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Skegness Stadium, Marsh Lane, Orby, Skegness, Lincs. The track was better known for stockcars, however, the Skegness Braves operated from this stadium in 1997 and 1998.

Unfortunately, the people of Skeggy did not support the Braves in sufficient numbers and there were numerous rain offs which didn't help their cause.  The stadium turned its back on speedway.

John says: From this photo I will say the track dimensions look ideal it was 300 metres which is big enough for me.  Such a pity that Skeggy is not part of the speedway fraternity.

Ex-rider John Mather says: My first team appearance for the Braves was in a challenge match at Hull on 25 March 1997. Skegness went down but both Brett Woodifield and Wayne Carter managed double figures.
Our first home meeting was the Central Engineering Lincolnshire Trophy on 13 April 1997. Brent Werner took home the winners cheque with a 15 point maximum.

1997 Skegness Braves Team

The Braves Number 1
John Wilson
Courtesy of John Mather


Alan Hodkinson's Race Jacket 1998


Skegness Braves'
First Ever Match
Hull v Skegness
The Braves first took to the track in an away fixture at Hull, see above scan.  I notice George English was the Skegness team manager.  George is of course better know as Newcastle Diamonds Promoter and Manager.

Skegness Braves'
First Home Match

Skegness v
Long Eaton

Stockcars 2008


Will the bikes ever return to Skeggy?  Have you any Speedway pictures from Skegness, programmes or badges if so please email me John


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