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Pictures on the Prairie:

The First Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Television


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This Month in Mid Illinois Broadcast History

Some Events from the month of July 1962

In early July of 1962, the "All Channel Receiver Bill HR 8031" was cleared for President Kennedy to sign after a voice vote accepted a one-word senate amendment to the measure. The word "adequately" was added saying that all sets shipped into interstate commerce or imported into the US be capable of "adequately" receiving both UHF and VHF signals.

WMBD-TV was granted a UHF translator on channel 71 for LaSalle, IL to rebroadcast Channel 31. The FCC denied the protest of WICS stating that the translator would not compete with WICS, nor would it increase the dominant position of WCIA.

ABC started telecasting color bar test signals on the network feed from New York. Tests are in preparation for color programming in the fall of 1962.

It was ruled by the FCC and the courts that channel 2 would remain in St. Louis to be utilized by KTVI. Springfield would from that day forward be an all UHF market. The FCC admitted that a VHF station in Springfield would become a dominant outlet in the broader market area and would bring about a worsening of the financial situation of UHF stations like WICS and WTVP. Channel 2 would be permantly assigned to St. Louis and KTVI and in the near future Channel 2 would be assigned to Terre Haute, Indiana. The allocation for Springfield would change to channel 26 and 36, changed channel 29 in Jacksonville to channel 49 and channel 36 in the Quad Cities would be changed to channel 68. The action was meaningless as no one ever applied for any of those allocations, except for Midwest's application for channel 49 which would be used in Springfield as a translator for WCIA for years. This decision by the courts would be known as "The Sangamon Case." This story is detailed in "Pictures on the Prairie: The First Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Television" available above.

Videos of the Week

ABC Primetime from Fall of 1961

Here's another compilation of TV shows from the past!  This week, we go back to the fall of 1961. ABC featured 37 shows during prime time that season. Here they are, watch and remember! We would have seen these shows on WTVP, WTVH, and KTVI.

"The Jack Benny Program" from Dec 18, 1962

Here's a complete episode of "The Jack Benny Show" from December 18, 1962. It features guest star Louis Nye (from Steve Allen Show), Mel Blanc, Frank Nelson and even Billy Mumy("Twilight Zone"). This would have been seen on WCIA, WMBD-TV, KHQA-TV, WTHI-TV, and KMOX-TV.

(Videos are from an outside source and may be discontinued at any time)

A Listen into
Mid-Illinois Radio Broadcast History

Future TV Stars on Radio's "Dragnet" 1949

From May 15, 1949, here's an episode of "The Jack Benny Program" as heard on the CBS Radio network as sponsored by "Lucky Strike Cigarettes." In this particular episode, Jack (who was a notorious skinflint) loans his band leader Phil Harris $5000. This hilarious episode also features "Rochester" his valet, Mel Blanc (as his violin teacher), Bea Benaderet (as the reporter), Phil Harris, and his regular cast including Dennis Day, Mary Livingston (Jack 's real-life wife). 

Click on each Graphic/Title Below to go directly to an in depth story of each with pictures/videos of Television's Past

What's New?

May 28, 2019-Another new page has been added featuring some other TV stations in mid-Illinois who would not be considered "heritage" stations. I begin with a spotlight on WJJY-TV, Channel 14 in Jacksonville, IL. Be sure and check out the Other Television Stations page.

June 3, 2019-Added station information about the Histories of WRSP/WCCU and WBUI under the Other Television Stations page. Includes many pictures from the FOX-Champaign, WCCU studios, staff, and activities.

June 8, 2019-Added more pictures and an explanation about radio automation of the late 1960s-80s. More pictures have been added as well as a listing of music format syndicators. Go to Automated Radio Formats. Click here for the Radio Automation systems or here for the Radio Automated Formats. Both are included on the same page.

July 4, 2019-Added a new link for the Draper-Blore Automated Radio format "Olde Golde" as played on an IGM automation system. Thanks to John Fortmeyer for finding it and passing along to me. I thought the format was gone forever. Central Illinois stations WDZ, 1050AM, Decatur and WBNQ, 101.5FM, Bloomington both ran the "Olde Golde" format in the very early 1970s. Listen to a 1972 demo of "Olde Golde" from Draper Blore Radio on Automated Radio Formats.


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