United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD)

 - Class of 1974

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United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 707 of 848
Page 707 of 848

United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 706
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United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 708
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Page 707 text:

BRUCE WESLEY CAVEY YES, there is a place called Kalamazoo. Michi- gan! Jusi ask Bruce Cavey. Coming from Kala- mazoo to Annapolis by way of Columbian Prep School on a Naval Academy Foundation Schol- arship. Bruce was intent on a football career at Navy. This desire was sidetracked by his amaz- ing ability to box. Football and bo.xing divided Bruce ' s athletic time, servmg on the plcbe and varsity football teams (captain of J.V. ' s his sec- ond class year and reaching the boxing linals three years). It all became official second class year when Cavey Kazoo became Brigade heavy- weight champ. Far from being a punch-drunk boxer. Bruce slashed his way through his ana mana major with consistently high CU M ' s. and was a ladies man to boot (until a certain Penn State coed ended that career). Active in the Na- val Academy ' s Officer ' s Christian Fellowship, he received the nickname Brucie. After a good first class cruise on the " boomers " . Bruce will go into the Nuclear Power program when he dons his Ensign boards .... " The only way is Underway " . DAVID PAUL FENZL Ever since he was old enough to say " zoom " up in the North Country of Wauwatosa. Wisconsin. Fenz has wanted to be a Navy piloi. At the Academy he forgot more about the Navv Air than most mids ever learn. The plebe Dave gamed quick fame as company artist, company meal relief champion, and as a major contributor to the prize-winning Army project. His tall, thin frame and southpaw arm made him a fencing natural. He fenced on the plebe and varsity teams in spite of being a complete " rookie " at the sport. An aero major. Dave built up a fantas- tic gravy reser ' oir plebe year wiih near perfect QPR ' s. By the end of second class year, however, the bowl was dry from two years of drought caased mostly by flying after his lady friends tucked away over the countryside. Finally, " the real thing " hit him along about ring dance lime, so now there are Carol and Navy Air bidding for Dave ' s attention. DAVID PAUL FENZL JAMES DERWARD SELMAN. Ill Soon after arriving at Navy in June of " 70. this not-so-tall Texas found that he was one of many lonesome cowboys, a long way from home. Dur- ing plebe year. Jim. more popularly known as J.D.. set the record for chins while braced up. He still prides himself on being able to outdo any plebe alive. Most of his afternoons were spent playing company lightweights or weightlifting. a sport in which he was a Brigade Champ. J.D. ' s greatest accomplishment at Navy was teaching the 27th Company plebes how to sing the " Eyes of Texas. " Jim ' s gungy attitude turned into an unending craving for leave time when a sweel young thing. " Miss D ' Lyle " . lassoed him. On many weekends, while classmates were out on libs. J.D. could be found gazing out the window toward the Lone Star State singing " A Time for Us " or various self-composed love ballads. All of us have one of those days and for Jim it was July 10. 1973. In Jim. the Nav7 will be getting a dedi- cated and hardworking officer with great proni- Lse for the future. JAMES DERWARD SELMAN. I PAUL DOUGLAS DANKS " Hammer " skated from icy Ithaca, New York to the forbidding shores of the Severn and became one of the Founding Fathers of the Annapolis Hockey Club. Through his efl " orts as social direc- tor of Partying Pucksters, he was awarded the Black ' N ' and will long remember those frosty monnings on the red beach. A true connoisseur, the redhead became a living legend at many a spirits dispensary along the East Coast. As a pu- pil of Captain Smoke. Hak-al-Hamur soon mas- tered the intracacies of the 20: 1 cloud. His great- est triumph was undoubtedly the introduction of the " Hammerslammer " to the Navy. All was not merrymaking for Bam-Bam however, and his brief but intoxicating afl ' air with the Massachu- setts Grace Kelly was a truly tragic one. .A scho- lastic standout. Hammer quickly traded in his Dean ' s List starLs for a liberal education, much to the consternation of the administration. After raising his RPM ' s. that most unforgetable char- acter plans on heading west to become a warrior of the fleet. SCOTT GEORGE NICHOLS Scott journeyed from the snowy forests of Supe- rior, Wisconsin to open a little barber shop in the 2nd Wing. The " Thursday night miracle " be- came a thing of the past however, when the drif- ter decided that a little private enterprise was not buying the whole package. Despite some early seriousness toward academics, Nick soon mas- tered the one night " write-as-you-type " term pa- per, and even managed a little last minute ral- lying in DC. before finals. The courageous cripple, always eager to help out his classmates, was known to calmly reply to pleas for a.ssistance by saying. " Go away. I ' m asleep. " A frequent early morning red beach goer. Nick reached his true potential when he woke the Dant with some " mood " music one June Week morning. Scott managed to survive such classic roommates as Tex, Killer. Mac, and " Greg and Bob " , only to meet his downfall with a mud shark on a lonely New Jersey beach. Adhering to his motto of " Far away is the only way, " Nick will set sail for Ja- pan after graduation, in searoH of the real Sur- face Navy. Good by, Nick. SCOTT GEORGE NICHOLS

Page 706 text:

JOHN BRUCE BOYD KM iSSi JOHN BRUCE BOYD Representing the third generation at Annapolis. John got off to a rough start with his home on the far reaches of Captain ' s Row. making it u ugh on his weeltends. But being the sadist he Ls. he brought along his friends to " suffer " through those Sunday afternoon football games. A natural athlete. John was both on the varsity nfle team and on the J.V. ' s in lacrosse. With so much " sail " in his blood. John found his way into the intracacies of good dealdom as a starter on the plebe acolyte squad and as a varsity cheerleader. Famous for clean rooms (Mother B). a yellow " bug " , quarter races at rugby par- ties, innumerable watch squad inspections, and too many girls on the string for his own good, the Surface had better stand by for a real charger. MIt HAI.l. I ' AIRK K C AMI ' Ul 278 DALE HENRY PUGH Coming to USNA from the land of oz, Salina Long I, Kan.sas. Jethro quickly showed his wit and charm by going through 7 roommates in his plebe year. Although he did not drink, smoke, or swear. Jethro could always be counted on at a party to exhibit the highest ideals of the true so- cial blivit. As a member of dumb and bungle. Jeth added new dimensions of imagination, stupidity and controversy. While maintaining a mediocre average as a histroy major, he excelled on the high seas by steering his YP eight miles through a hurricane and into a bell buoy. Al- though an intramural track holder and MVP. Jethro ' s favorite sport is gambling which he par- ticipated in by cheating at cards, making ridicu- lous football bets, and winning the Brigade bi- lliard championship (and much money on the side). Elvis fanatic, " drink-me " pop king, and Ail-American boy. the Marine Corps gels him because the Naw doesn ' t want him. MICHAEL PATRICK CAMPBELL Coming to the Academy from the City of Broth- erly Love. Michael quickly estabbshed himself as the last of the true romantics. With the words ol Fitzgerald and Hemingway, and the " (iatsby Look " provided by his gorgeous Philadelphia tailor, Michael " came, saw and conquered " many a young lovely, only to be thwarted in the end by the poisoned pens of his " friends " I ' hrough his valiant efforts, such little known places as the Tombs, Gallaghers. McNally ' s and legendary Avalon took on n special meaning In Uie hearts of many d Ins J.issiii.Ucs Never let il bc ' said that Michael Ici Ins csunsi%c social life interfere with his prolcssioii.il li.iiniiig. He was always the first to volunteer for bearing-taker on YP ' s and his stellar appearance earned him the Ulle of " Fourth Battalion Cancer Spot. " For this ngorous training, he was rewarded b two terms aboard the " Mighly dalors " . the vanguard of the lighting force. Being an intellectual, he ba- cjme very selective in his .studies, only striving in those courses he considered rclevanl. con- sequently he had an enormous amount of free ume. Upon graduation, the Young Philadel- phian and his faithful Midget will venture to the West coast in search of new horizons. As to his ciireer " ol all the words of tongue and pen. the saddest .ire these it might have been " B.llie(tii ywi jaNi .Diclissyt " titty ! ' aiikeiiCa» «{|il champ. allien jaBMJtiiii alAatay ' s KtMllllHI ' jSCtllKOH KNucltarP iiifl I DALE HENRY PUGH PAl ■N itr " s| ittforbidilii, «otlhtF WeyClib wofPami t witoii WlSdlspt, ?!»( Capiat •• " Hamiiit ■wikniui! Gract| f ' Saido ««PllKO )()U(il AS l)ANk

Page 708 text:

HI KMAN HARMAN CAMP ROBERT LEWIS HOLT Examinations and P,E. tesb were al ihe limes that tried Bob ' s soul, and always he had this con- solation with him; the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. Never one to let grades stand m the way of weekends or a night at Ihe wheel. Boh parti ' ed his way through (our years at Annapolis with this sound philosophy, " Eat. drink, and be merry, for we can catch up at the sixteen weeks. " Bob will be remembered most for the friends he had and the enemies he made. His list of friends reads like a Form 1. His list of enemies resembles a Midshipman Direc- tory. Bob and his Celica are famous for the " Al- bany 400 " with a pit stop to pick up the Young Phil ' adelphian and the Schlitz. Graduation will see this restless spirit seeking romance in the il- limitable skies of Na al Aviation. Bob was more or less one of what we all were. Mere drops in the immense Navy blue conformity of Anna- polis. But you know some of those drops spar- kled. Yes. some of them did and Bob was truly one of these. HERMAN HARMAN CAMP From West Texas rode H.H. Camp, the H.H standing for Herman Harman. but never call this karate jock " Herman! " Famous for being carded for 18 at age 21. under Harman ' s innocent fea- tures lies a latent Seal or Marine. As company demerit champ plebe summer and youngster year, these innocent features hid no angel. Pound for pound. Harman. has the biggest, fast- est appetite in the East (or West). He is famous for his eal-and-run performances at Spanish banquets and Army parties. Numerous round trips to " The Valley " in Pennsylvania marked Harman ' s second and first class years. One of many company foreign affairs majors. Harman could always be counted on for a diplomatic wisecrack. A victim of two " Gator " cruises. Har- man has seen the finest the Navy has to offer, and will head out to join the Fleet and a snake ranch, this June. May his wishes be satisfied by that " Z " with a pretty girl inside. ROBERT LEWIS HOLT RICHARD WILLIAM JOHNSON Jon.se blocked his way from the offensive line of Newton High School near Boston onto the Navy plebe team. An ankle injury and a lack of aca- demic prowess cut his varsity days short, but he still found a spot on the plebe lacrosse team. Af- ter an athletic plebe year. Rich devoted his new- found youngster time to intramurals and his rack. After baiting a poor 1.33. he went lo the big club owners conference on 4-1 escaping as TAD " anchorman " . Figuring on an easier way to make a livi g. Rich cranked out the Herculean efforts of a 2.3 cum second class year. " Junior " year also brought our hero Ihe coveted Black N as an accessory lo Ihe famous hockey caper and stood trial as one of the " Navy Nine " , thus brav- ing the gray halls of 4- 1 in one lifetime more than most. Galavanting from girl to girl and car to car, names like Sherm, Beth. George and Cra .e are milestones in Rich ' s love life. But his lirst love is Navy Air and the Navy will receive a fine pilot in Rich come June ' 74. WILLIAM KENNETH LODGE THOMAS MYERS RATHBONE Tom came to us from State Line. Pennsylvania, a present from Ma Pa Bone of " The Valley. " Duke was a hit plebe year with his John W ayne imita- tions. He also took a hit on the lacrosse field that spnng. A knee operation put the Bone on the in- jured list for Easter leave and the rest of plebe sear, hut a summer of Danish nights and Erika brought him back to Ihe active roster. A long list of short girls fills this mixer cattleman ' s little black book. He will also be remembered for his N.ADS weekends, a ' 58 Edsel. fire team lead- ciNhip. cheerleading. his All-American talents as arsitv-in-season-NCAA-swimming manager, his " thing " for high places, and a certain curse. Since he couldn ' t get a good semi out of Wheel- ing or Memphis. Duke turned down the entire Gator Navy for a snake ranch on the sands of Wakiki. and a short man ' s battleship, the DE- 1045. ■i«lijiiib sis of tin! " fll Lucky B«i siB.Bii « «iilieadfi .(ttterH. KK HARD WILLIAM JOHNSON K R1 HRl ( I l HHIA .

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