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9780190865979paperback : Nichols, Tom,     
      The death of expertise : the campaign against established knowledge and why it matters / Tom Nichols. Nichols, Tom,  Book/pamphlet 2019
9780191002694ebk : Schaschke, Carl,     
      A dictionary of chemical engineering [electronic resource] / Carl Schaschke. Schaschke, Carl,  eBook 2014
9780191002922 : Bryce, Trevor,     
      Ancient Syria [electronic resource] a three thousand year history / Trevor Bryce. Bryce, Trevor,  eBook 2014
      The revised English Bible : with the Apocrypha   Book/pamphlet 1989
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      The Holy Bible : containing the Old and New Testaments translated out of the original tongues (...) w   Book/pamphlet 1993
      Oxford Bible atlas / edited by Herbert G. May ; with the assistance of G.N.S. Hunt ; in consultation   Book/pamphlet 1984
      Oxford Bible atlas / edited by Herbert G. May ; with the assistance of G.N.S. Hunt ; in consultation   Book/pamphlet 1984
9780191508097electronicbk : Atkins, P. W.     
      What is chemistry? [electronic resource] / by Peter Atkins Atkins, P. W.  eBook 2013
9780191510038 : Berry, Michael,     
      The affluent society revisited [electronic resource] / Mike Berry Berry, Michael,  eBook 2013
9780191571190electronicbk : Fowler, H. W.     
      A dictionary of modern English usage [electronic resource] / H.W. Fowler ; edited with an introductio Fowler, H. W.  eBook 2009
9780191582875electronicbk : Maddicott, John Robert     
      The origins of the English Parliament, 924-1327 [electronic resource] / by J.R. Maddicott Maddicott, John Robert  eBook c2010
9780191611681electronicbk : Gittings, John,     
      The Glorious Art of Peace [electronic resource] : From the Iliad to Iraq Gittings, John,  eBook 2012
9780191623721electronicbk : Flinders, Matthew V     
      Defending Politics [electronic resource] : Why Democracy Matters in the 21st Century / Matthew Flinde Flinders, Matthew V  eBook 2012
9780191628139 : Fauser, Bart,     
      Baby-making [electronic resource] : what the new reproductive treatments mean for families and societ Fauser, Bart,  eBook 2011
9780191631474ebk : Lane, Christel,     
      The cultivation of taste [electronic resource] : chefs and the organization of fine dining / Christel Lane, Christel,  eBook 2014
9780191635526 : Dryzek, John S.,     
      Climate-challenged society [electronic resource] / by John S. Dryzek, Richard B. Norgaard and David S Dryzek, John S.,  eBook 2013
9780191636530electronicbk : Hartmann, Christian,     
      Operation Barbarossa [electronic resource] : Nazi Germany's war in the East, 1941-1945 / by Christian Hartmann, Christian,  eBook c2013
9780191643088 : Horobin, Simon.     
      Does spelling matter? Simon Horobin. Horobin, Simon.  eBook 2013
9780191643743electronicbk : Money, Nicholas P.,     
      The amoeba in the room [electronic resource] : lives of the microbes / Nicholas P. Money. Money, Nicholas P.,  eBook 2014
9780191644351 : Sinclair, Anthony R. E.,     
      Serengeti story [electronic resource]: life and science in the world’s greatest wildlife region / Ant Sinclair, Anthony R. E.,  eBook 2012
9780191644702 : Bynum, Helen,     
      Spitting blood [electronic resource] : the history of tuberculosis / Helen Bynum. Bynum, Helen,  eBook 2012
9780191649110 : Cutts, Martin,     
      Oxford guide to plain English [electronic resource] / Martin Cutts Cutts, Martin,  eBook 2013
9780191654503electronicbk : Davies, Jamie A     
      Life unfolding [electronic resource] : how the human body creates itself / Jamie A. Davies Davies, Jamie A  eBook 2014
9780191664076 : Martin, Thomas,     
      Fight or flight. Britain, France, and their roads from empire [electronic resource] / Martin Thomas. Martin, Thomas,  eBook 2014
9780191668371electronicbk : Berridge, Virginia     
      Demons [electronic resource] : our changing attitudes to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs / Virginia Berri Berridge, Virginia  eBook 2013
9780191800153 : Hunt, Geoffrey,     
      About the New English Bible; compiled by Geoffrey Hunt Hunt, Geoffrey,  Book/pamphlet 1970
9780192100054 : Martin-Jenkins, Christopher     
      World cricketers : a biographical dictionary / Christopher Martin-Jenkins Martin-Jenkins, Christopher  Book/pamphlet 1996
9780192100061alkpaper : Curl, James Stevens,     
      A dictionary of architecture / James Stevens Curl ; with line-drawings by the author and John Sambroo Curl, James Stevens,  Book/pamphlet 1999
9780192100177 : Smith, Anthony D     
      Chosen peoples / Anthony D. Smith Smith, Anthony D  Book/pamphlet 2003
9780192100191 : Simpson, Jacqueline     
      A dictionary of English folklore / Jacqueline Simpson and Steve Roud Simpson, Jacqueline  Book/pamphlet 2000
      Literature in the Greek and Roman worlds : a new perspective / edited by Oliver Taplin   Book/pamphlet c2000
9780192100221 : Marwick, Arthur,     
      The sixties : cultural revolution in Britain, France, Italy, and the United States, c. 1958-c. 1974 / Marwick, Arthur,  Book/pamphlet 1998
9780192100238alkpaper : Bourne, Joyce     
      Who's who in opera : a guide to opera characters / Joyce Bourne ; consultant editor, Michael Kennedy Bourne, Joyce  Book/pamphlet 1998
9780192100245cased : Blackburn, Simon     
      Think : a compelling introduction to philosophy / Simon Blackburn Blackburn, Simon  Book/pamphlet 1999
9780192100368 : Sutherland, John,     
      The literary detective : 100 puzzles in classic fiction / John Sutherland ; with cartoons by Martin Sutherland, John,  Book/pamphlet 2000
9780192100450cased : Curtis, Penelope     
      Sculpture 1900-1945 : after Rodin / Penelope Curtis Curtis, Penelope  Book/pamphlet 1999
9780192100450hbk : Curtis, Penelope     
      Sculpture 1900-1945 : after Rodin / Penelope Curtis Curtis, Penelope  Book/pamphlet 1999
9780192100467 : Andrews, Malcolm     
      Landscape and western art / Malcolm Andrews Andrews, Malcolm  Book/pamphlet 1999
9780192100474cased : Preziosi, Donald,     
      Aegean art and architecture / Donald Preziosi and Louise Hitchcock Preziosi, Donald,  Book/pamphlet 1999
9780192100481cased : Stalley, Roger,     
      Early medieval architecture / Roger Stalley Stalley, Roger,  Book/pamphlet 1999
9780192100528 : Blackburn, Simon     
      Being good : an introduction to ethics / Simon Blackburn Blackburn, Simon  Book/pamphlet 2001
9780192100559 : Freeland, Cynthia A     
      But is it art? : an introduction to art theory / Cynthia Freeland Freeland, Cynthia A  Book/pamphlet 2001
9780192111463v1 : Owen, William Harold; Vol. 1, v. 3 ; v. 2 missing 29.8.1990     
      Journey from obscurity, Wilfred Owen 1893-1918 : memoirs of the Owen family / Harold Owen Owen, William Harold  Book/pamphlet 1965
9780192111869 : Moreau, Reginald Ernest,     
      The departed village: Berrick Salome at the turn of the century, [by] R. E. Moreau. With illustration Moreau, Reginald Ernest,  Book/pamphlet 1968
9780192111906 : Deutscher, Isaac,     
      Russia, China, and the West; a contemporary chronicle, 1953-1966, edited by Fred Halliday Deutscher, Isaac,  Book/pamphlet 1970
9780192111920 : Thomas, Alfred,     
      Hopkins the Jesuit : the years of training Thomas, Alfred,  Book/pamphlet 1969
9780192111937v1 : Jones, Thomas,; vols 1-3     
      Whitehall diary; edited by Keith Middlemas Jones, Thomas,  Book/pamphlet 1969
9780192111944 : Badrī, Bābakr     
      The memoirs of Babikr Bedri; translated from the Arabic by Yousef Bedri and George Scott with an intr Badrī, Bābakr  Book/pamphlet 1969
9780192111951 : Owen, Harold,     
      Aftermath / [by] Harold Owen Owen, Harold,  Book/pamphlet 1970
9780192111968 : Woodhouse, C. M.     
      Capodistria: the founder of Greek independence [by] C. M. Woodhouse Woodhouse, C. M.  Book/pamphlet 1973
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