Did A Phone Call Between Aditya-Ritesh Lead To Sultan And Raees' Clash At The Box-Office?

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B-wood industry doesn't mint the money as expected when two big releases clash at the ticket-window. Especially, when it’s one Khan vs the other at the box-office! For quite some time, rumour mills have been abuzz with Sultan and Raees clash this Eid. While Sultan is produced by Aditya Chopra’s YRF and stars Salman KhanRaees has SRK in the lead and is produced by Ritesh Sidhwani of Excel Entertainment.

Being the face of the film, actors have to go around defending or talking about clashes or any controversy around the film. While promoting his last release Dilwale, SRK had to clarify on the big clash with Salman many times. Even Salman also shared his of versions about the unfortunate clash.

However, now as per reports in a popular daily, do you know who really got the two actors in this mess? Producer Ritesh Sidhwani!

Rumours that have been doing the rounds in the industry reveal that Ritesh was aware of Sultan's release date but he still decided to bring Raees out on the same day. A source quoted to the newspaper, "Last year when reports had started doing the rounds of Salman Khan in Yash Raj Film’s next, producer Ritesh Sidhwani made a call to YRF head honcho Aditya Chopra. Yash Raj Films hadn’t made an official announcement yet due to Salman’s ongoing case.”

The source added, "Ritesh Sidhwani started sniffing around asking Aditya about the developments on Sultan. He also asked Adi when he intends to release it. Anyone who knows Aditya Chopra is aware that he is the most straightforward guy in the industry. He doesn’t mince words and is always to the point. He heard Ritesh out and told him he wants to release the film on EID 2016 but is waiting for the verdict on Salman’s case. That marked the end of the phone."

Few days later Ritesh took to his social media page and announced that Raees is coming on Eid. When this news reached Aditya he was shocked. He felt cheated that a friend sneaked in only to extract some information. Anyways, when it was clear that Salman wasn’t going to jail and he got a clean chit in his case, YRF went ahead and announced Sultan’s release date as planned. The clash of both the films shocked everyone in the industry.

Ritesh claimed to everyone around him that he was the first one to announce his release date so he hasn’t done anything wrong. However, it has now come to the surface that drill of clarifications SRK and Salman had to give about the EID clash, Ritesh is rumoured to be the root cause of it.

So will the actors pay a heavy price for this mess, or producers will suffer at the ticket-window? Only time will tell…


Raees looks like a far better film. It will do better worldwide. Salman might take the lead in India on opening day. But Raees will win the final game.

May the best film win.

Just want to put in my thoughts regarding this sultan-raees clash. yes, srk might've beaten salman in the past with don vs. jaaneman, om shanti om vs saawariya. but these were all before salman's superstardom took off. since 2010, salman has always starred in either the highest grossing or 2nd highest grossing film of the year (something even both for some years). in 2014, kick did better than happy new year even though the latter had a much larger marketing campaign. though raees may take a lead overseas, sultan will ultimately be the winner.

I am sure Ritesh will pay his dues. Btw SRK and SK are out of this, because their producers are playing games.

Its a question of ego now. Neither will back out now but one of them will lick their wounds after BO results come out . When 2 films clash, one of them suffers.

What is the story line of Raaes based on, any idea?

Ranveer Singh beat SRK recently. I doubt SRK will again go for a clash with Salman that too when YRF + Salman combination is together.

Salman will win in India and Raes will win everywhere outside India. Indian media will declare Sultan beating Raes cuz Indian box office doesn't counts overseas earnings and a separate chart is given for worldwide collections. When all the dust settles down then box office will announce that Raes is leading in total net collection ( India + overseas) but by that time no one will be interested in knowing who won. Same thing happened with Dilwale and BM.

obviously Ritesh thought salman will go to jail ! That's why he announced the date and now he's using "the clash" to increse the buzz of his film !

SRK lost to newbies in BM. A biggie like Sultan will no doubt sink Raees. SRK is popular yes but Salman is king of the masses

He lost by couple of crores in India but SRK is beyond India. Dilwale total earning is 14 crores more than BM. Go check your figures.

Only 14 crores wow . Such a huge amount?? Lol . Dilwale got slammed by audiences and critics , not a single person liked the film. BM is much loved, appreciated and won lions share of awards . SRK, Kajol, Varun themselves said they regretted Dilwale

I liked dilwale. Watched with family. It was a feel good happy movie. And needed to get rid of all my negativity about the asshole of the managers that torture us with deadlines given to creative work. Felt better.

Then say that BM was outstanding and Dilwale sucked big time. You can't say SRK was beaten by Ranveer cuz even with the bad word of mouth it still earned 14 crores more than BM.

Srk should stay away from people like rites, that are are always full of trouble which always backfires on them

Clash of the Titans !

There is no doubt that Raees doesn't stand a chance, unfortunate thing to happen for SRK. He is been set up for failure!

Eid belngs to Salman Khan. I'm kidding and serious at the same time

We want clash to happen to see who's the real King khan

Ritesh is very bad...

Sounds like something Ritish and excel would do

oMG this will be remembered as the biggest clash of the decade...can't wait!

Ritesh has dug a grave for himself, hope SRK doesn't get buried with him. Want SRK

How? SRK is the only superstar to have had scored centuries in all the genres he has tried so far so I don't see why Raees should be any different. Even the horrible Ra.one did 100 crore when it released back then. Sultan looks promising but it isn't going to be easy .

Adi's proximity with SRK didn't deter him from clashing with Raees anyway. It's business after all. It would be awesome if Raees and Sultan did 200 crores or whatever crazy business is that they're aiming for.

Don't you think it would be better if both the films made 300/400 Crores separately? Fans happy, producers happy, distributors happy & no animosity between the Stars !!!

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