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Newton Notes Archive

In this section we present the complete Newton Notes archive. David MacNeill wrote this column starting in 1993, just after the release of the original Newton MessagePad, to the Newton's sad end in early 1998. We hope you enjoy this archive of columns and reviews about the original PDA and one of the most capable and promising handheld computer ever made.

Apple coined the term "PDA" with the Newton, and though others were busily trying to come up with their own names (PIC, KPDA, connected organizer, etc.) for this entirely new generation of devices, the term PDA came back even after the Newton's untimely death, and it is now universally used to describe handhelds.

So here's to the original MessagePad, the MP100, 110, 120, 130, the eMate, and the awsome MessagePads 2000 and 2100. Here's to a future that could have been. Here's to Apple snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. And here's a big, fat raspberry to Doonesbury cartoonist Trudeau who felt compelled to make fun of the Newton for a full week after it was first introduced. Well done, dude.


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