RubberBandits wax lyrical on Limerick brogue

Forget butter — Rubberbandits’ strong Limerick accent cuts through international language barriers at gigs all over the world, Blindboy Boatclub said yesterday.

Launching the Limerick European Capital of Culture 2020 campaign, Blindboy Boatclub said the hip-hop comedy duo’s Limerick-lingo gets through to all nationalities.

“We have been all over the gaff from Moscow to Toronto and down to Australia. They love the accent. The Limerick accent has a very beautiful song to it. It’s like the Cork accent, except the Cork accent has several different melodies in it, but there’s a very soothing monotone to the Limerick accent that people take into their hearts.

“The Limerick accent is very new to a lot of our international audiences. They listen to the words and listen to the lyric of the words you are speaking. It’s the same thing with James Joyce. He wrote from the point of view of a Dublin accent and then suddenly the world listened to English in a new way.”

Blindboy said their rap music is very suited to the Limerick accent.

“Its nasal and that nasal tone lets your voice cut through loud music. A Dublin accent does not sit too well on music, whereas a Limerick accent does. The Limerick is a gorgeous accent. We live in a world with loud noises, loud buses, loud music, but the Limerick accent sits on a frequency like a tambourine which can cut through any noise.”

Blindboy said when at home in Limerick he walks around all the time with the plastic bag over his heard.

“It’s for privacy. People give me alms, like an old Buddist monk. They give me bits of bread. A fella donated a mallard duck to me last week. I have him at home, his name is Lavender. He won’t end up in my oven. I treat that duck with absolute compassion. She will lay eggs and I will dip them in bleach and give my enemies poison duck eggs.”

After all their globe- trotting in recent months, Blindboy said they are now running out of space on Planet Earth.

“We are looking at Mars. We want to become the first act in the world to do a gig on Mars. The problem is if you go up and play a gig on Mars, they can’t get you back. So you could die doing your own gig on Mars. But I think that’s a good way to end. Mars is where it’s at.”



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