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Last updated: 16:38 BST, 18 September 2019

Dancer Elena Smith was left devastated after she was fired just a week into her new job at a hotel in Marrakesh for being 'too fat'. She said she was urged to lose weight by her manager.

Partial results from Israel's election showed Netanyahu's Likud party and rival Benny Gantz's Blue and White party deadlocked on 32 seats each, with neither having a clear path to government.

A fire at an Islamic school in Liberia has killed at least 27 children, police said on Wednesday. The fire started late on Tuesday in the suburbs of the capital Monrovia.

Pregnant mother is hacked to death in her bed

Karen Turner, 31, was asleep with her husband Matthew (left), 33, and their toddler son Hayden (right with his parents) when the family was attacked at the Hluleka Nature Reserve (inset) on the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape. It is believed school teacher Karen - who was three months pregnant - died almost instantly in a hail of knife blows as her husband Matthew, who was stabbed several times, chased off the two attackers.

Pregnant bride dies from a stroke minutes before reaching the altar in Brazil... leaving groom a single father to newborn daughter delivered by emergency caesarean 

Nurse Jessica Guedes (left), 30, was six months pregnant and apparently healthy when she began to feel ill while in the limo on the way to the church for her wedding. At first her family thought she was suffering from anxiety about the ceremony in São Paulo after she complained of feeling dizzy with pains in her neck. But she had undiagnosed preeclampsia and died from a stroke minutes before reaching the altar. Her fiancé, firefighter Lieutenant Flavio Gonçalvez (inset with his fiancée), 31, was already waiting at the altar when she collapsed. He was left a single father to their newborn daughter who was delivered by emergency caesarean (right in the hospital).

Yuri Funato, 27, was handed an eight year sentence at Tokyo District Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to the parental neglect which led to the death of her daughter Yua.

A missing Dutch man was found dead in a drainage ditch in Alicante after the worst storms for 140 years hit Spain - taking the death toll to seven. It is thought he was out walking when he was swept into a canal.

A nationwide revolt has begun in Switzerland over the next-generation of mobile technology, despite it being among one of the first to start deploying 5G. Some fear antennas cause dangerous radiation.

U2 bassist Adam Clayton says he is 'looking forward to bringing a dash of Dublin to Mumbai'

Irish rockers U2 have announced they are to play their first ever concert in India, wrapping up the band's Joshua Tree Tour 2019 in the coastal megacity of Mumbai.

Iran warns America that its response to any military strike will be 'strong and crushing'

Colonel Turki al-Malki, of the Saudi Ministry of Defence, said similarities between weapons used on its oil facilities at the weekend and previous Iranian attacks proves they are responsible.

Two starving former circus lions seen looking emaciated in their enclosure in Chinese zoo

The emaciated male and female lions at the Liaoyang Zoo in China's north-eastern province of Liaoning are thought to have been bought from a circus supplier. Members of the public become concerned about the badly malnourished and bony big cats' potential mistreatment at the hands of the animals' keepers. Pictures taken from the enclosure show the apparently skin-and-bone lions lying on the grass of their outdoor enclosure, while other images show the emaciated male looking extremely thin with its rib-cage clearly visible (pictured). The concerning images have been seen more than 25 million times online. A zoo spokesman denied that they had been mistreating the big cats and insisted they were in the process of nursing them back to full health.

In a letter to the 800,000 Poles who currently live in the UK, Arkady Rzegocki said Poland 'regrets' Britain's departure from the European Union, which is due to take place on October 31.

India announced a ban on the import, sale and production of e-cigarettes on Wednesday, a day after New York became the second US state to ban the sale of flavoured products.

Kim Jong-un will likely have 40 nukes by 2020, researchers from Sweden say, around a dozen more than this time last year - meaning he has continued to build them despite talks with the US.

Ecuador's National Assembly has voted against decriminalising abortion in all cases of rape and fetal malformation. The proposal fell five votes short of the 70 required.

Russian accountant dies instantly after dropping her phone into the bath while it was

Evgenia Shulyatyeva, 26 (left and right), was found dead in the bathtub of her apartment in Kirovo-Chepetsk, around 500 miles from Moscow, alongside her phone which was plugged into its charger. Mother Vera, 53 (inset), discovered her body in the water after rushing to the apartment when she was unable to reach her daughter on the phone. Investigators say Evgenia, an accountant, was 'killed instantly' by electrocution after the phone 'slipped' and landed in the water. They say it is not clear whether she was using the device at the time.