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Ft Schuyler NY

The National Defense Reserve Fleet (NRDF), under the custody of MARAD, is an inactive reserve source of basic Merchant design type ships that could be activated within 20 - 120 days to meet the shipping requirements of the United States during national emergencies. These merchant vessels are available for use in both military and non-military emergencies, such as commercial shipping crises. Ships in the NDRF are regionally located at three fleet sites - James River, VA (East Coast), Beaumont, TX (Gulf Coast), and Suisun Bay, CA (West Coast). Naval auxiliaries are maintained at the fleet by MARAD on a retention basis for the Navy. The New York State Maritime College's 17,000 ton, 565 foot training ship, EMPIRE STATE VI, is the best equipped training ship in the nation and visits several foreign ports each summer.

The Easternmost tip of The Bronx supports Fort Schuyler, a landscaped campus with a century-old fortress that houses the New York State University Maritime College. In 1826 the Government purchased the property from a William Bayard, and construction of a fort was begun. Granite blocks were ferried down from Greenwich, Conn., and New England stone masons found employment erecting the thick walls. Irish laborers came in to do the pick-and-shovel work, drive the teams of horses and unload the barges. Other Irish ran the taverns that sprung up in Schuylerville. The fort -- named in honor of General Philip Schuyler of Revolutionary War face -- was completed in 1851, but was not completely garrisoned until the outbreak of the Civil War. Fort Schuyler was once a prison, and it was also McDouglass General Hospital. In 1896, the Coast Artillery was in charge, and during the Spanish American War the fort was the training base of the New York 22nd Regiment of National Guard. It was once again a training center for "doughboys" in World War I.

The New York State Maritime College is located at Ft. Schuyler in the Bronx. The Maritime College is located in the Throggs Neck section of The Bronx in New York City -- a drive over the Throggs Neck Bridge connecting The Bronx and Queens is a drive over the Campus. The SUNY Maritime College provides an education in the areas of Engineering, Naval Architecture, Marine Transportation/Business Administration, Marine Environmental Science, and Humanities.

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