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Last updated: 14:24 BST, 18 October 2019


Will Rick Perry be the next to turn on Donald Trump? Energy Secretary faces impeachment probe subpoena deadline 24 hours after he announced resignation - and could be called to testify too

18/10/19 14:24

18/10/19 14:10

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney was under fire Friday for his latest comments on Ukraine, although President Trump expressed 'confidence' in him.

18/10/19 12:23

General James Mattis made the joking remarks at a white-tie gala in New York on Thursday just one day after Donald Trump demeaned him as 'the world's most overrated general'.

18/10/19 07:04

President Donald Trump stripped the bark off his Democratic rivals on Thursday, saying his 'hateful and enraged' adversaries 'are destroying this country' and 'won't come close' to winning.

18/10/19 06:46

In an interview with 'The Daily Briefing,' Zuckerberg shared his stance in opposition to calls from politicians - most notably Kamala Harris - demanding that Trump's account be shut down.

18/10/19 07:04

President Donald Trump has toured a new Louis Vuitton leather workshop in Texas with his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner in tow.

18/10/19 12:31

Don Jr., 41, and Kimberly, 50, were seen leaving her apartment on Thursday afternoon with luggage and archery equipment.

17/10/19 23:49

David Correia and Andrey Kukushkin are among four men charged with using straw donors to make illegal contributions to politicians they thought could help their political and business interests.

18/10/19 00:35

Rick Perry informed Donald Trump that he will be stepping down from his post as Energy secretary. He sent a written notification to the president as Trump was traveling on Thursday.

17/10/19 21:14

John Bolton ripped apart Donald Trump's efforts to denuclearize the Korean peninsula as ineffective, claiming it will get worse with time. 'North Korea isn't our friend and never will be,' Bolton said.

17/10/19 21:39

Traders have earned millions with late-in-the-day trades shortly before key market-moving events, including comments by President Trump about the China trade war.

17/10/19 20:49

Mark Zuckerberg's remarks came during an address on Thursday at Georgetown University, which he described as 'an unfiltered take' of his views on free expression and censorship.

17/10/19 21:01

'So much win. We can walk and chew gum at the same time,' a White House aide said as Trump promoted a Turkey ceasefire in Syria and rallied the faithful in Texas.

18/10/19 01:12

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said $390m in aid to Ukraine was held up to push the country to investigate a Democratic server - then denied he had said it.

17/10/19 23:56

Ivanka, 37, was seen leaving her Washington, D.C. home at 9 a.m. on Thursday sporting old Hollywood-inspired finger waves.

17/10/19 18:27

Mitch McConnell said Thursday that he wants 'something even stronger' in the Senate than the House's resolution formally opposing Donald Trump's troop withdrawal from northern Syria last week.

17/10/19 18:22

Nancy Pelosi said she was excusing herself from the room in the photo of her standing up to Donald Trump that the president tweeted in the wake of their fiery White House show-down over Syria.

17/10/19 20:58

The former Democratic congressman, 55, took to the streets of the East Village on Wednesday in a navy blue raincoat and cream-colored pants as he sheltered from the rain under a black umbrella.

17/10/19 18:11

Two jets were scrambled to blow up the storage bunker, located at the Lafarge Cement Factory between Kobanî and Ain Issa, amid fears the weapons could fall into the hands of armed groups.

17/10/19 16:18

Rick Perry said in an interview published Thursday that he was directed by Donald Trump to approach Rudy Giuliani to address the president's concerns about corruption in Ukraine.

17/10/19 14:50

Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the EU, allegedly wanted to change his Brussels residence shortly after arriving in June last year, before requesting a long list of improvements.

17/10/19 15:17

US President Donald Trump's top immigration spokesman (Ken Cuccinelli, left) suggested the amount of illegal immigrants in the country could be double the most cited previous estimates.

17/10/19 17:33

In the letter, which was written on October 9 as Erdogan's forces prepared to cross into Syria, Trump urges Turkey's hardman president to 'not be a fool'.

17/10/19 18:08

U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland will testify on Capitol Hill Thursday as it was revealed he mentioned a Ukrainian gas company with ties to Hunter Biden in meeting with Ukrainians.

17/10/19 17:31

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan 'thoroughly rejected' Donald Trump's letter, dated October 9, and promptly threw it in the bin, officials have revealed.

17/10/19 17:33

Donald Trump tweeted a photo of Pelosi standing up and pointing her finger during an argument over Syria at the White House, calling it a meltdown - but the Speaker quickly seized on it as a positive.

17/10/19 17:34

President Trump ended up venting his frustration on Twitter in late-night tweets. It came at the end of a bruising day with many normally loyal Republicans crossing party lines over the issue of Syria.

17/10/19 12:47

The last time support for the impeachment and removal of a president was so high was August 1974, under President Nixon. Nixon stepped down as president four days later.

17/10/19 12:22

The Wharton School legacy appeared on 'Hannity' Wednesday to slam Hunter Biden for having benefited from his father's political positions as early as the 1990s.

17/10/19 14:24

Gordon Sondland is scheduled to be interviewed on Thursday behind closed doors by House lawmakers as part of an impeachment inquiry.

17/10/19 06:42

It was a White House meeting on Syria policy that quickly turned explosive on Wednesday when President Donald Trump called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a 'third-grade' politician.

17/10/19 06:35

Newly uncovered tax documents from President Donald Trump reveal 'inconsistencies' that could point to financial fraud. ProPublica reviewed documents that saw some fudging of the numbers.

17/10/19 14:10

Donald Trump gave a lengthy and wide-ranging joint press conference with Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the White House on Wednesday.

17/10/19 19:50

Trump tried to cajole Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his Turkish counterpart, into negotiating with Syrian Kurds instead of invading, an extraordinary letter released by the White House reveals.

17/10/19 01:34

It was a classic reality TV trick. You know the sort of thing - the smiling programme host comes over all warm and sympathetic before ambushing the sorrowing guest with a bombshell.

16/10/19 22:08

Mr Proctor stormed out of the interview on October 5 saying he was being prevented from speaking. He was being asked about his experience being caught up in a flawed Metropolitan Police probe.

17/10/19 08:31

Democratic congressional leaders walked out of a White House meeting with Donald Trump on Wednesday after they claimed he had a 'meltdown' and insulted Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

16/10/19 22:30

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina vowed to be President Trump's 'nightmare,' as the House overwhelmingly voted to oppose the president's new Syria policy.

16/10/19 21:33

Joe Biden took another hit at Donald Trump Wednesday, demanding he 'shut up' until he releases his tax returns and proves he has no conflicts of interest.

16/10/19 20:36

During a closed-door meeting in China last week, LeBron James pressured NBA commissioner Adam Silver to punish Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey for his support for Hong Kong.

16/10/19 20:05

Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of interfering in the 2016 election. 'There was a lot of corruption. Maybe it goes right up to President Obama. I happen to think it does,' he said

16/10/19 18:53

Rudy Giuliani may have pursued another instance of shadow diplomacy by urging Donald Trump in 2017 to hand over Turkish cleric living in exile in the U.S. to the Turkish government.

16/10/19 16:07

Michael Enright, 55, a British-born actor who has starred alongside Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise, is holed up in Belize after he was refused entry to his home in the United States after fighting ISIS in Syria.

16/10/19 18:38

Pentagon joined the list of those defying a subpoena from Democrats as part of their impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump after Defense Secretary Mark Esper indicated cooperation.

16/10/19 17:51

Vice President Joe Biden branded Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his associates 'thugs' at Tuesday night's Democratic debate.

16/10/19 14:15

The social media giant today confirmed it will keep an offending tweet on the site if it is deemed 'newsworthy', but apply a label to it and halt it from being spread further.

16/10/19 17:51

Donald Trump slammed the Democratic presidential candidates, arguing there was 'NO WAY' any of them could win the Oval Office and predicted the stock market would crash if one did.

16/10/19 17:18

Turkish President Erdogan mocked Donald Trump's ever-shifting position over Syria on Wednesday, saying he can 'no longer follow' his US counterpart's line of argument on Twitter.

16/10/19 12:52

The anchor prefaced a question to Biden during last night's Democrat debate in Ohio, by saying that there was 'no evidence of wrongdoing' by either Joe or Hunter Biden.

16/10/19 17:40

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard won Tuesday's Democratic Debate according to a Drudge poll with a 39.44 percent vote, but pundits say Sen. Elizabeth Warren ascended to frontrunner status in the face-off.

16/10/19 08:32

Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie are gearing up for big Christmas release for their film Bombshell. Kidman and Theron transform into Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly, respectively, in more promotional shots and the film's poster, released on Tuesday.

16/10/19 13:36

Gabbard, 38, a Hawaii congresswoman, lashed out at claims she is valued by Putin and claimed that the U.S. had been trying to overthrow Assad, who she met in 2017, leading to the current Syrian bloodshed.

16/10/19 17:48

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will endorse Bernie Sanders at a rally in Queens, New York on Saturday and other members of the 'squad' could follow suit. 

16/10/19 03:28

Bernie Sanders returned to the debate stage Tuesday night - just a little over two weeks after suffering a heart attack - hoping to deflect the message away from impeaching Donald Trump.

16/10/19 07:34

Nancy Pelosi has said no to a full House vote on the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump - at least for now, sparing vulnerable lawmakers from having to take  a a public position on a politically tough issue. 

16/10/19 00:43

LARISA BROWN: The US Army is abandoning its protection of the Syrian Kurds who led the war against the jihadis. The Kurds have now had to turn to the Syrian regime and its Russian allies.

15/10/19 23:47

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took on President Trump's contention that having forces remain in Syria was akin to being the 'world's policeman' and criticized the president's moves.

15/10/19 23:57

The president's personal attorney and then the vice president refused to hand over documents to the Democrats' impeachment inquiry, potentially giving evidence they are obstructing justice.

15/10/19 22:38

Cary Poarch gave an interview to Project Veritas along with secretly recorded video tapes from inside CNN's Washington bureau which attracted the ire of the president on Monday.

15/10/19 21:14

Donald Trump lashed out at the impeachment inquiry against him as George Kent, a career diplomat, prepared to testify behind closed doors to lawmakers investigating the president.

16/10/19 09:37

The film follows the sexual misconduct scandals surrounding late Fox News founder Roger Ailes and sees Kidman transform into anchor Gretchen Carlson. Kidman plays Megyn Kelly.

15/10/19 19:20

Gordon Sondland, the U.S. Ambassador to the EU, will testify this week that President Trump told him it was up to Rudy Giuliani to approve a meeting between Trump and Ukraine's president.

15/10/19 21:11

Senator Kamala Harris claimed President Trump has already admitted to the necessary 'high crimes and misdemeanors' outlined in the Constitution to see him removed from office.

15/10/19 13:02

A former CNN technician sensationally claimed the network's president, Jeff Zucker, operated on a deeply-embedded bias and was determined to bring down the Trump administration.

15/10/19 14:16

American troops ordered to withdraw from their positions around the Kurdish-held city of Kobane on Monday were filmed driving past Syrian government troops going the other way.

15/10/19 04:33

Ronan Farrow writes that the National Enquirer began to target him, citing a story about his pedophile uncle who is in prison for molesting two boys for close to a decade as an example.

14/10/19 23:42

Trump said he isn't familiar with two businessmen who were arrested last week in connection to the Ukraine scandal, but it was revealed Monday that he met one of them before he began campaigning.

15/10/19 07:45

Cary Poarch gave an interview to Project Veritas along with secretly recorded video tapes from inside CNN's Washington bureau which he says proves his claim that the company is biased.

15/10/19 07:18

Donald Trump phoned Recep Tayyip Erdogan and demanded an immediate end to Turkey's invasion of northern Syria, vice president Mike Pence claimed.

14/10/19 22:03

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg met with conservatives journalists for secret talks after President Donald Trump threatened to sue and break up the social media platform.

14/10/19 22:47

Donald Trump's attempt to bring Trey Gowdy on board to lead his impeachment defense appears to be dead in the water after being stymied by lobbying regulations and intra-staff bickering. 

14/10/19 20:18

Comedian Kathy Griffin has slammed the Trumpsman parody video that shows him on a killing spree and depicts her getting beheaded by CNN.

14/10/19 20:23

The majority of Democrats in early voting states want to see Trump in prison. In Iowa 53% of respondent want Trump imprisoned, and another 50% in New Hampshire. In South Carolina, 54% agreed.

14/10/19 18:21

Donald Trump on Monday accused Democrats of coaching the whistle-blower to get the details of his call with the Ukrainian president wrong and again demands the identity of the person to be revealed.

14/10/19 18:37

Cruz was asked on CBS Face the Nation if Trump should have said China should probe the Biden and said: 'It's not the business of foreign countries to be interfering in our elections.'

14/10/19 20:07

Donald Trump Jr. condemns a 'disgusting and graphic' spoof video depicting President Trump shooting his political rivals, a spokesperson for the president's son told on Monday.

14/10/19 18:23

Donald Trump 'strongly condemns' a violent video that showed him massacring a group of journalists and political opponents inside a 'church of fake news,' according to his spokesperson

14/10/19 13:46

For President Trump to now throw the Kurds to the Turkish wolves is an unforgivable act of treachery that may have very serious ramifications for the security of the United States.

14/10/19 18:48

Hunter Biden will appear on ABC's 'Good Morning America' Tuesday in an interview where 'no questions were off limits' as Donald Trump tweets he'll be asked 'only softball questions.'

14/10/19 12:36

The ban on private dollars, reminiscent of Biden's first days as a Senator nearly 50 years ago, comes as he has been lambasted by Democrat rivals for his leaning on lucrative fundraising events.