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About the database

PiCarta is a service of OCLC. With an innovative search-engine you can search, find and request high quality information in a number of integrated databases containing bibliographic records, table of contents data and hyperlinks to full text and webpages.

The databases available to you are defined by your library. Some databases have their own specific user interface. You can use these interfaces by checking on the specific search link, shown behind a database title. Optionally the following databases are included in PiCarta:

Dutch Union Catalogue
Online Contents
Online Contents - NL
Online Contents - General
Online Contents - Biomedical Sciences
Online Contents - Economy
Online Contents - Exact Scineces
Online Contents - Humanistic Sciences
Online Contents - Law
Online Contents - Social Sciences
Online Contents - Applied Sciences
You can start your search in the search bar by typing one or more search terms and click on the search button. Your search will now start. Your search results will be displayed on the screen. Please note that the default search operator is OR. For detailed explanation of the extensive search facilities available, check out the help.