Joker Vs Watchmen Rorschach


What Watchmen gets right that Joker got wrong

HBO's show doesn't glorify violence for the sake of it.

The Mandalorian
Star Wars' The Mandalorian praised as "incredible"

But it's also got elements of... horror?

Amy Schumer GIF
Netflix is changing up its strategy yet again

And this is what it means.

Justin Chambers as Dr Alex Karev, Grey's Anatomy season 16
Grey's Anatomy signs up Alex Karev's replacement

Who is the new head of Paediatric Surgery?

Eli, Netflix
Why Eli's twist ending doesn't make any sense

Bubble Boy meets Rosemary's Baby.

Family Guy
Family Guy addresses if show will stop making 'gay jokes'

The latest episode pokes fun at the whole thing.

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Azie Tesfai as Kelly Olsen in Supergirl season 4
Supergirl actor discusses working with Stranger Things guest star

"It was the best day of work I've had on this show by far."

Ruby Rose as Batwoman, Elseworlds
Batwoman teases a major Batman villain in latest episode 'Down Down Down'

This show is riddled with exciting references.

Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story
Will Sarah Paulson cameo in American Horror Story 1984?

She's appeared in the anthology series every other time.

Alexis Denisof
Legacies star discusses character's "conflict" with Alaric

The new headmaster is ruffling some feathers.

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad Instagram
Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul almost wasn't Jesse Pinkman

Can you imagine anybody else playing him?

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Batwoman / Kathy Kane, played by Ruby Rose - on The CW
Batwoman boss explains why Hush is the "perfect villain" for the CW show

Batman's old adversary is set to make his entrance.

Breaking Bad
El Camino's Aaron Paul on what made Breaking Bad a massive hit

This is why we all couldn't stop watching it.

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Watchmen TV series: Rorschach gang
Arrow - Jospeh David-Jones