Because of its outstanding record as a recognized school that has overcome the odds, principals from all over the state will visit South Houston Elementary School as part of the Texas Elementary Principal and Supervisor Conference, Dec. 6-8.

The TEPSA Conference will host principals from districts around Texas. Lecturers and educational sessions are expected to be held throughout the event, including motivational speakers Dan Miller and Gene Stallings. The event is scheduled to be held at the Houston Westin Galleria.

South Houston Elementary was chosen because of its staff's ability to help make the school a recognized campus for the past two years, despite its location in a socio-economically-challenged area. Other items that caught TEPSA members eyes were South Houston's integrated curriculum, authentic assessment, their workstations, small group instruction and technology.

"We looked at South Houston's progress and their unique programs," said Gretchen Ricker, associate executive director of TEPSA. "They have had a lot of success. That is what we want. When these principals visit South Houston, they will see a successful school in action."

While at the South Houston Elementary campus, the visiting principals will see their in-school broadcasting studio, run entirely by the students and their computer labs. In addition, the visitors will tour the classrooms, where every room has 8-9 computers, productivity software, instructional software and scan converters installed.

The campus also is a site for the University of Houston's Pedagogy Urban and Multicultural Action Student Placement program, the Head Start program, Communities in Schools, Helping One Student to Success program, Accelerated Reading and Math programs, Star Reading and Math programs and intervention programs at each level.

"I feel like that it is an honor to be selected," said Karen Holt, South Houston principal. "It is an opportunity for principals to visit an innovative and creative school that uses new strategies to accomplish our goal for success. It is wonderful to be recognized by our peers."

This is the second time South Houston Elementary was selected by TEPSA for a school visit.

In addition to South Houston Elementary, the TEPSA principals will also visit Edgar Allen Poe Elementary in Houston ISD, Heflin Elementary in Alief ISD and Peck Elementary in Houston ISD. The school visits will take place Dec. 6 and 7.

During the conference, three Pasadena ISD teachers will hold sessions about programs they feature in the district. Pam Kaufman and Amanda Khan of South Houston Elementary will speak about Tackling TAAS Through Technology, Randi Whitney of Mae Smythe Elementary will speak about the Writing Academy and Ricki Fischer, Pasadena ISD instructional specialist for dyslexia, will speak about Identity, Intervene and Interact.

"This conference is to highlight the nuts and bolts of success in these schools," Ricker said. "The principals will see how success works up close.