Medvedev's Media Affairs

Medvedev's Media Affairs

Authored by William Dunkerley

Medvedev's Media Affairs by William Dunkerley presents a factual and insightful analysis of today's Russian media -- newspapers and TV. Dunkerley provides detailed background and makes predictions for the future.

The author metaphorically describes Russian president Dmitry Medvedev's relationship with the Russian media as a story of love on the rocks and an impending breakup. But the intrigue along the way, he says, is a real eye-opener. It includes government enacting laws that sabotaged Russian press freedom, politicians and business tycoons pulling the Russian media strings from behind the scenes, and henchmen planting bogus news stories to deceive the public.

Dunkerley approaches this subject from an analytical perspective. He's got detailed inside information and is willing to share it. The author dissects the underlying Russian media and political systems to explain each new media development. This gives a fact-based glimpse into this fascinating, high-stakes drama. The result is a no-nonsense account like never seen before.

The book is dedicated to the memory of Paul Klebnikov. His work in Russia, according to Dunkerley, "exemplified the kind of consumer-centric journalism that is still so badly needed in the country today."

About the Author: William Dunkerley is a media business analyst and consultant based in New Britain, CT. He works extensively in Russia and other post-communist countries, and has advised governments on matters of press freedom and media sector development. He has written and spoken widely on the topic of Russia's media business.

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