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Red Bull Ring  

Spielberg, Austria


Formula One Series Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

View Formula One Series driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) St Chassis / Engine Len Sfc Km Pole Speed LC
1970-0908/16/7024Jacky Ickx 3 Ferrari 312B / Ferrari 0015.911R35599.230208.0452
1971-0808/15/7122Jo Siffert 1 BRM P160 / BRM P1425.911R31997.440211.8900
1972-0908/13/7226Emerson Fittipaldi 1 Lotus 72D / Ford Cosworth DFV5.911R31995.970214.5412
1973-1208/19/7325Ronnie Peterson 2 Lotus 72E / Ford Cosworth DFV5.911R31994.980215.6683
1974-1208/18/7425Carlos Reutemann 2 Brabham BT44 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.911R31995.400215.8311
1975-1208/17/7528Vittorio Brambilla 8 March 751 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.911R17194.850177.5312
1976-1108/15/7625John Watson 2Penske PC4 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.910R31995.020212.4635
1977-1208/14/7726Alan Jones14Shadow DN8 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.942R32199.320197.9433
1978-1208/13/7826Ronnie Peterson 1Lotus 79 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.942R32197.710189.9673
1979-1108/12/7924Alan Jones 2Williams FW07 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.942R32194.070219.7042
1980-1008/17/8024Jean-Pierre Jabouille 2Renault RE20 / Renault-Gordini EF15.942R32190.270223.2243
1981-1108/16/8124Jacques Laffite 4Ligier JS17 / Matra MS815.942R31592.018215.7154
1982-1308/15/8226Elio de Angelis 7Lotus 91 / Ford Cosworth DFV5.942R31587.612222.2193
1983-1108/14/8326Alain Prost 5Renault RE40 / Renault-Gordini EF15.942R31589.871223.5104
1984-1208/19/8426Niki Lauda 4McLaren MP4-2 / TAG Porsche P015.942R30386.173223.8991
1985-1008/18/8526Alain Prost 1McLaren MP4-2B / TAG Porsche P015.942R30985.490231.1482
1986-1208/17/8626Alain Prost 5McLaren MP4-2C / TAG Porsche P015.942R30983.549227.8363
1987-1008/16/8726Nigel Mansell 2Williams FW11B / Honda RA167E5.942R30983.357235.4371
1997-1409/21/9721Jacques Villeneuve 1Williams FW19 / Renault RS94.323R30770.304210.2285
1998-1007/26/9822Mika Hakkinen 3McLaren MP4-13 / Mercedes-Benz FO110G4.319R30789.598202.7773
1999-0907/25/9922Eddie Irvine 3Ferrari F399 / Ferrari Type 0484.319R30770.954208.5872
2000-1007/16/0022Mika Hakkinen 1McLaren MP4-15 / Mercedes-Benz FO110J4.326R30770.410208.7922
2001-0605/13/0122David Coulthard 7McLaren MP4-16 / Mercedes-Benz FO 110K4.326R30769.562209.9773
2002-0605/12/0222Michael Schumacher 3Ferrari F2002 / Ferrari Type 0514.326R30768.082196.3443
2003-0605/18/0320Michael Schumacher 1Ferrari F2003-GA / Ferrari Type 0524.326R29869.150213.0035
2014-0806/22/1422Nico Rosberg 3Mercedes F1 W05 / Mercedes PU106A4.326R30768.759209.6177
2015-0806/21/1520Nico Rosberg 2Mercedes F1 W06 / Mercedes PU106A4.326R30768.455204.0403
2016-0907/03/1622Lewis Hamilton 1Mercedes F1 W07 / Mercedes PU106C4.326R30767.922210.2035
2017-0907/09/1720Valtteri Bottas 1Mercedes F1 W08 / Mercedes M08 EQ Power+4.318R30764.251224.7572
2018-0907/01/1820Max Verstappen 4Red Bull RB14 / TAG Heuer V64.318R30763.130224.4152
2019-0906/30/1920Max Verstappen 2Red Bull RB15 / Honda RA619H4.318R30763.003224.2424

31 races

FIA Formula Two Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

View FIA Formula Two driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) St Chassis / Engine Len Sfc Km Pole Speed LC
2011-1108/27/1122Ramon Pineiro 1Williams / Audi4.326R11281.946185.044 
2011-1208/28/1122Ramon Pineiro 3Williams / Audi4.326R11280.536186.814 

2 races