Baker Club jewel

THE General Secretary of the Apprentice Boys of Derry, Billy Moore, is among a select number of recipients of the new, and rare, Governor Henry Baker Jewel.

Mr Moore was recognised and honoured by the presentation of a jewel for his work on the museum which is housed within the Memorial Hall, and other recipients include Robin Logan, the current President of the Baker Parent Club a jewel will also be presented to Ronnie McCausland, who is the Lt Governor of the ABOD, and a jew is also to be given to the designer, Jim Wilson at a later date.

It is a rare occasion when the jewels are being given out for services rendered, and the Baker Jewel has a certain exclusivity attached to it in that only a limited number have been made. Indeed, it is the first time that a jewel has been modelled on the crest William III ordered to be made after the Governor's death. The crest symbolises Henry Baker defiantly throwing the last loaf of bread over the ramparts of the city in defiance at the enemy encamped outside the city walls. it is said that as he did so Baker shouted the immortal words 'No Surrender'.

For collectors or members of associated clubs, the new jewel is available from the ABOD internet site, through the Baker Parent Club link at the bottom of the home page.

According to the history books, after Colonel Lundy was brought down Baker was elected Governor of the City and together with George Walker assumed governorship of the beseiged garrison on April 19, 1689. He was described as "a valiant man of war" who was greatly loved and trusted and considered an inspiration to all.

The new jewel has six pieces of history inscribed on the front and three pieces of information on the back. The six historical facts on the front are: The recording of Col Henry Baker as a Governor of the besieged city; the dates '19th Aptril - 30th June 1689' which stands for the time theat Baker was Governor' a second date, '30th June' which was the date that Governor Henry Baker died of fever; the crest itself, which symbolises Governor Baker throwing the last loaf of bread in defiance of the enemy; the words 'No Surrender' which baker is said to have shouted as he threw the bread, and which has become the watchword for the defenders ever since, and, finally, the coat of arms or crest ordered by William III, which was presented to Governor Baker's son.

On the back are: The year the jewel was made; the name of the parent club and the President's name. the signature colour of the jewel is crimson, synonymous with the Apprentice Boys.

So far, the jewel has proven popular not only with members of the Baker Clubs, but with other members of the ABOD as well as collectors.