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Politicians come to 'blows' over sick four-year-old: Matt Hancock's adviser is accidentally hit in the face by Labour supporter trying to accost Health Secretary at hospital where boy slept on A&E floor

10/12/19 04:52

09/12/19 16:50

Boris Johnson and the Tories' lead over Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party has narrowed to just six points with the general election three days away.

07/12/19 01:14

A YouGov poll found Boris Johnson performed better in the primetime BBC One clash by 52 per cent to 48 per cent - mirroring the 2016 referendum and a result that will delight Tory strategists.

06/12/19 20:06

Alexandra Hall Hall, the embassy's 'Brexit counsellor', ended her 33-year foreign service career this week, saying she was not willing to 'peddle half-truths on behalf of a government I do not trust'.

06/12/19 19:00

Channel 4's subtitles of a speech wrongly reported Mr Johnson saying 'people of colour' would still be able to come to Britain after Brexit, with the video then being shared widely on the internet.

06/12/19 21:26

The Tory former prime minister said he would vote for David Gauke, Dominic Grieve and Anne Milton - who all lost the party whip earlier this year after rebelling on Brexit - if he lived in their areas.

06/12/19 19:13

Michael Gove gave out the No10 phone number live on radio as he was pushed over whether the PM is running scared of the interview.

06/12/19 01:12

All the main leaders apart from Tory Mr Johnson have now taken part in the half-hour BBC One inquisition, with critics suggested he is scared of making an election-losing gaffe.

05/12/19 16:23

Following an interview on ITV's This Morning, the Prime Minister used what appeared to be a Huawei P20 to take a selfie with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

05/12/19 23:13

Nigel Farage complained that his former colleagues 'don't understand' the election dynamics in Labour marginals after they dramatically abandoned him.

05/12/19 17:24

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were joined by the Prime Minister for a pre-election grilling on This Morning, just days after an explosive showdown with Jeremy Corbyn.

05/12/19 15:05

Boris Johnson and the Tories have a 10 point poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party with the general election now just one week away.

04/12/19 22:13

Kemi Badenoch, 39, from Wimbledon who is a pro-Brexit conservative minister, revealed the challenges of campaigning to be re-elected as MP for Saffron Walden in Essex, with a newborn.

03/12/19 15:19

Ofcom said the prop 'was not a representation of the Prime Minister personally', and that 'little editorial focus was given to it'. The regulator rejected the Conservatives' complaint.

03/12/19 16:20

Boris Johnson and the Tories hold a 12 point poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party with the general election now just nine days away.

02/12/19 14:58

Nicola Sturgeon made clear the SNP should be directly represented in the renegotiation Labour says it would launch with the EU.

29/11/19 21:21

The Prime Minister also revealed that he will introduce new state aid rules to help prop up ailing firms, with a blast at EU rules which prevent governments from intervening.

29/11/19 18:09

Former Labour MP Gisela Stuart savaged Jeremy Corbyn 's Brexit plan today as she stood alongside Boris Johnson and urged Leave voters to back the Tories at the general election.

29/11/19 17:50

Boris Johnson today urged Donald Trump not to interfere in the general election campaign when he visits the UK next week for a Nato summit.

28/11/19 15:28

Phillip Dunne, who has been the MP for Ludlow in Shropshire since 2005, faced calls to be binned by the Tory party after making the 'extremely insulting' jibe to Kuldip Sahota last night.

27/11/19 20:40

Jeremy Corbyn staged a stunt claiming to reveal sensitive documents about US-UK trade talks, after he was left reeling by Britain's chief rabbi saying he is not fit to become PM.

20/11/19 17:01

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab insisted the party did not need to apologise for countering the 'lies' that were 'serially and systematically' put out by Labour and its allies on social media.

20/11/19 04:02

The Conservative Party Press office changed their official Twitter handle to FactCheckUK during tonight's ITV debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

19/11/19 16:01

Boris Johnson has ditched the Tory party's pledge, made in 2015 and 2017, to give MPs a free vote on bringing back fox hunting. Meanwhile Labour is said to double wildlife crime officers.

15/11/19 17:24

Boris Johnson today branded Naga Munchetty's interview questions 'ridiculous' after the BBC Breakfast presenter quizzed him about whether he believes he's 'relatable'.

14/11/19 15:12

The Home Secretary said introduce the Australian style points based system so that 'we can control our borders and protect public services.'

13/11/19 08:20

Nigel Farage was tonight warned by his political ally Arron Banks that he has '48 hours to save Brexit' and that he must stand down more of his party's election candidates.

12/11/19 10:27

Nigel Farage, writing on Tuesday, said: 'I have no great love for the Tories, but I can see that by giving Mr Johnson half a chance we will prevent a second referendum.'

11/11/19 23:53

The Brexit Party leader said he was offered a seat in the House of Lords last Friday, branding the offer 'ridiculous'.

09/11/19 18:47

Health secretary Matt Hancock today admitted the Conservative Party needed to hold an inquiry on Islamophobia. Baroness Warsi responded to Hancock's intervention on Twitter.

08/11/19 20:55

Conservative candidate for the seat of Dover Charlie Elphicke will be replaced by his wife Natalie Elphicke after he was suspended from the party over sexual assault allegations.

08/11/19 16:55

An alliance between the Lib Dems, the Green Party and Wales' Plaid Cymru in 60 seats has shaken Boris Johnson's Tories who fear the agreement could deny them victories in marginal seats.

08/11/19 01:16

Some 36 per cent of voters have swung behind the Prime Minister, according to a YouGov survey conducted as the official starting gun was fired on the general election campaign.

06/11/19 18:04

He is facing calls to resign after suggesting victims of the fatal 2017 inferno who followed firefighters' instructions to 'stay put' in their flats as the building burned had lacked 'common sense'.

06/11/19 18:17

A re-edited version of a GMB interview with Sir Keir Starmer yesterday ran online showing him unable to answer a question from Piers Morgan. The full exchange showed him answering immediately.

06/11/19 09:03

Andrew Bridgen backed his Tory colleague who faces calls to resign after he said victims should have used 'common sense' and ignored fire service guidance to 'stay put' in the burning tower.

05/11/19 16:02

Mr Rees-Mogg, 50, was asked about decision by London Fire Brigade not to evacuate the burning block and told LBC's Nick Ferrari: 'If you just ignore what you're told and leave you are so much safer'.

03/11/19 08:43

The former Tory Party adviser has taken unpaid leave to tour the UK electioneering for young female Conservative candidates in marginal seats in the run up to December 12.

01/11/19 13:56

Callum Warren, 27, is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting the student while she worked as a parliamentary assistant to another Tory MP at Westminster, who cannot be named.

01/11/19 01:48

Donald Trump tonight lavished praise on Boris Johnson and urged him to strike an election pact with Nigel Farage as the US President launched a stinging attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

01/11/19 01:52

Liberal Democrat activists in Jacob Rees-Mogg's seat have called on other members of the Remain Alliance to work together to oust the Commons Leader on December 12.

02/11/19 11:59

Remain campaigners have launched a website that shows EU supporters who to tactically vote for to have the best chance of stopping a Tory majority and thwarting Brexit .

31/10/19 00:47

The Culture Secretary is the latest Tory to say they won't stand in the forthcoming poll after Boris Johnson snubbed Amber Rudd's plea to have her whip restored.

31/10/19 09:53

The former prime minister was seen berating several Conservative MPs on the benches around her during PMQs this afternoon as they ribbed Mr Corbyn about his green tie.

30/10/19 17:46

Boris Johnson tore into John Bercow this afternoon with a series of jibes as the Commons Speaker oversaw his final Prime Minister's Questions session.

30/10/19 19:10

Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are under increasing pressure to form an alliance ahead of the December 12 snap poll to prevent their two parties from splitting the Leave vote in key constituencies.

30/10/19 20:25

Boris Johnson insisted the Tories are the real party of the NHS as he faced off against the Labour leader for the last time before Parliament dissolves for the campaign.

30/10/19 20:23

Figures from poll trackers which map the various opinion poll firms suggest the Conservatives are on 35 per cent, with Jeremy Corbyn on 25 per cent and the Lib Dems on 18 per cent.

30/10/19 16:22

Boris Johnson will seek to rally his troops for the pre-Christmas showdown by attacking Jeremy Corbyn at what promises to be a brutal PMQs session in the Commons later.

30/10/19 07:25

There have been calls from some Brexiteers for an informal electoral 'pact' between Nigel Farage's party and the Tories. Downing Street has so far rejected the idea.

30/10/19 07:27

These are 10 of the key battleground seats which are likely to determine the UK's Brexit fate at the next general election.

29/10/19 20:47

Boris Johnson has restored the Tory whip to 10 of the 21 former Conservative rebels who were expelled after backing a bid to block a No Deal Brexit.

29/10/19 20:48

Nigel Farage has hinted the Brexit Party will not stand candidates in every seat at a snap general election - even if Boris Johnson campaigns on a pledge to deliver his divorce deal.

24/10/19 09:23

Downing Street wants to go to the polls in December in the hope of getting a majority for a Brexit deal. Tory Party chairman James Cleverly said:  'I don't want to be the Grinch.'

15/10/19 21:56

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier is said to have briefed ministers that the latest plans put forward by the UK are 'not enough'.

13/10/19 23:59

An 'incandescent' Mr Davis is demanding that his one-time rival for the Tory crown retract claims made in his book and on television about their testy political relationship.

10/10/19 17:17

Remainers are preparing an all-out bid to force a referendum to cancel Brexit first, with Labour backbenchers warning that Mr Corbyn is a 'liability' and an election will not resolve the issue.

10/10/19 18:13

Jeremy Corbyn has underlined that he is ready to support the PM's call for an election as soon as a Brexit extension is in place - saying he is 'champing at the bit' for voters to get their say.

10/10/19 01:59

The Labour leader is set to say Boris Johnson cannot be trusted 'not to break the law' but will add that he would only want a general election after a no-deal Brexit is taken off the table.

06/10/19 08:47

HARRY COLE: Prince Philip allegedly asked 'of which country?' when he was introduced to Jeremy Hunt's Chinese wife Lucia. Senior Tory sources have recounted the same tale on multiple occasions.

04/10/19 19:30

Rory Stewart today announced he will run as an independent candidate to be Mayor of London after he revealed he is standing down as an MP and has resigned from the Conservative Party.

03/10/19 11:31

The news that the PM now has his own Snapchat account has seen Twitter users poking fun at the PM, warning him to 'not be caught being silly' with the most intimate of the social media platforms.

03/10/19 08:20

Boris Johnson already appears to be fighting a losing battle after EU leaders reacted with dismay at his solution to the Irish backstop.

03/10/19 01:40

Its special opening episode (set in South Africa) was slightly longer than the usual hour and evidently so incredible the notion of just cutting it by five minutes was unthinkable.

03/10/19 08:19

The legal text of Boris Johnson's plan was handed over along with a letter to commission president Jean-Claude Juncker urging him to accept a 'reasonable compromise'.

15/11/19 13:22

The shadow home secretary squared off against Dominic Raab in the absence of Boris Johnson, who missed the session in order to give his speech at the Tory Party conference in Manchester.

02/10/19 19:46

Shortly after Boris Johnson's speech in Manchester today, the Pound shot up against the US Dollar from 1.2254 at 12.41pm to 1.2296 at 12.53pm.

02/10/19 13:24

The 54-year-old party leader made his way to his partner, 31, for a hug and a kiss on the cheek after a Brexit-heavy address to the faithful in Manchester.

02/10/19 09:21

ANDREW PIERCE: Tory peer Michael Dobbs revealed one person inspired him to write about the shady character: Margaret Thatcher (pictured).

01/10/19 16:57

Boris Johnson's biographer Sonia Purnell has said he did not treat her with respect when they worked together in Brussels, and that he 'didn't respect either of his wives'.

01/10/19 13:05

The Vote Leave campaign notoriously plastered a bus with a disputed claim that the UK sends £350million per week to Brussels that could be used to fund health services after Brexit.

30/09/19 17:26

In in another blow for the embattled Prime Minister only 36 per cent of people surveyed by Ipsos Mori for the Evening Standard thought that Mr Johnson was equipped to be the leader.

30/09/19 19:39

Sajid Javid today pledged to increase the National Living Wage to more than £10 per hour as he also promised to lower the age at which people are eligible to be paid it.

30/09/19 14:45

Blaming the Government's 'terrible decisions over the years' for Thomas Cook's collapse, husband and wife Louise and Colin Griffiths joined dozens of others at a protest in Manchester today.

30/09/19 11:06

Chancellor Sajid Javid promised an 'infrastructure revolution' as he set out the Tory Party's stall ahead of an expected early general election.

28/09/19 11:56

Former UK Prime Minister Sir John Major replaced Mrs Thatcher (pictured together) in 1990 after winning a Conservative leadership contest which she dropped out of.

19/09/19 11:35

David Cameron has urged Boris Johnson to forgive the 21 Remainer rebels he stripped of the Tory whip as the former PM failed to guarantee he will vote Conservative if there is a No Deal Brexit.

25/09/19 23:46

STEPHEN GLOVER: David Cameron's memoir suggests Boris Johnson 'didn't believe' in Brexit and Michael Gove is a 'floam-flecked Faragist'. Will be a hit with those who wish the Tory party ill.

15/09/19 00:57

Mr Gyimah was one of the 21 Tories who had the party whip removed for voting against the Government to block a No Deal Brexit a fortnight ago.

12/09/19 16:24

The usually-stern First Minister (pictured) took a break from the rigours of Brexit and Scottish independence to join her colleagues in a spot of fun at Holyrood in Edinburgh.