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JAMES PATTERSON's true-life probe into the shocking behaviour of Jeffrey Epstein

James Patterson, one of the world's most successful authors whose novels regularly top the best-seller charts, happens to live half a mile from Jeffrey Epstein's home in Palm Beach, Florida. Over the years he had become fascinated and appalled in equal measure by Epstein and determined to investigate just how and why so many young women found their way to his home on a secluded street. This is the deeply disturbing story of what he discovered.

Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers are not satisfied with the coroner's ruling that he committed

Martin G. Weinberg (inset), Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller released a statement blasting the Metropolitan Correctional Center's 'medieval conditions' that Jeffrey Epstein spent his final hours in. They announced on Friday that they would be launching their own 'independent and complete investigation' into Epstein's death. A medical examiner's office said on Friday that an autopsy and other evidence confirmed the 66-year-old hanged himself in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan last week. 'His safety was the responsibility of the MCC,' the lawyers said in a statement. 'It is indisputable that the authorities violated their own protocol.'

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Trump tweeted Friday about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'Like it or not, Tlaib and Omar are fast becoming the face of the Democrat Party. Cortez (AOC) is fuming, not happy about this!'

Donald Trump had a conference call Wednesday with the CEOs of America's largest lenders while the stock market was in a free fall.

A Fox News poll found Donald Trump losing the presidential election to the top four Democratic contenders - Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris.

More than 700 strangers line up for hours for the funeral of a mother, 63, who was shot and killed in the El Paso Walmart massacre after her husband made a public plea for people to show up because he has no family

The mourners braved 100-degree heat Friday to stand outside of the La Paz Faith Center to honor 63-year-old Margie Reckard. She was one of 22 people killed by a gunman who opened fire at a Walmart in the city earlier this month. Her husband of more than 20 years, Antonio Basco, (main) made a public plea for people to attend his wife's funeral and visitation service. While well-wishers waited, Basco arrived to people shouting blessings in English and Spanish. Before entering the funeral home, someone gave him a gift that appeared to be an El Paso t-shirt. He was then seen going along the line of strangers and hugging many who had traveled to mourn his wife (inset bottom). Bikers (bottom left) lined in front of the church holding American flags. The mass killing was carried out by Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old white man who drove more than nine hours from Dallas to El Paso to carry out the attack. After his arrest, he told police that he was targeting 'Mexicans.'

Tomas Mejia Tol, 42, of Houston, Texas, has been charged with criminally negligent homicide and endangering a child, after his daughter struck and killed a 47-year-old man and his dog.

US Customs system goes DOWN and causes massive delays and long lines at airports

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection's system is back online after crashing on Friday evening and causing massive delays at airports across the country. Earlier on Friday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection revealed on Twitter: 'CBP is experiencing a temporary outage with its processing systems at various air ports of entry & is taking immediate action to address the technology disruption. 'CBP officers continue to process international travelers using alternative procedures until systems are back online. CBP officers are working to process travelers as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest levels of security.'

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' warning against the consumption of coffee, vaping and non-medical marijuana appeared in the August issue of a church youth magazine.

Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at an In-N-Out in Los Angeles

Ghislaine Maxwell was spotted soaking up the sun as she tucked into a burger and fries this week in Los Angeles just days after the shock death of her ex-boyfriend and longtime consort Jeffrey Epstein. The 57-year-old British socialite was photographed sitting outside an In-N-Out fast food restaurant on Wednesday. It is the first time she has been spotted out in the wake of Epstein's suicide in his New York jail cell last weekend where he was awaiting trial for child sex trafficking. Maxwell, who has been accused by some of Epstein's alleged victims of recruiting and facilitating the abuse of young girls, has not been pictured in public since back in 2016.

Monica Lewinsky is pictured after news Jeffrey Epstein owned bizarre painting of Bill

Monica Lewinsky has been pictured for the first time since it was revealed Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of her former lover Bill Clinton dressed in drag hanging inside his New York townhouse. Lewinsky, 46, was pictured meeting friends for dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday night, two days after DailyMailTV broke news of the painting - which appeared to be a pointed reference to her affair with the former president.  The artwork, by Australian-American artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid, shows Clinton in a blue dress - similar to the one that Lewinsky wore during an infamous tryst with the former Commander-in-chief inside the Oval Office. 

Jeffrey Epstein kept a taxidermied tiger and small poodle in home office of his NYC

Photos show a taxidermied tiger in front of the desk of Jeffrey Epstein's home office in his Upper East Side mansion (left). He also had a taxidermied poodle (top right) and a painting from 1905 worth $5.94million (bottom right). Photos show the wood-paneled office also decorated with red-and-black floral rugs, a crystal chandelier, a large bookcase and matching candelabras. The new photos were released just one day after it was revealed Epstein also had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress and red heels in his home. The $77million townhouse is where Epstein allegedly abused underage girls. The FBI raided the home last month on the same night Epstein was arrested and allegedly found child pornography.

Former model Adriana Ross covered her face and started to sob when DailyMail.com approached her for comment outside a Catholic church close to her home in Miami, Florida.

Donald Trump says Tlaib's grandmother is a 'winner' after congresswoman turns down Israel

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to call Rashida Tlaib''s grandmother a 'winner' after the congresswoman said that she wouldn't visit her in the occupied West Bank. 'Rep. Tlaib wrote a letter to Israeli officials desperately wanting to visit her grandmother,' Trump said in his tweet (inset). 'Permission was quickly granted, whereupon Tlaib obnoxiously turned the approval down, a complete setup. The only real winner here is Tlaib's grandmother. She doesn't have to see her now!' Tlaib said on Friday she will not visit her grandmother in the occupied West Bank after Israel granted her entry into the country, arguing it would stand 'against everything I believe in.' Her rejection of Israel's offer comes after the government agreed to allow the Muslim lawmaker entry if she vowed not to promote the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement - a boycott Israel movement.

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday from his working vacation in New Jersey: 'Having dinner tonight with Tim Cook of Apple. They will be spending vast sums of money in the US Great!'

Obama advised Biden, 74, that he didn't 'have to' run before his 2020 presidential bid

The comments came from former president Obama (right) earlier this year according to the New York Times. Obama allegedly told him 'You don't have to do this, Joe, you really don't.' To which he responded that he could not forgive himself if he turned down a second shot to beat Trump. The newspaper claims Biden was 'quietly pressured' against running in the 2016 president race by Obama, who favored then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 'I regret it every day,' Biden said of his decision not to run but added it was 'the right decision' for his family, in an interview earlier this year.

The White House and State Department are pressuring governments in Europe to take back thousands of jihadis and their brides captured when ISIS collapsed - and having no success.

The internet has been flooded with hilarious memes, after it was revealed President Donald Trump is eyeing up the island of Greenland.

Peter Fonda dead at 79: Star of 1960s classic Easy Rider passes away after a battle with

Peter Fonda has died at 79, after suffering respiratory failure from lung cancer, People reported Friday.  The actor, best known for his role in 1969 film Easy Rider, died in the morning at his California home and referring to the iconic movie he co-wrote and starred in, his family asked the world to 'raise a glass to freedom'. Peter was the younger brother of actress Jane Fonda and son of Henry Fonda and he is survived by his wife Margaret DeVogelere. 

Brother of man who put rice cookers in NYC station says 'he's not a bomber. It's a cry for

Larry Kenton Griffin II (left, 26, of Bruno, West Virginia, was caught on surveillance footage pushing a shopping cart that contained a number of rice cookers into Fulton Street station in downtown Manhattan. Jason Griffin (left), Larry's brother, explained to DailyMail.com that his brother is homeless and mentally ill and believes his actions may have been 'a cry for help'. 

Horrifying footage shows a mom running ahead of her helpless 18-month-old son just moments before he was run over and killed in the middle of a parking lot 

An 18-year-old Texas mom has been charged with endangering a child after surveillance video showed her walking across a parking lot, far ahead of her toddler son, who died after being run over by a car. Authorities said mom-of-two Gissel Vazquez, 18, of Houston, Texas, was charged with felony child endangerment Thursday, after her 18-month-old son, Alan Villeda, was struck by a car and killed on Wednesday afternoon. Surveillance video of the incident shows Vazquez walking through a parking lot, cradling her two-month-old daughter in her arms. She is almost clear across the parking lot when a little boy comes into view. The boy - later identified as Vazquez's three-year-old nephew - runs across the parking lot, following Vazquez, and is just over halfway across when a smaller boy, Alan, comes into view.

William 'Liam' Pierce sued Louisiana's Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal (left) and two department captains in 2017, saying they violated the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

Award-winning TV reporter Nancy Parker dies in a plane crash

WVUE-TV confirms that Nancy Parker, a reporter and anchor at the television station for 23 years, was killed in the crash near Lakefront Airport, which accommodates smaller aircraft. Authorities didn't immediately release the victims' names. The station said the 53-year-old journalist was shooting a story in a stunt plane when it crashed. A Federal Aviation Administration statement said the plane was a 1983 Pitts S-2B aircraft that crashed in an empty field about a half-mile south of the airport, which accommodates smaller aircraft, under unknown circumstances. That model aircraft is a biplane. New Orleans Homeland Security Director Collin Arnold told reporters the plane crashed about 3 p, causing a fire.

NASCAR is investigating claims of homophobic comments said over a team's radio during a recent Truck Series race in Tennessee following an on-track dispute between two drivers.

Todd Chrisley posts about 'attention seekers' and calls the week a 'distraction' after

Todd Chrisley is not staying silent in the wake of he and his wife's indictment for financial crimes, as well as brewing family drama with estranged daughter Lindsie Chrisley. The reality star took to social media with an inspirational quote and lengthy message which included cryptic lines about 'attention seekers' and also called the events of the week a 'distraction,' in a post late Thursday night. Todd, 51, and his wife Julie, 48, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to a 12-count federal indictment that accused the couple of tax evasion, conspiracy, bank fraud and wire fraud.

Dr Lauren McKeown, from Dublin, shared the cringey exchange in a now-viral Twitter post. The planetary scientist, who once worked for NASA, was asked by dating app match 'Mikey' if she was 'the receptionist'.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama will serve as HQ for a program to build a spacecraft to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024.

Greta Thunberg's Atlantic trip in 'zero-carbon yacht' may generate more emissions than it

On Wednesday, the Swedish eco-campaigner (left) left Plymouth on the Malizia II (inset) for a two-week journey to the United Nations headquarters where she will address a climate change meeting. But last night, it was confirmed that two crew will have to fly to the US east coast city to man the 60ft yacht on its return. And a further two sailors (Boris Herrmann, left, and Pierre Casiraghi (middle) who are currently on board the Malizia II with Greta may use air travel to get back to Europe.

A judge awarded Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis joint custody of the two young children she shares with Thomas Ravenel, in the latest legal battle between the former couple.

Scientists from the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation in Milan tested the diet on migraine sufferers. It is loved by Hollywood's resident 'health guru' Gwyneth Paltrow and Bond girl Halle Berry.

How a young and 'arrogant' Meryl Streep became the most decorated actress in history 

Meryl Streep is one of the most celebrated actresses of the past four decades, with 21 Academy Award nominations, three wins and has starred in over 60 feature films. Author Erin Carlson writes of Streep's rise to stardom in Queen Meryl: The Iconic Roles, Heroic Deeds and Legendary Life of Meryl Streep out September 24. Growing up in New Jersey, the author says Meryl's mother Mary instilled a 'preternatural confidence' in her by telling her 'you can do anything you want' at a young age. The author tells of the starlet's interactions with a crude Dustin Hoffman who introduced himself with a burp and by grabbing her breast. It's also revealed that a tough Meryl was the object of many actors' affection including Jack Nicholson, whom she rejected. Streep, 70, describes herself growing up in New Jersey as 'an ugly little kid with a big mouth, an obnoxious showoff'. But it was her sharp personality that carried her through the politics of acting at Vassar College, then Yale and through Hollywood.

Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron were snapped stocking up on booze in Long Lake - a small town in upstate New York on Friday. They were seen on Thursday at a Starbucks in Lake George.

Former educator Christina Lester along with June Yurish and Kristin Douty have been charged with failing to report abuse or neglect at Berkeley Heights Elementary in Martinsburg, Virginia.

New mother was told to 'lose weight' to clear up a health symptom before being diagnosed

Jen Curran, 38, from Los Angeles, shared her story in a lengthy Twitter thread on Monday, explaining getting a second opinion may have saved her life. The new mom, who was diagnosed with preeclampsia during her second trimester (right), said her OBGYN was concerned about the high level of protein in her urine. After she welcomed her daughter Rose in February (left), she went to see a kidney doctor per her OBGYN's recommendation. Jen was told to lose weight and come back in four months, but her gut told her something else was wrong. After seeking a second opinion, she learned that she has bone marrow cancer. Jen is pictured with her husband Kevin (inset).

A Russian Air Force jet has been flying into the skies on what appears to be a surveillance mission of key strategic defense assets in the United States of America.

A Canadian mother shared a text message exchange she had with another mother in her son's playgroup. She said on Reddit that her toddler wore a shirt with a game controller and a cute pun.

Student, 22, is shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend after he snuck into her apartment

Rigoberto Galvan, 22, (inset) is said to have climbed through his ex's Bellingham apartment before fatally shooting Stephanie Brenner-Cresswell. Brenner-Cresswell was set to graduate from Western Washington University in December. The 22-year-old aspired to be a physician's assistant.

The company will discontinue its policy of allowing copyright owners to share in the ad revenue of creators video clips that contain unintentional and 'very short' clips of copyrighted music.

A 17-year-old Girl in India had a mass growing on her abdomen for five years. A BMJ case report reveals she's the first woman known to carry a 'teratoma' or malformed twin to her near-adult age.

Vomiting and defecating black vultures overrun a New York couple's $700k Florida vacation home - and leave it smelling like 'a thousand rotting corpses'

A New York couple's luxurious Florida vacation home has been overrun by dozens of black vultures that have been vomiting and defecating everywhere. Siobhan and Anthony Casimano (inset) bought their $700,000 vacation home in the Ibis Golf and Country Club in Palm Beach four months ago but claim they can no longer visit because it smells so bad. The family say the vultures have destroyed their screened enclosures, overtaken the pool and dented their cars with their beaks.

Cyber criminals may have access to millions of people's online login details, security researchers at Google's Mountain View, California, headquarters suggests.

The findings came in a study released on Wednesday by the Economic Policy Institute, which argued that 'exorbitant CEO pay is a major contributor to rising inequality.'

Tyson issued a recall of its pre-cooked chicken patties yesterday after receiving reports that consumer found what looked like pieces of metal in their food, posing a potential chocking hazard.

The new filter will sort messages that 'may contain offensive content' into a separate inbox called 'additional messages' that users will have to click through manually.

Lucky strike! Shocking moment LIGHTNING strikes a man's umbrella and knocks it out of his hand during a vicious storm - but he somehow escapes unhurt

This is the shocking moment lightning strikes in South Carolina, jolting a man so much he drops his umbrella (right). Romulus McNeill (inset)l is seen on video walking through a rainstorm around the Academy for Technology and Academics near Conway and shelters himself from the rain. Seconds into the film, McNeill is seen swinging keys in his right hand as he heads to his car, and the bolt of electricity causes him to drop the canopy.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor, 31, is expected to appear at Dublin District court in mid-October. He is set to be charged with assaulting a man at the Marble Arch pub in Drimnagh in April.

Shocking moment angry boyfriend opens fire on men who catcalled his girlfriend at a Texas gas station, leaving two injured

Police in Houston are looking for the driver of a black Dodge Charger who was caught on video opening fire in the parking lot of a Chevron gas station Wednesday after his girlfriend got catcalled and whistled at by two men. The gunman shot the men in the legs during an argument before feeling the scene.

Gunfire erupted on Thursday evening near the Alabama University Campus in Montgomery, ASU senior Jacquez Hall, 21 (left) and Justin Martin, 24, dead and three others injured.

Mary Staud, 25, of Texas, was horrified when a tampon got stuck inside her. Four years later, she tried to consummate her marriage to James, 26. But her vagina felt like a 'brick wall' due to vaginismus.

Chinese security forces prepare to use terrifying giant forks that give electric shocks on Hong Kong protesters

Chinese security forces have been photographed preparing to use giant electric forks against protesters in Hong Kong (left and right). Police and soldiers were seen practising using the weapon, which can cause burns and puncture wounds, on a mock protester in images released by Chinese state media at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre, just 4.5 miles from the border with Hong Kong. The city is bracing for another weekend of rallies and demonstrations after activists closed the global financial hub's airport earlier this week. China has said that it can hit the region in 'ten minutes' after amassing hundreds of tanks and soldiers on the border, while the US has warned Beijing against sending troops into the former British colony. (Pictured inset: Chinese soldiers in formation).


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Couple faked the birth and death of their baby to scam gifts and donations

A Pennsylvania couple has been accused of faking the birth and death of their baby in order to dupe their family and friends into giving them more than $600 in donations and gifts. Kaycee, 23, and Geoffrey Lang, 27, (pictured) were both charged on Thursday with theft by deception and receiving stolen property after details of their elaborate scheme emerged.  Police said Kaycee faked being pregnant, shared photos on Facebook of her growing baby bump and revealed they were having a boy. The couple revealed to family and friends on July 3 that their son, Easton Walt Lang, had been born and they even posted a photo on Facebook of the baby (inset). Police have since revealed they found a doll in the couple's home that is identical to the photo.

Anwar Ghazali, 29, was convicted of second-degree murder on Thursday over the shooting death of teenager Dorian Harris in Memphis last year.

Chaos ensued when a security guard fired shoots at a shopping mall in Los Angeles after a man wielding a knife approached him. TV footage showed a man being led away in cuffs.

Research shows a kimchi drink sold in South Korea helps thicken existing hairs and in some cases new hairs grew within weeks. The dish consists of cabbage, onions, garlic, fish sauce and spices.

Atmospheric scientist Joshua Coup of Rutgers University in New Jersey and colleagues simulated how the climate would respond to all-out nuclear war using a cutting-edge atmospheric model.

Cops claim Ty Kelley, 55, stuffed the bottle of $6.98 Barefoot brand Riesling down the front of his pants while he was inside a franchise in Pinelas Park on Wednesday.

Fights break out on Delta flight after EIGHT HOUR delay on tarmac at New York's JFK airport - as passengers say they weren't given food or water

Delta Airlines Flight 2385 to Miami was scheduled to take off from JFK airport on Thursday at 3.50pm but didn't end up leaving until 11.30pm. The airline said the delays were due to weather on both ends. Passengers said they were forced to remain on the plane the entire time and claim they were given no food and little water. Police officers were eventually called on board when two agitated passengers started fighting. Footage on social media shows frustrated passengers screaming at airline crew and police.

Father William J. O'Malley has been accused of sexually abusing one of his victims when he was a teacher at a Jesuit high school in New York in the 80s. He starred in The Exorcist.

Four Loko launches hard seltzer with 14 per cent alcohol, pictured. The infamous alcohol energy brand, the original formula of which was banned in 2010, is vying to become the go-to hard seltzer.

Hilarious photographs capture the pulse-raising moments ahead of some of the most painful

For these unfortunate internet users, their seconds of alarm were caught on camera ahead of some of the most seemingly painful accidents. Here, FEMAIL picks out the best examples, collated by Go Social from internet users across the world. Pictured clockwise from top left: A woman, at an undisclosed location, showcases her horror as her scrumptious slice of cheesecake begins to fall from her plate, a nosy feline precariously stands on a shelf full of breakable belongings, a man stands in shock as a gigantic man-made snowball comes barrelling towards him, boy's dive fails to reach his swimming pool, a woodcutter leans his ladder on the tree he's chopping down, and a woman stands at a dangerous angle next to a pool.

Most of the calls were for older kids who intentionally got into adults' legal stashes of medical marijuana - but may have been 'surprised' by the potency, new University of Massachusetts study says.

Evelyn Hernández, who was jailed after her baby died, re-trial begins in El Salvador

Evelyn Hernández, 21, (left outside court today) was given a 30-year jail sentence after her baby boy was found dead in a septic tank in El Savlador in 2016. Today her re-trial started again after it was put on hold in July due to a witness being sick. Hernández (right at the hearing) is one of many women from the Central American country who have been jailed after their babies died. The law dictates up to eight years in prison for women who intentionally terminate a pregnancy and prosecutors frequently upgrade the charges to aggravated homicide. Hernández has always maintained her innocence and claims she had no idea she was pregnant. She said that if she had known she was expecting a child she would have 'awaited it with pride and with joy.' Pictured inset are women holding 'Justice For Evelyn' signs outside the hearing.

University of Maryland environmental scientists say heavy rains washed wastewater and agricultural runoff into the bay and produced oxygen-stealing algae. 

Friday's ruling will allow the Trump administration to begin rejecting asylum applications at only some parts of the U.S.-Mexico border from migrants who arrived after transiting through a third country.

Jarring though the idea may be, the tweet is a re-hash of an idea championed by Musk in the past that proposes using a nuclear weapon to terraform the Red Planet for human habitation.

At least 231 law enforcement agencies across the country have formed business deals with the Amazon-owned doorbell cam producer despite critics' privacy and accountability concerns.

Liam Hemsworth pulls out of Killerman promo event in the wake of split from Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth was scheduled for a press junket and premiere screening of indie action thriller, Killerman (center) in Los Angeles next week, but has pulled out of the gig in the wake of his split from Miley Cyrus. Insiders told DailyMail.com the actor has been 'so rocked' by the break up that he cannot get his head around focusing on work. 'He is not coming to LA for Killerman anymore even though he had told the film executives that he loved the movie and wanted to go full force into promoting it,' the insider told DailyMail.com. Friends of the actor, who has been holed up in Byron Bay, Australia (right) since the split, revealed he can't face heading back to his Los Angeles home with Miley just yet.

India committed in 1999 to not being the first to use nuclear weapons in any conflict. Among India's neighbors China has a similar doctrine but arch rival Pakistan does not.

Donald Trump was at a New Hampshire rally when he spoke out in praise of a lawmaker who called Hillary Clinton 'a piece of garbage' and said she should be 'shot for treason'.

A survey of 1,000 US citizens by underwear maker Tommy John found 45 per cent wear the same pair of undies for two days or longer - with men 2.5 times more likely to go a week without changing.

The 30-year-old woman was taking part in a dive at Montreal's Parachutisme Adrénaline center on Saturday when the near-tragedy unfolded.

Marla Maples celebrates Jewish Valentine's Day in New York with her daughter Tiffany Trump

Marla, 55, took to Instagram Stories on Thursday evening to share a photo of herself with Tiffany, 25, at a New York restaurant with skyline views of the city (left). The mom also posted an image of the city lit up at night with the full moon in the background, explaining that Thursday evening was the start of Tu B'Av, a minor Jewish holiday associated with love that's similar to Valentine's Day. The former Dancing With the Stars contestant is uniquely spiritual, and in addition to going to church, she keeps Shabbat and studies Kabbalah. Marla was in London before she reunited with her daughter, whom she spent two weeks with on the Spanish island of Mallorca earlier this month (right).

Capt Thomas Woodworth, 53, an official at the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, Rhode Island, stepped down Friday amid investigations into Wednesday's incident.

They say carrots help you see in the dark, chicken soup cures colds and chocolate causes spots. Two UK-based GPs discuss just how true the most popular old wives' tales are.

Princess Christina, 72, died this morning, after a battle with bone cancer. King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Princess Beatrix announced that she passed away this morning.

An autopsy report released on Thursday revealed Colorado Springs officers fatally shot 19-year-old De'Von Bailey three times in the back and once in the right arm on August 3.

Kim Jong Un applauds as generals talk him through North Korea firing two more 'nightmare

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (pictured main) smiled and clapped as his country fired two short-range ballistic missiles (inset) on Friday. South Korean military said the projectiles were fired from near the city of Tongchon of Kangwon Province into the East Sea. Pictures released by state media KCNA show generals applauding the launch and smiling at Kim. South Korea said the projectiles were fired to extend a recent streak of weapons tests believed to be aimed at pressuring Washington and Seoul over slow nuclear diplomacy. Stephen Biegun, the U.S. special envoy for North Korea will travel to Japan and South Korea next week to coordinate efforts to secure the denuclearization of North Korea.

U.S. Navy pilots luckily avoided injury when two jets made contact as they practiced a midair run in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday. The jets were performing a Diamond 360 maneuver.

The Sukhoi-made Okhotsk - meaning Hunter - only made its maiden flight this month and Russia boasts it is 'almost undetectable' to Western enemies.

Airport worker is fired for handing passenger a note saying 'You ugly!!!' as he passed through the security screening area

A passenger was shocked when a worker handed him in a note saying, 'You ugly!!!' as he passed through a an airport screening area in New York. Neal Strassner (pictured left, being handed the note), said a worker at Greater Rochester International Airport in Monroe County, New York, gave him the note as he was passing through the security checkpoint. Footage of the incident obtained by Strassner which happened in late June shows the as yet unidentified worker handing him the note and she laughs as he passes by. Strassner looks at her confused and then walks away, as she is seen laughing and speaking to a colleague in the footage obtained by another airport passenger. As he walked towards his gate, he heard the worker yell back at him, 'You going to open the note?.'The airport worker was later fired following an investigation by TSA. Strassner told WROC that he didn't know what to make of the incident.

The Palio di Siena 2019 where riders whip each other 

Racing fans packed the stands in the Piazza del Campo today to watch the second leg of the infamous Italian horse race. The race has been run in the city of Siena since medieval times, with the first formal race being organised in 1633. The Palio first became popular in the 1600s after bullfighting was outlawed.

A spoof on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' has been hit with a $395,000 fine after it used the emergency alert tone three times in a spoof - on the same day that President Donald Trump sent out a test.

The suspect has allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death on the street after he fat-shamed her. The incident took place on Wednesday in the city of Zhumadian in central China's Henan Province.

Mads Brugger, the director of "Cold Case: Hammarskjold," speaks during the 2019 Sundance Film Festival

Mads Brugger set out to investigate the mysterious 1961 plane crash that killed the head of the UN in modern-day Zambia but says he ended up uncovering something vastly more sinister.

Heart-stopping moment two men save a Carnival cruise ship passenger from drowning after her wheelchair rolled off a dock in the Virgin Islands 

A young girl was vacationing with her family aboard a Carnival cruise ship when it docked in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands on Monday morning. The girl, who is disabled, was in her wheelchair on the West Indian Company Dock when it accidentally rolled into the water. Locals Randolph Donovan Jr and Kuntry Hamilton quickly jumped in after her. Donovan Jr put a floating tube around the girl while Hamilton tied a rope around them so they could be pulled up.

Researchers say the vulnerability allows hackers to shorten an encryption key between two Bluetooth devices. From there, hackers can easily brute-force there way into a person's device.

Having been concealed from the limelight for 40 years by the family that owned it - including turning down an offer from the car from the King of Cool himself - the Mustang will be sold at a US auction.

Georgian-born journalist Tina Kandelaki, 43, claims that the boozed-up I Kissed A Girl hitmaker made unwanted sexual advances towards her at a private party.

The winning entries in the 2019 Bird Photographer of the Year competition judged by Chris

Caron Steele, from Worcestershire, has been named Bird Photographer of the Year 2019 for a jaw-dropping image of a Dalmatian pelican taken on a frozen lake in Greece entitled Dancing on Ice (main). Bird Photographer of the Year Director and Competition Organiser Rob Read said 'it had me leaping from my chair with joy the moment I saw it appear on my computer screen'. Lots of other images impressed the judges too - and the very best of them have been compiled into a book, published by William Collins. TV presenter and lead judge Chris Packham said: 'Winning this competition is getting harder. And that's the way it should be because photography is evolving more rapidly than ever.'