Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
4.895 2010


Minute Order 025957, dated 12/16/1948

From FM 76 via Clint to San Elizario, a distance of approximately 3.7 miles.  (El Paso County)  New Designation.

Minute Order 071374, dated 05/25/1976; Adm. Cir. 051-1976, dated 07/15/1976

From FM 258 at San Elizario eastward and northeastward via Clint to FM 76; and from another point on FM 76, northeastward to IH 10 at Clint interchange, a total distance of approximately 4.9 miles.  (El Paso County)  New description; section from FM 76 northeastward approx. 1.2 miles to IH 10 added.

Minute Order 105686, dated 06/27/1995; DesLtr 03-1995, dated 06/30/1995

From UR 76 northeastward to IH 10, a total distance of approx. 1.208 miles. (El Paso County)  Mileage from UR 258 eastward to UR 76 transferred to UR 1110.