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Lugaw with Tokwa’t Baboy : A Pinoy Favorite

Since last year, Ken and I usually go out three to six times a month to check out a new restaurant or food place. We haven’t blogged about most of them yet. We do have fun dining in different restaurants every time. I also enjoy researching for the next resto we’ll visit before we head out. However, every once in a while, we miss the usual food we eat at home. So, one early morning, Ken craved for lugaw, and he headed out to buy the whole family breakfast.

Lugaw with tokwa't baboy is an ideal breakfastPardon the photos on this post. Everyone’s hungry so I had to take photos quickly. 😀

Lugaw is porridge or congee, soft-boiled rice usually cooked with broth (chicken, fish or pork). But, there are some who sell lugaw cooked in plain water and they just add seasoning to it. You can top it with pepper, scallions, and crispy fried garlic (yum!). I sometimes put several drops of patis or fish sauce when it’s slightly bland to my taste.

Here in the Philippines, lugaw is usually served with side dishes like tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork). The pork part is normally the pig’s tongue, which I love. They come with a sauce made with calamansi, soy sauce and slices of onion. I sometimes add some chili pepper with it to give it a little kick.

Tokwa or tofu side dish for lugaw

Some of you might be familiar with Arroz Caldo, also a congee / lugaw, but it’s much thicker and ginger is used to flavor it. There are large chicken parts in Arroz Caldo, which is usually the distinguishing addition between them and Goto, congee that is flavored with beef.

Anyway, Ken loves lugaw with sumpia, which is what we call a beansprout spring roll here. I prefer hard-boiled eggs in my congee, along with the tokwa’t baboy side dish. But, sumpia and the egg weren’t available when he went out to buy lugaw for the whole family. The photo below was taken a long time ago on my old digital camera.

Sumpia with baboy side dish for lugaw

This is one of the things I enjoy here in Malabon. You can buy delicious congee for breakfast or merienda from a carinderia a bike away. No need to wear safety motorcycle helmets or dress up. BUT, I still miss our home in Navotas. You can literally cross the street to buy lugaw, banana cue, pansit, fishballs, etc. Plus, the wet market is right in front of our home! *sigh* 😀

I know, it’s summer, but you’re not supposed to eat cold food in the morning. So, lugaw is the perfect, light and yet fulfilling breakfast you’d need to start your day, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Lugaw, a light and fulfilling breakfast

How about you? How do you want your lugaw and what’s your favorite side dish / addon? Share!! 🙂

Lugaw with pepper and tokwa toppings

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