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Screening Reports

A not-quite-comprehensive sampling of responses and reactions from people in attendance at various of the 47 Serenity Now/Equality Now charity screenings. If you spot one somewhere online (or posted one yourself) let us know and we'll try to get it posted here. Searches via Technorati and Google should provide further reports.

Albany NY (US)

Reported Final Tally of Money Raised for Equality Now

June 17, 2006

June 22, 2006

June 23, 2006

June 24, 2006

June 31, 2006

  • Auckland NZ $93.00 (Est.)

Well, I just got back from the screening.

The technical stuff first: From what they said at the theater Serenity did way better then average, which I think surprised them. And impressed them.

I don't have the finally tally of the money. It's not as much as I hoped, but it's more then I could ever give them out of my own pocket. Plus plenty of people took Equality Now pamphlets, which made me feel good.

I wish I knew how many people were there that had never seen the movie, but I have a feeling most had... mostly because they had on orange Jayne hats or Blue Sun t-shirts. But I did have to explain the Blue Sun tattoos to a few people.

Holy crap was that awesome to see Serenity on such a hugh screen in that building! ... you could FEEL everthing. When Serenity first came on the screen and was entering atmo, you didn't just see it, you FELT it, and when she got hit, and when she took off... and the gauntlet scene to get to Mr. Universe's complex.... OH MY GOD! This word is so overused for you to get what I really mean when I say it was awesome.

Oh, and of course, when it was over, everyone applauded. Browncoats love their BDM, huh? Cuz love keeps her in the air when she ought to fall down.

My five friends and I were probably the oldest in the crowd, and they didn't know anything about the movie besides what I told them. Now, they all plan to get hold of the television series and watch that, and they plan to spread the word. They wanted to know how such a good movie got by them; they hadn't seen any publicity when it first came out. So now you have some senior citizen converts to the Serenity 'verse.

Ann Arbor MI (US)

No advance ticket sales, line at the boxoffice an hour before showing time. 171 seats sold out of 200. ... So much more than we expected!! We were hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. We don't even mind that that worst planning wasn't really needed! ... And I FINALLY got to see Serenity on the big screen!!!!!!

Arlington VA (US)

The screening in Arlington, VA was to a sold-out house. I was waiting outside for a friend and I watched them turn away a least a dozen people who had no idea about the presale- and several commented they had never seen the Drafthouse have a sold-out show.

We even had a few newbies that had seen only Firefly. It was great to watch them experience Serenity for the first time. The guy next to us let out this huge gasp at that certain scene featuring Wash... it brought back lots of memories.

Absolutely wonderful.

I was at one of the sold out screenings, and when I arrived, I had never seen this particular theater look fuller. It was a boisterous crowd, and every nook and cranny of the venue was jam packed. There was a veritable sea of Jayne hats, and everyone was merry.

People cheered when the movie began, and cheered and applauded moments like Serenity breaking atmo, the first appearance of Book, Kaylee's bold sexual one-liners, tagline quotes like "Let's be bad guys" and "I am to misbehave".

The energy was perfectly lovely. It was one of my most enjoyable big-screen Serenity experiences ever. I can't wait to see what dollar amount the theater brought in for Equality Now.

Atlanta GA (US)

It was well worth the drive from Savannah. I was so happy to get to be a part of this event. I am of the saw-Serenity-in-theaters Browncoat generation so when it came out I only got to see it once and didn't really know what I was watching at the time. But now I am an addic... er... fan, so this time around I think I got a bit of the feeling that you original 'coats got at the preview screenings a year ago. What a rush! Especialy the introduction of Serenity. I get chills everytime I watch that scene. Anway, this film is a big screen film. It's the way it should be watched and thanks for making that possible!

We had one dramatic thing happen. Right when Mal was fighting the Operative in the final battle and he says "I'm a fan of all seven" the movie flickered and a big burn started and grew!! Needless to say we were all in an uproar, but everyone was very good-humored about it and the movie guy spliced it and got it going after about 15 minutes and we only missed about a second. We missed the part where he says "I'll have to go with wrath" because next we see the sword miss the Op. Afterwards I asked the guy for the spliced part and so he cut them up and gave them out as souvenirs! When everyone left we handed out fruity oaty bars.

Some minor celebs in our 'verse were in attendance: Adam Hughes who did the cover art for graphic novel; and Rob Kuhlman who is one of the musicians for "Done the Impossible" movie!

Austin TX (US)

The June 22nd screening in Austin was a sold out success. When I got there 45 minutes afore show time, folks were already inside (GAH!), so I had to hop to it to find 4 seats together for my pals. Lot's of people were dressed for the occasion, my favorite being a young gal totally decked out as Zoe. Necklace, vest, the whole kit. There were about 4 Jayne hats, which I thought particularly admirable, it being in the 90s and very very humid.

The print was perfect. It was a delight to see the subtle lighting that sometimes gets lost on DVD (you could actually see the Operative's expression in the last scene with Mal). So pretty. Such good cinematography.

OK, we doing this again next summer? I'm all over it.

Boston MA (US)

My group of 'coats arrived an hour before showtime. Already by that time, there was a "Sold Out" sign up, and folks were being turned away -- thank Buddha we got our tix in advance! -- and a huge line of fans was standing in the "Serenity Ticket Holders" line. Outside. Down the block and around the corner. In the rain. And all were in great spirits! The line doubled in size before the doors opened. Someone passed a couple giant birthday cards down the line for the fans to sign for Joss. Sorry about the water drip spots, Master!

As the crowd filed in, we got a sneak peek at the upcoming "Done the Impossible" fan documentary. We also got to see a short feature in which Joss was presented an award from Equality Now. He gave an amazing and hi-larious acceptance speech.

And then, of course, came the screening of some strange little movie called "Serenitance", or something like that. It was so fantastic to see it in a theater packed with 'coats! We laughed, we cried, we applauded... well, you know. The theater was great, with excellent sound and a big (though not gigantic) screen.

Boston was wonderful, and packed... wasn't an empty seat in the house. Energy was vibrant, murmurs / askings about doing it again next year. Was just wonderful, I want this to be a yearly event. I would so make it my "Rocky-Horror Picture Show"style cult following kind of thing. Hope all the other screenings were/will be as successful.

Not real good with words - Don't use them much myself. But I'm here to say that my first experience with a CULT viewing of any film ever was the MOST enjoyable time I've ever had in a movie theater, even including my long ago teen years in the back row. ... Not gonna say all the gushing things about Joss, Serenity, Firefly and the BDHs' here, don't need to repeat. You know them all or you won't be here reading this post.

But still I just have to say that it was surely a fine thing to see that beloved ship sail across the big screen once again - that never gets old!

Please forgive me but I feel compelled at this time to remind everyone that Equality Now is just a group of people that have taken on the dirtiest end of the dirtiest stick there ever was in human history, and they just took it. And that's something. If you went to the screenings or not be a real Browncoat, send them a buck or five, support them. Think of all the cultures all around the world that either permits or forces one half of the human population into an existance that you would not tolerate. It happens even in enlightend countries that have laws against it. Be a real Browncoat. Do it.

Charlotte NC (US)

The theater lightened up it's "low-key" event stance and let us set up in the lobby. As a result, some people turned in the tickets they bought from the theater and saw Serenity instead. Others just donated and promised to buy the DVD.

Even though we didn't pre-sell enough tix to "earn" their biggest theater, we got it anyway. It was very comfortable for 100+ people to sit in a 200+ theater.

At the last minute, the theater donated all their promotional Serenity items for our door prize drawing

Within 20 minutes of doors opening, we sold out of shirts and Jayne hats (sold by an independent vendor, not for donations) with many, many requests for more

The Best part: I got to be with my husband when he saw the BDM for the first time ever. Afterward, talking with some of the other local Browncoats, we couldn't think of any meetup group in our area. So we are starting our own! And now I have an army of volunteers for next year.

Chicago IL (US)

We made some new converts -- I talked to a couple coming out of the theatre who'd never seen or heard of it before but were blown away and were absolutely going to check out the series. Everybody really seemed to have a good time, which is the main thing!

And I'm especially glad to say that when I mentioned to the manager that we might be doing something like this again next year, he said "Please keep us in mind." (As if we'd go anywhere else after such a great experience there!) There were a few technical hitches -- sounds like we've all had them in one flavor or another -- but those aside, I don't think it could've gone much better. He also said he really enjoyed the film although he hadn't known anything about it beforehand, and what a good group of folks we had -- not just those working the gig, but the audience as well.

Cleveland OH (US)

And, after all of that, the movie finally always, it was a fantastic, exciting, hilarious, and emotional experience. Three of the people traveling with me had already seen and loved the movie (though one of them has still yet to see Firefly), and the person that I brought who had never seen the flick loved it to pieces by the end. Since I had loaned her my Firefly DVDs, she told me that her plan for the day after was to force all of her family to sit down an watch them with her.

I managed to snap up a promotional Serenity trading card, as well as a red wristband promoting SN/EN that I will now wear wherever I go. I've never had more fun supporting a good, humane cause! Gender equality is really a very weighty and important issue, and to be able to support it like this is terrific.

This was also the first fan-run event that I've been to--last year's pre-screenings were, of course, organized by Universal--and I must say that it was truly very wonderful, and I can't wait to meet more of my fellow Browncoats.

Denver CO (US)

With the 200 seat theater sold out, we had a great crowd of fans (plus some Firefly virgins) for the show.

It started with Joss' speech at the Equality Now award show then we saw his filmed introduction that was shown for the pre-screening.

Finally, the BDM. Most of us had of course seen it multiple times, especially on video, but seeing it in a crowded theater full of fans is a different experience altogether. There were shouts, cheers, laughs and especially gasps (during the scene that won't be named). At the end, there was thunderous applause. Afterwards we had a raffle, with some great swag. I won a t-shirt and a Serenity gift pack (including the original movie press kit, cool posters and lobby cards!!).

All in all, my wife and I had a lot of fun, met some interesting folks and we'd love for this to become a regular thing!

Leeds (UK)

It was an excellent day. Only the 2nd time i'd seen Serenity on the big screen and watching it in a theatre full of browncoats who laughed, gasped and cried (yes, i did spot lots of people brushing their included) at all the right places. Even better was people laughing at the things that weren't in the film, but were in the gag reel. It wasn't on screen but when Mal has spoken to Inara via Wave and he's talking to the others on the bridge, he says "Trap!" but what everyone hears is "Trraaaap!!!"

I wish i could always watch this film on the big screen surrounded by fellow browncoats, it's an experience to treasure. (I know that sound twee, but it's true). But i guess i'll just have to cope with my dvd until next year when hopefully we can have a screening again.

Los Angeles CA (US)

So that was a FASCINATING experience that I'd not had before, the whole big damn movie screening for charity event. While I'm a fan of various things, I don't really run around with fandom, so much. I've never been to a con, I've never been to a gathering, it's just not something I've actively participated in socially.

I guess it boils down to this. It was interesting and fun and exciting to be in a theatre filled with people who get all the jokes. So much so that I may have to get myself out and about to these little shindigs more often. May the dear and fluffy lord help me.

Very shiny evening all 'round. And still a really damn fine movie.

Milwaukee WI (US)

What looked at first to be grim news - 15-odd tickets pre-sold, from what I first heard - turned out better than I could've expected! ... Just looking around the room, though, the theater seemed to be about 70-75% full. I can only speak for myself, but I had a great time.

New York City NY (US)

Just got back from the packed NYC screening. My Whedon newbie friend and I had a great time. She absolutely loved Serenity. She was blown away and ready to buy the DVD so her husband could see it. I will be loaning her my Firefly DVD's starting Monday.

The NYC organizers did a great job. Everything worked out really well. Great preshow, nice theater, good time for all.

Well it turned out that the Whedon-newbie friend that went with me to the NYC screening, is a Wonder Woman fan. After seeing Serenity, she is very excited about Joss, who she had never heard of before, doing a Wonder Woman movie. She also apparently could not wait for delivery to order the Serenity DVD on Amazon. She was going out looking for it yesterday after taking her daughter to a birthday party. I know this because she called me yesterday, supposedly to thank me for inviting her to take part in such a fun evening. I knew that that was secondary though. I recognized the signs. She just wanted to tell someone who would not think she had gone crazy how much she LOVED Serenity...a few different ways each time, of course.

BTW, she also loved the Equality Now speech and thought the fans in attendance were great. She loved that everyone seemed to be having such a good time and I had to agree with her.

In other words a Whedon fan of my personal aquaintance was born Friday night. Yippee. It is getting less lonely in this neck of the woods.

Pittsburgh PA (US)

Just got back from Pittsburgh this evening...we flew all the way there from Philly to see the BDM on the big screen!! (Yep - we bought our tickets before the Philly screening was announced.)

Pittsburgh is a GREAT city and the showing of the BDM in Oakmont was a wonderful success. About 100 Browncoats came out and clearly everyone enjoyed the evening. Fun raffle of Serenity/Firefly shirts, a Jayne Hat, posters and key chains. Lots of clapping and cheering and general Firefly enthusiasm.

The two young ladies who organized the event did a wonderful job...THANKS SO MUCH!!

Portland OR (US)

But I've gotta (echo at this point)--wonderful effort, wonderful evening.

The icing on the cake, was, to my shock, realizing, as the Universal Logo came up on the big screen, that the print we were about to watch, was probably going to be much better than I had expected. In fact, the print was so clean it looked like little nano-vacs had scoured the thing prior to show time.

The chat in line, the fine souvenir ticket (numbered, no less) the ambiance of setup upon entering the theater, the easy banter inside waiting (so deliciously) for the film to start. And then, the realization that we were going to see a clean print. Bingo. What an evening!

Gee, can we do this again?

Awesome, my first time seeing Serenity on the big screen!!!! Huge thanks to all who made this happen, and high hopes for next year. Maybe if we do it again next year some of the lazy slackers (read: me) might actually join in the setup. If we do it again next year we should push for multiple screenings, because there was a lot of people leaving when they saw it was sold out and there are a few people who I was going to bring but the tickets were selling too fast and I didn't want to take the experience away from true fans.

Raleigh NC (US)

Whew -- just returned from the Raleigh screening shindig and it was SHINY!! Our theater was filled to capacity and everyone had a stupendous time. We had door prizes and raffle prizes -- I won a Kaylee gift basket, complete with jacks, tool set, and a teddy bear, which one of my little ones will love! The winners of the costume contest were awarded really shiny trophy plaques that a local Browncoat who owns a trophy shop had donated. He even created a really cool commemorative "thank you" plaque for the theater owners. This theater, Raleighwood Cinema Grill, is one of those places where you can eat food & drink mudder's milk while watching the BDM -- and we sure did!

As an aside, this was the first time seeing the BDM on the big screen for me. And, I took a buddy of mine who had never seen the BDM at all, not even on DVD. (Super props to our respective wives, who stayed home to watch our respective little ones). Anyway, the look on his face, at a particularly ... shocking moment ... was priceless. He had a huge smile, though, on his face as we were leaving the theater, heading home to our families. He thanked me for inviting him and said that Serenity was a truly great film.

All I can say is that the generosity of the Browncoats, the enthusiasm, and the sheer friendliness of the whole gang made this one event I won't forget in a long, long time. I am so proud to be a Browncoat!

San Francisco CA (US)

The Midnight Movie in San Francisco was fabulous! I don't know if it was sold out, but the theater looked pretty durn full. We had some great costumed groups that I got pictures of and which I'll post later today. And I know that it was a smashing success on at least one front: my sister had never seen Firefly or Serenity before and went with me. She's fully hooked after just one night. One new Browncoat recruited, a million more to recruit!

My evening started off not so good but the Serenity screening made up for it all. I never got to see it on the big screen first time around and seeing it was GREAT! And seeing Joss' speech for Equality Now made me love him even more. Thanks to all who helped set this up. Next time around I'd be more then happy to help out!

San Francisco was a wonderful time. I was pleased and surprised by the showing of the documentary clips, wasn't expecting that. Was lucky enough to have 8 friends to go with and we made a complete crew. I didn't think I pulled off my costume all that well, but people were really nice and treated us like stars. Thanks to every one who came and planned and made is such a good time. The sing-along’s were definitely my favorite part!

Brown Coats are the nicest fan group I have ever met. They are devoted, accepting, knowledgeable but never stuck up about it. So three cheers for the Brown Coats, may we fly on forever.

Sydney NSW (AU)

I just got back from the screening, and WOW! I never saw it in the cinemas, so it was an incredible experience. OMG, I found myself holding my breath during the opening sequence and credits. I've seen it a million times on my puny 51 cm tv at home, but nothing could have prepared me for the awe inspiring sight of our favorite ship - er, I mean boat - filling the big screen. Whoa.

I hope everone else had a wonderful time just like I did! Thanks to everyone who made it happen. A lot of hard work went into it, and I'd say it all paid off. And I can't wait to see how much was raised for Equality Now. You can't stop the signal!!

The screening was freakin awesome! It was like walking into a church and receiving hymns, except with Ballad of Serenity and Man They Call Jayne.

The Sydney screening was awesome! Not only was there, you know, Serenity, but this was the first time I'd actually been able to meet all the Sydney Browncoats and it was a blast! I won two posters in the raffle, I got to see Serenity on the big screen again (the sound wasn't working at the beginning, so people were making the sound effects and dialogue themselves) and we must've raised a lot of money since we filled up nearly the entire cinema. It was a great day and I'm betting that it was a great success too.

Tampa FL (US)

I just returned from the Tampa Charity screening of 'Serenity'. It was hella cool!! A couple people showed up in costume, Browncoat/Serenity shirts were everywhere and they even had a raffle!! I didn't win anything, but it was still good. The organizers even gave out little goody bags at the end of the show. The bags included a red or black Equality Now wristband and a Firefly trading card that came in plastic sleeves. I had a blast!! It was like we were all a family. During the movie, everyone laughed at the right parts, cheered at the right parts and *sniff* whimpered at the right parts. I'm not sure how much money was raised but it was a full house. A great time was had by all. Hurray Florida Browncoats!!

Toronto ON (CA)

When we showed Joss' speech before our screening, people reacted as though he was speaking to us in person.

Then people asked where they could find a copy. One person posted on our boards today that he had never heard of Equality Now before and didn't understand why we had chosen that charity - especially since it isn't Canadian. Once he'd seen the speech, he understood all and was very pleased to be a part of it. I think he spoke for many.

We had a lovely time at the Toronto screening, even with the adventure in driving from Michigan. I'm finally awake after getting home at 2am this morning.

We even ran into a Firefly fan coming home with the US border guard. Which made it much easier to explain why exactly we were entering the US at 11:00.

All of us would love to do it again, or come back for a visit. It was a wonderful occasion.

Tucson AZ (US)

The [Tucson] Serenity showing sold out and had to turn poor Browncoats away. We also had a guy who said his daughter had been born the day before (ours was the 24th so that would make it the 23rd on Joss' birthday) and that she was named mikayla aka kaylee. I also won a very shiny prize from our raffle that consisted of the Buffy core book and the Once More With Feeling soundtrack, and converted my sister because she had never seen the movie the whole way through or on a big screen. All around it was just a wonderful night!

Vancouver BC (CA)

I'm still coming down from the high that was co-ordinating the Vancovuer (BC) SNEN and seeing the BDM on the big screen for the 17th time! - surrounded by fellow fans - and some newbies. Before the show, I asked how many people had never seen "Serenity" and about eight people put up their hands. Then I asked how many had never seen it on the big screen and there were about a dozen.