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019826318x : Haran, Menahem     
      Temples and temple-service in ancient Israel : an inquiry into the character of cult phenomena and th Haran, Menahem  Book/pamphlet 1978
0198263392 : Young, David     
      F. D. Maurice and Unitarianism / David Young Young, David  Book/pamphlet 1992
0198263562alkpaper : Breward, Ian,     
      A history of the churches in Australasia / Ian Breward Breward, Ian,  Book/pamphlet 2001
0198263759pbkacidfreepaper : Ward, Keith,     
      Religion and revelation : a theology of revelation in the world's religions / Keith Ward Ward, Keith,  Book/pamphlet 1994
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0198263783 : Bartholomew, David J     
      Uncertain belief : is it rational to be a Christian? / David J. Bartholomew Bartholomew, David J  Book/pamphlet 1996
0198264259 : Moorman, John R. H.     
      A history of the Franciscan Order from its origins to the year 1517 [by] John Moorman Moorman, John R. H.  Book/pamphlet 1968
0198264267 : Thompson, Kenneth,     
      Bureaucracy and Church reform: the organizational response of the Church of England to social change Thompson, Kenneth,  Book/pamphlet 1970
0198264291 : Cowdrey, H. E. J.     
      The Cluniacs and the Gregorian reform, by H. E. J. Cowdrey Cowdrey, H. E. J.  Book/pamphlet 1970
0198264305 : Coolidge, John S     
      The Pauline Renaissance in England: Puritanism and the Bible, by John S. Coolidge Coolidge, John S  Book/pamphlet 1970
0198264321 : McClelland, V. A.     
      English Roman Catholics and higher education, 1830-1903 McClelland, V. A.  Book/pamphlet 1973
      Gnosis : a selection of Gnostic texts / Werner Foerster ; English translation edited by R. McL. Wilso   Book/pamphlet 1974
0198264356 : Norman, E. R.     
      Church and society in England 1770-1970 : a historical study / by E. R. Norman Norman, E. R.  Book/pamphlet 1976
0198264364 : Machin, G. I. T     
      Politics and the churches in Great Britain, 1832-1868 / G. I. T. Machin Machin, G. I. T  Book/pamphlet 1977
0198264402 : McManners, John,     
      Death and the enlightenment : changing attitudes to death among Christians and unbelievers in eightee McManners, John,  Book/pamphlet 1981
0198264437 : Rowell, Geoffrey     
      The vision glorious : themes and personalities of the Catholic revival in Anglicanism / Geoffrey Rowe Rowell, Geoffrey  Book/pamphlet 1983
0198264453 : Chadwick, Owen,     
      Hensley Henson : a study in the friction between Church and State / Owen Chadwick Chadwick, Owen,  Book/pamphlet 1983
019826447x : Chadwick, Henry,     
      Boethius, the consolations of music, logic, theology, and philosophy / Henry Chadwick Chadwick, Henry,  Book/pamphlet 1981
019826450x : Southern, R. W.     
      Robert Grosseteste : the growth of an English mind in medieval Europe / R.W. Southern Southern, R. W.  Book/pamphlet 1986
0198264518us : Ker, I. T.     
      John Henry Newman : a biography / Ian Ker Ker, I. T.  Book/pamphlet 1988
0198264615 : Ashton, John,     
      Understanding the fourth Gospel / John Ashton Ashton, John,  Book/pamphlet 1991
0198264623 : Scott, Alan     
      Origen and the life of the stars : a history of an idea / Alan Scott Scott, Alan  Book/pamphlet 1991
0198264631 : Jacobs, Louis     
      The Jewish religion : a companion / Louis Jacobs Jacobs, Louis  Book/pamphlet 1995
0198264666clothacidfreepaper : Ward, Keith,     
      Religion and revelation : a theology of revelation in the world's religions / Keith Ward Ward, Keith,  Book/pamphlet 1994
0198265212 : McLeod, W. H     
      Gurū Nānak and the Sikh religion [by] W. H. McLeod McLeod, W. H  Book/pamphlet 1968
0198265239 : Dhavamony, Mariasusai     
      Love of God according to Śaiva Siddhānta: a study in the mysticism and theology of Śaivism Dhavamony, Mariasusai  Book/pamphlet 1971
0198265247 : Trimingham, J. Spencer     
      The Sufi orders in Islam / by J. Spencer Trimingham Trimingham, J. Spencer  Book/pamphlet 1971
0198265255 : Gombrich, Richard F.     
      Precept and practice: traditional Buddhism in the rural highlands of Ceylon, by Richard F. Gombrich Gombrich, Richard F.  Book/pamphlet 1971
0198265298 : McLeod, W. H     
      The evolution of the Sikh community : five essays / W. H. McLeod McLeod, W. H  Book/pamphlet 1976
0198265344us : Israel, Jonathan I.     
      The Dutch Republic and the Hispanic world, 1606-1661 / Jonathan I. Israel Israel, Jonathan I.  Book/pamphlet 1982
0198265409 : Leaman, Oliver     
      Averroes and his philosophy / Oliver Leaman Leaman, Oliver  Book/pamphlet 1988
0198265425 : Badawī, Muḥammad Muṣṭafá     
      A short history of modern Arabic literature / M.M. Badawi Badawī, Muḥammad Muṣṭafá  Book/pamphlet 1993
019826545x : Cachia, Pierre     
      Popular narrative ballads of modern Egypt / Pierre Cachia Cachia, Pierre  Book/pamphlet 1989
0198265484hbk : McLeod, W. H.     
      Who is a Sikh? : the problem of Sikh identity / W.H. McLeod McLeod, W. H.  Book/pamphlet 1989
0198266162 : Hanson, R. P. C.     
      Saint Patrick: his origins and career, by R. P. C. Hanson Hanson, R. P. C.  Book/pamphlet 1968
0198266170 : Jellicoe, Sidney     
      The Septuagint and modern study / Sidney Jellicoe Jellicoe, Sidney  Book/pamphlet 1968
0198266189 : Barr, James,     
      Comparative philology and the text of the Old Testament / by James Barr Barr, James,  Book/pamphlet 1968
0198266197 : Ruether, Rosemary Radford     
      Gregory of Nazianzus, rhetor and philosopher Ruether, Rosemary Radford  Book/pamphlet 1969
0198266243 : Zaehner, R. C.     
      Concordant discord: the interdependence of faiths: being the Gifford lectures on natural religion del Zaehner, R. C.  Book/pamphlet 1970
0198266251 : Coulson, John,     
      Newman and the common tradition: a study in the language of the Church and society Coulson, John,  Book/pamphlet 1970
0198266286 : Zaehner, R. C.     
      Evolution in religion : a study in Sri Aurobindo and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin / by R.C. Zaehner Zaehner, R. C.  Book/pamphlet 1971
0198266324 : Bowker, John,     
      The sense of God : sociological, anthropological, and psychological approaches to the origin of the s Bowker, John,  Book/pamphlet 1973
0198266383 : Rowell, Geoffrey     
      Hell and the Victorians : a study of the nineteenth-century theological controversies concerning eter Rowell, Geoffrey  Book/pamphlet 1974
0198266464 : Bowker, John,     
      The religious imagination and the sense of God / by John Bowker Bowker, John,  Book/pamphlet 1978
0198266502 : Peacocke, A. R.     
      Creation and the world of science / by A. R. Peacocke Peacocke, A. R.  Book/pamphlet 1979
0198266545 : Ferreira, M. Jamie     
      Doubt and religious commitment : the role of the will in Newman's thought / M. Jamie Ferreira Ferreira, M. Jamie  Book/pamphlet 1980
0198266588 : Torrance, Thomas F.     
      Divine and contingent order / Thomas F. Torrance Torrance, Thomas F.  Book/pamphlet 1981
0198266650 : Abraham, William J.     
      Divine revelation and the limits of historical criticism / William J. Abraham Abraham, William J.  Book/pamphlet 1982
0198266677 : Evans, G. R.     
      The mind of St. Bernard of Clairvaux / G.R. Evans Evans, G. R.  Book/pamphlet 1983
0198266774 : Stephens, W. P.     
      The theology of Huldrych Zwingli / W.P. Stephens Stephens, W. P.  Book/pamphlet 1986
0198266782pbk : O'Donovan, Oliver     
      Begotten or made? / Oliver O'Donovan O'Donovan, Oliver  Book/pamphlet 1984
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