conference your added generosity would be greatly appreciated. If you can help please contact us. Catholic National Endowment Trust also known as The Bishops' Conference of Scotland is a Charity Registered in Scotland (Number: SCO 16650)

UK Borders Agency

UKBA Sponsorship logo

Information for anyone seeking to welcome a non-European national to the United Kingdom to work with groups associated with the Catholic Church in Scotland.

Since November 2008 the Priests for Scotland office has been administering the Points Based System (PBS) on behalf of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland.  The Bishops’ Conference is licensed to issue Certificates of Sponsorship under the Migrant Religious Worker Category, tier two and tier five. The legislation behind the points based system means that compliance with this system is a legal requirement for anyone involved in the introduction of migrant workers even when those workers are unsalaried. Under UKBA legislation priests, religious, or pastoral workers are considered as Migrant Workers. Failure to comply with this legislation may result in prosecution.

This legislation involves any group within the Church that seeks to invite a non-European national to the United Kingdom. All visitors need to have the immigration status consistent with the work that they wish to carry out. Each diocese has a diocesan coordinator for UKBA who will be happy to advise. Alternatively you may wish to contact the Priests for Scotland office 0141 942 8384.


Council of European Bishops' Conferences

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