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Copyright information

All content on this site, with the exceptions listed in "News stories, comments sections and forums" paragraph, is copyright 2003 - 2016 by Gennadiy Shvets. Reproduction, distribution or transmission of this content by any means without the prior permission is prohibited with the exceptions:

  • Low-resolution versions of images from may be used for non-commercial and educational purposes. Images cannot be changed, but you can resize the images and changes their brightness and contrast if desired. You have to give a credit to when you use the image(s).
  • Low-resolution versions of images as well as information from the site maybe used in short-term auctions on eBay, Yahoo and other auction sites under the following conditions:
    • Auction length should not be greater than 10 days.
    • site should be credited in the auction description.
    • Image content cannot be modified. If necessary, images can be resized, and contrast/brightness of images can be changed.

News stories, comments sections and forums

Copyright of text and images posted in comments section on CPU-World pages and in the forums belongs to authors of the posted text and/or images. Copyright of images, posted in CPU-World news stories, may belong to third parties.

All opinions expressed in the comments or in the forums posts are those of the posters and not of We don't endorse posted opinions, and we do not verify validity of information posted in the comments or in the forums.

No Warranties

We do our best to verify information posted on the site (this does not apply to comments and the forum), but we make no warranty that all information on the site is error-free, accurate or reliable. Under no circumstances we shall be liable for any loss or damage including but not limited to loss of profits, goodwill or indirect loss caused by inaccuracies in the provided information.

Web site access

CPU-World is a free web site. The purpose of the site is to used by humans, and not by robots or other automated software, like web accelerators, offline browsers, site downloaders and similar programs. Using automated software puts unnecessary strain on our web server, and wastes our bandwith, therefore any software that downloads information from the site with the purpose of archiving, storing or any kind of processing information rather than viewing it is prohibited. This prohibition doesn't not apply to search engine and crawlers.

If you have any question about terms and conditions, please contact us.

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