From a lavender pillow spray to a soothing acupressure mat, the best stress-relief products on Amazon

Stress is something that affects almost all of us on varying levels. 

According to a 2018 study, three-quarters of Brits were so stressed they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope, and six out of ten young people are stressed and struggle to cope due to the pressure to succeed.

Stress can have a physical as well as a mental impact, affecting the function of the immune system, causing nausea and vomiting in extreme cases and even bowel issues such as diarrhoea.

Therefore, relieving stress and anxiety is key to general well-being. However, sometimes that can be easier said than done. 

Thankfully there are plenty of products that can help take the edge off stress. Here are some of the best available on Amazon.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £18

Stress can affect your sleeping patterns, and in some cases cause insomnia. This, in turn, can exacerbate stress and anxiety. A nightly spritz of This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray may be just the thing you need to get a good night's sleep. 

The spray, which has an average rating of 4 stars and just under 700 reviews on Amazon, is made from a blend of lavender, chamomile and vetivert designed to reduce 'sleep associated anxiety and improve sleep quality'. 

One Amazon shopper wrote: 'Works every night for me. First time in years I have a pretty much unbroken night's sleep. Cannot remember a time where I slept for 4 hours unbroken.'

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Bling Toman Ring Fidget Toy, £30.15

The fidget spinner for people who don't want others to know they like them. Bling Toman's wrap open ring features a top that spins smoothly, allegedly having a calming effect on the mind. The ring has a gold-plated base and uses Cubic Zirconia gemstones. 

It has over 200 sparkling reviews on amazon with an average star rating of 4.3. One happy customer, who gave it five stars, wrote: 'This ring is beautiful and a great discreet fidget toy. I wore it on my pointer finger and was able to spin the top under the counter at work and under the desk at school without anyone noticing.'

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Neal's Yard Remedies Calming Temple Salve, £14.95

Described as a calming salve for tense times, Neal's Yard Remedies balm is made from essential oils, shea butter, protective beeswax and lavender. In times of stress, massage the salve into temples, forehead and pressure points in a light circular motion. It is 99 per cent organic and designed for on-the-go use. 

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Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles, £3.83

A sweet way to deal with anxiety! Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles come in a variety of flavours, including blackcurrant, and contain soothing flower essences including Helianthemum nummularium, Clematis vitalba, Impatiens glandulifera, Prunus cerasifera and Ornithogalum umbellatum. 

The tin of chewy pastilles has an average star rating of 4.2 on Amazon, with one satisfied customer writing: 'I don't know how, but this really puts my mind at ease before sleep in a matter of minutes.'

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Optrex Warming Eye Masks, £9.95

Sometimes the best way to deal with anxiety is to take time away from stressors. A heated eye mask could be a good way to take a break and feel reinvigorated again. Optrex's self-heating masks warm up straight out of the pack and are designed to soothe the area around the eyes. 

One reviewer said: 'I find the mask very good as it encourages me to lie down and do nothing for 10 mins or so which, without the masks, I probably wouldn't do.'

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Avantek Sleep White Noise Machine, £29.99

Sounds of nature such as babbling brooks and forest sounds are scientifically proven to relax our mental and physical states. Thankfully, you don't have to go to the forest to get some peace of mind; you can bring the forest to you through technology. 

Avantek's Sleep White Noise Machine features 20 soothing sounds including ocean waves, rain, wind, birds and campfire. It can be set to play continuously for between one and seven hours and has 30 levels of volume to cater to everyone's needs. It's ranked a Best Seller on Amazon and has an average 4.3 star rating. 

One reviewer, who left a five-star rating said: 'It is really relaxing and does help a light sleeper to stay asleep as well as helping you fall asleep. Highly recommend.'

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Xalm Weighted Blanket, £99.99

One of the newest popular stress-tackling trends is weighted blankets. These are normally filled with plastic or glass beads in order to to make them heavier than traditional blankets. 

On Amazon, the Xalm weighted blanket has an average 4.7 star rating and positive reviews, with many commenting on how the blanket has been conducive to relaxation. It is available in three weights: 4.5kg, 6.8kg and 9kg, and comes with a 100-night risk-free trial.

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Anself Acupressure mat, £23.99

Acupressure mats are a great anxiety and stress relief option. The thousands of little spikes are designed to work on the nerve pathways around the body and stimulate them, ultimately alleviating any aches and pains and inducing a state of relaxation. 

The Anself Massager Cushion Acupressure Mat is a number one bestseller on Amazon and has predominantly five-star reviews. It has blunted tips, which are placed to ensure full back coverage, and features a pillow that is designed to target pressure points on the neck.

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InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, £14.99

This aromatherapy diffuser spreads essential oils that can help people de-stress and alleviate anxiety. It's only just louder than a gentle breeze and has seven mood lighting options. 

The InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser has an average star rating of 4.4 with over 1,000 glowing reviews. One reviewer said: 'This product is absolutely fantastic. It's such an effective way to enjoy essential oils and far more effective than using a burner.' 

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Salt Spa Co's Deep Sleep Bath Salts, 15.99

Sometimes there's nothing better than a nice, warm bath to deal with the day's stress. Add Salt Spa Co's Epsom Salts for the ultimate relaxation. 

They are infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils, which the company says soothe body aches and pains and promote a deep, relaxing sleep. The Bath Salts come in 5kg packs, with each use requiring anything from 250g, depending on the type of bath. 

One satisfied customer wrote: 'I use salts a lot so this big bag was perfect for me, I try a new brand every time just to see what's out there. 

'These I will definitely be coming back to, they smelled divine and dissolved really well in the water, the bathroom smelt amazing for hours after too. Totally chilled me out ready for bed and helped relax my muscles from training.'

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If you suffer from anxiety and stress, seek professional help. The NHS offers a range of services and has created several mental health apps and tools.

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The best stress-relief products on Amazon

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