Abigail Disney launches Twitter rant at her peers for being 'easily triggered' by Gen Z insult phrase 'OK Boomer' and says they should 'let the kids drive'

  • Disney, 59, directed her Twitter rant at people her age on Sunday
  • She told them it was no surprise younger generations did not trust them 
  • Disney cited climate change and 'sexual and racial injustice' as reasons why 
  • The black sheep of the Disney family, she has given away $70million 
  • She has also called out CEO Bob Iger on reserving millions for high paid executives when lower-level employees are struggling  

Outspoken Disney heiress Abigail Disney, pictured in April

Outspoken Disney heiress Abigail Disney, pictured in April

Abigail Disney launched a foul-mouthed Twitter rant at her peers on Sunday, calling them out for being 'easily triggered' by the Gen-Z insult 'OK Boomer'. 

Disney, the black sheep of her famous family who gave away $70million and has long criticized Bob Iger for the way he runs the company her grandfather started, said young people had every right not to trust her generation and told people her age to 'sit the f*** down' and 'let the kids drive.' 

'Can I just say this about "OK Boomer"? What the hell is wrong with you/us boomers?? When did you get so easily triggered? Face up to the fact that the world is changing fast but you are not. You are old. You are not irrelevant yet. But you are less relevant every day,' Disney tweeted. 

She went on: 'The more often you object to Millenials' understandable resentment toward a generation that has selfishly poisoned their water, blown past every climate warning so they could drive their stupid hummers, and looked away or worse for sexual, racial and economic injustice, the more you prove their point that you just don't understand anything of value to them.

'Look, these kids are facing down a rising tide (literally) of changes that threatens everything you and I taught them to hold dear. 

'Oh, and does anyone remember not trusting anyone over 30???

'Good lord I bet half of the nudniks complaining about youth disrespecting them were all over that freight train of prejudice and bad judgment. 

Disney tweeted on Sunday that people of her generation were too easily triggered by youngsters and their distrust of them

Disney tweeted on Sunday that people of her generation were too easily triggered by youngsters and their distrust of them 

'How about you guys sit the f**k down and let the kids drive.' 

To finish off her sermon, she wrote: 'It's not like you've done such a great job with the time you have had.

'Get over the idea that all things pass, you are old and you need to let history do what history does: move on.' 

Abigail has always struck a different chord than other members of her family. 

Earlier this year, she lambasted Disney CEO Iger's $65million paycheck as 'insane.' 

Abigail previously told how she took a different view of wealth from her parents and that she realized once while flying alone on a 737 jumbo jet how wasteful they were being. 

Abigail is the great niece of Walt Disney. Her grandfather was long-serving executive Roy Disney, Walt's brother. She is shown, second from left, with her parents and siblings, as a child. Now 59, she has given away more than $70million

'My dad’s plane was a 737, and it was insane to have a 737 as a private airplane. It had a queen-sized bed with one big long seatbelt across it, and a shower, and it was ridiculous.' 

She stopped flying on it after a journey in the 1990s when she had it summoned to take her across the country for work. 

She was on it alone. 

'I was sitting there thinking about the carbon footprint and the number of flight attendants and the other pilot on-call and what it was costing, and I just wanted to be sick,' she said. 

'If I were queen of the world, I would pass a law against private jets, because they enable you to get around a certain reality.

'You don’t have to go through an airport terminal, you don’t have to interact, you don’t have to be patient, you don’t have to be uncomfortable. These are the things that remind us we’re human,' she said.

'It’s fundamental to remember that you’re just a member of the human race, like everybody else, and there’s nothing about your money that makes you better than anyone else. 

 'If you don’t know that and you have money, it’s the road to hell, no matter how much stuff you have around you,' she told The Cut. 

Abigail Disney launches Twitter rant at her peers for being 'easily triggered' by phrase 'OK Boomer'

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