UK General Election 2019

Last updated: 14:47 GMT, 6 December 2019


Channel 4 smear Boris Johnson with fake racist subtitles in new bias row: Broadcaster apologises for incorrect text that claimed PM said 'people of colour' while discussing immigration - when he actually said TALENT 

06/12/19 14:47

06/12/19 14:33

Michael Gove gave out the No10 phone number live on radio as he was pushed over whether the PM is running scared of the interview.

06/12/19 01:12

All the main leaders apart from Tory Mr Johnson have now taken part in the half-hour BBC One inquisition, with critics suggested he is scared of making an election-losing gaffe.

05/12/19 17:24

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were joined by the Prime Minister for a pre-election grilling on This Morning, just days after an explosive showdown with Jeremy Corbyn.

05/12/19 16:23

Following an interview on ITV's This Morning, the Prime Minister used what appeared to be a Huawei P20 to take a selfie with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

05/12/19 15:32

Ms Swinson, who was a minister in the coalition government, said cuts had gone too far in a grilling from forensic BBC interviewer Andrew Neil.

05/12/19 15:13

The dramatic resignations are set to be announced with just a week to go before polling day - and just before Nigel Farage records a high-profile interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil.

05/12/19 15:05

Boris Johnson and the Tories have a 10 point poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party with the general election now just one week away.

05/12/19 15:00

Appearing on ITV's This Morning, Boris Johnson appealed for voters to give him a majority on December 12 so the country can 'move on'.

05/12/19 01:30

Labour's bible, the New Statesman magazine, has refused to endorse Jeremy Corbyn at the general election as it branded him 'unfit to be prime minister'.

04/12/19 21:25

The Labour leader (pictured) was asked by Julie Etchingham if he sits down with his family to watch the monarch's annual 3pm address, but failed to give a clear answer when pressed.

04/12/19 16:19

Meteorologists at the Met Office have predicted that a wintry spell will arrive for election week, covering the UK in frost and seeing temperatures plunge to sub-zero in some areas.

04/12/19 16:01

Video footage has emerged of the shadow chancellor promising the RMT union, which is behind the South Western Railway strikes, that they would be 'key advisers' on transport policy.

04/12/19 08:31

The opposition leader apologised in a bad-tempered exchange live on This Morning after being pressed by host Philip Schofield.

03/12/19 16:20

Boris Johnson and the Tories hold a 12 point poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party with the general election now just nine days away.

03/12/19 15:19

Ofcom said the prop 'was not a representation of the Prime Minister personally', and that 'little editorial focus was given to it'. The regulator rejected the Conservatives' complaint.

03/12/19 14:07

Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday to stay out of the United Kingdom's upcoming election and then cited Republican losses in Kentucky and Louisiana as proof of his ability to win contests.

03/12/19 10:03

A video posted on the Labour leader's Twitter feed shows flowers beside the roadsign in the capital, to a soundtrack of Jeremy Corbyn condemning Western wars and emotional music.

02/12/19 21:17

Boris Johnson and the Tories' lead over Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party has dipped to nine points in a new poll as Lib Dem support has been squeezed.

02/12/19 19:15

Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised after he posted a 'chilling' Labour election video expressing the party's support for minority groups which makes no mention of the UK's Jewish community.

02/12/19 18:53

In its latest election giveaway, Labour unveiled plans to nationalise train operators alongside swathes of the UK economy, and cut season ticket fares.

02/12/19 14:58

Nicola Sturgeon made clear the SNP should be directly represented in the renegotiation Labour says it would launch with the EU.

30/11/19 01:58

In an interview with Tehran-backed channel Press TV - since banned from operating in the UK - he attacks the British broadcaster's coverage of issues in the Middle East.

28/11/19 23:48

Betting markets on crucial Leave-leaning Northern and Midlands seats show punters are increasingly convinced that they will fall to the Tories on December 12.

28/11/19 19:09

Jeremy Corbyn was left desperately scrambling to change tactics after the huge YouGov analysis revealed Northern voters have been abandoning the Labour leader in droves.

27/11/19 20:40

Jeremy Corbyn staged a stunt claiming to reveal sensitive documents about US-UK trade talks, after he was left reeling by Britain's chief rabbi saying he is not fit to become PM.

26/11/19 20:46

While on stage in north London at lunchtime he was flanked by potential MPs Claudia Webbe and Apsana Begum, who have both been involved in anti-Semitism crises in the party.

26/11/19 18:16

Jeremy Corbyn ducked questions on Labour's anti-Semitism crisis today after Britain's chief rabbi warned he is not fit to be PM.

25/11/19 18:47

The three-term prime minister attacked both the opposition leader and Boris Johnson, praising tactical voting and saying neither deserved a majority on December 12.

25/11/19 18:15

James Wilder, who is standing in the safe Conservative seat of Newbury, was gushing over the Prime Minister in a series of unearthed Facebook posts.

21/11/19 20:36

Google will stop giving advertisers the ability to target election ads using data such as public voter records and general political affiliations, the company said in a blog post on Wednesday.

21/11/19 17:12

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of plotting to take a 'sledgehammer to the UK economy' after unveiling an extraordinary hard-Left manifesto, vowing to tear up the 'political establishment'.

21/11/19 16:15

Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a fresh blow to his hopes of becoming the next prime minister after a poll found voters are deeply sceptical he would be able deliver on his headline promises.

21/11/19 16:12

Labour has hinted it could scrap toll charges for river crossings in England, including the busiest of all, the Dartford Crossing. Some 160,000 vehicles a day use it to cross between Kent and Essex.

21/11/19 16:00

Labour today hinted it would keep freedom of movement even if the UK leaves the European Union as Jeremy Corbyn again refused to say whether he was for or against Brexit.

21/11/19 15:16

Royal Mail could receive a £30million windfall from the General Election as the increasingly bitter battle between the political parties continues to escalate.

13/11/19 09:23

Former Tory Cabinet minister David Gauke has announced he will stand at the general election as an independent candidate as he warned a Conservative government would be a 'bad outcome' for the UK.

12/11/19 14:23

First there was Workington Man. Now he has been superseded by the latest version of homo politicus... Walsall Man.

12/11/19 12:15

A furious Brexit Party MEP has revealed she will not vote at the general election after Nigel Farage decided to stand aside in 317 seats on December 12 to give the Tories a clear run.

12/11/19 08:21

He announced the party will fight for seats held by Labour and other Remainer MPs. But while helping secure the Tory base vote, it may hamper them where they finished a close second in 2017.

11/11/19 15:36

Sajid Javid is expected to snub a request from Channel 4 to take part in a general election debate with John McDonnell.

08/11/19 07:51

Danny Chambers, who is standing in North Cornwall, appeared to mock dyslexic sufferers in a recently unearthed 2011 tweet.

07/11/19 20:59

Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice today announced he will contest the 2019 general election as he revealed he will stand in the pro-Leave seat of Hartlepool.

05/11/19 21:37

Philip Hammond today announced he is quitting as an MP. The four MPs trying to cling on to their seats are Dominic Grieve, Sam Gyimah, Anne Milton and Antoinette Sandbach.

05/11/19 15:31

Boris Johnson held his final weekly Cabinet meeting before the general election today as the Prime Minister issued a rallying call to his top ministers.

04/11/19 18:06

The veteran presenter will be at the helm during the overnight programming on December 12, following in the footsteps of the long-serving David Dimbleby.

04/11/19 01:16

Ross Thomson has said he will not be the Conservative candidate for Abderdeen South. He was accused last night of groping Labour MP Paul Sweeney at Strangers' Bar in Westminster.

01/11/19 17:34

The SNP leader said she wants Scots to 'demonstrate the desire' for independence by voting for her party, adding that opposition to another referendum is not sustainable.

01/11/19 09:38

Turmoil in Westminster, dominated by uncertainty over Brexit, has buffeted currency markets. But the pound has ended the month on top, rising 5.5 per cent against the US dollar.

01/11/19 01:50

Corbyn suffered three election blows as Labour's Jewish affiliate refused to back him, Nicola Sturgeon branded him 'useless' and the BBC slapped down a complaint about their Panorama exposé.

31/10/19 09:47

This is the windswept coast of West Cumbria, muscular rugby league territory, and there is little time for snowflake metropolitan sensitivities, not least on Brexit, writes NEIL TWEEDIE.

30/10/19 23:57

The one-page Bill, which has already been passed by the Commons, received an unopposed second reading by peers. Pictured is Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

30/10/19 21:35

Fed-up voters used the Twitter hashtag #bahhumbug to moan about the political clash coming in midst of Christmas parties and school nativity plays.

30/10/19 07:27

These are 10 of the key battleground seats which are likely to determine the UK's Brexit fate at the next general election.

30/10/19 00:00

PHILIP COWLEY: When election expert Sir David Butler was asked recently about his 70 years' experience of polls, he said he was glad he was no longer analysing them today.