After leaving Danville, enter Catlin by turning west onto North St. from Catlin Tilton Rd. (CR7). The Trail of Death marker is at your right (north) beside North St. on the Catlin Museum grounds.

Monday 17th Sept. [Traveled 6 miles from Danville to Sandusky’s Point, now called Catlin, Illinois.]

Left encampment at Danville at 9 in the morning, and proceeded to Sandusky’s point - a distance of only 6 miles, where we encamped for the remainder of the day and night, due to illness. Soon after our arrival in camp, Joseph Mouland who was left as Interpreter for the sick remaining at the camp of Saturday last (left at Chippeway north of Rochester) came up with his part, it having received an accession by the birth of a child. A young child died directly after coming into camp.

Tuesday 18th Sept. Stayed in camp with the business of discharging troops in service, besides the weak condition of the emigrants demanded rest. During the evening a woman and a child died. A child was also born today. Dr. Jerolaman (from Logansport) arrived today, assisted by Dr. James Buell of Williamsport. In their report, they say “there are at this time 67 sick - of that number there are 47 cases of intermittent fever - 13 of continued fever and 3 of diarrhea, and 2 of scrofula. Of the whole number 8 may be considered dangerously ill.” Provisions and forage still continue to be scarce.

Wednesday 19th Sept. Stayed in camp as business only half concluded. (They were deciding which of the militia to be sent home, how much was owed each one, and contracting with those who would continue with the emigration. They also hired an ox team to help transport baggage, such a kettles and tripods to cook with, and supplies.) Tomorrow most of the volunteers will be discharged. The physicians report 6 or 8 cases as very dangerous. A child of 6 or 8 years old died this evening. Also late at night an adult person died.

Catlin, Illinois - Catlin Museum. GPS N-4004130 W-8742063.

Catlin was called Sandusky's Point in 1838. This marker is beside the Catlin museum and faces the highway, also known as North Street. Erected by Paul Quick and Society of Indian Lore in 1993. (Photo by Larry Prichard, Lynn, Indiana, on Trail of Death Commemorative Caravan, 2003.)

Catlin, Illinois - Catlin Museum. GPS N-4007511 W-8738403.

The Trail of Death marker at Catlin is located beside (east of) the Catlin Museum and faces the highway. Pictured above: Sister Virginia Pearl and Patrick Dockry in background. Facing the marker are Larry Prichard, Galen Kabance, Ilah Alsop, Bob Pearl, Shirley Willard, and Dolores Grizzell. (Photo by Mike Dodson, 2003.)

Catlin, Illinois - Catlin Museum. GPS N-4007511 W-8738403.

The Trail of Death marker at Catlin is located near the Catlin museum and the street that passes in front of the museum. (Photos by Kevin Young, Champaign, Illinois, 2006)

Leave Catlin by going south on Paris St. about 2 blocks and turn west (right) on Vermilion St. (1350N or Catlin Homer Rd.

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