CEZ Group | Fantanele – Cogealac Wind Park (Romania)

Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Park

The CEZ Group is operating largest coastal wind farm with an installed capacity of 600 MW.  On 1st June 2010, the first of 240 wind turbine projects was launched and on November 21, 2012 ČEZ connected the 240th wind turbine to the grid. The Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm in Romania surpassed its rival in Scotland, and has thus become the largest onshore wind farm in Europe.

Last year, with the wind farm in its portfolio, CEZ held more than 40% of the market in green certificates in Romania.

The Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm is situated in an area of 12 by 6 kilometres in the Romanian province of Dobruja, only 17 kilometres from the shore of the Black Sea. The project consists of the installation of GE 2.5 XL wind turbines, each having a rated capacity of 2.5 MW. These units are 100 metres in height and have an average rotor diameter of 99 metres. The project has been planned with the utmost consideration being given to the environment. The wind conditions at the chosen location are excellent.

Once complete, the wind farm project will represent an almost 10% share of the Romanian renewable energy market (which includes large hydroelectric plants). Romania supports the production of electricity from renewable resources by issuing Green Certificates to the energy producers.

You can view all of the press releases published by the CEZ Group in relation to the wind park in Dobruja by clicking on the links below:

Take a look at videos from Fantanele and Cogealac



Installed capacity in wind power plants in EU countries (at the end of 2017)

Country Capacity in MW
Czech Republic 308
Belgium 2 843
Bulgaria 691
Denmark 5 476
Estonia 310
Finland 2 071
France 13 759
Ireland 3 127
Italy 9 479
Cyprus 158
Lithuania 493
Latvia 66
Luxemburg 120
Hungary 329
Malta 0
Germany 56 132
Netherlands 4 341
Poland 5 848
Portugal 5 316
Austria 2 828
Romania 3 029
Greece 2 651
Slovakia 3
Slovenia 3
Spain 23 170
Sweden 6 691
Great Britain 18 872

Source: EWEA