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Redefining network services with O3b mPOWER

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As a pioneering force in networking and communications, we transformed the satellite industry with our O3b MEO constellation, bringing high-performance connectivity to millions of people and places around the globe. Now, with O3b mPOWER, we are transforming the market once again—challenging the conventional wisdom of where and how satellite is used in a world of seamless networking.

O3b mPOWER is the highest-capacity, lowest-latency, and most flexible satellite-based data communications system ever. Innovative ground and satellite technology advances combined with our dynamic, open Adaptive Resource Control (ARC) software solution empowers you to focus on your business no matter your location.  

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O3b mPOWER Interactive Platform

In a fully connected and empowered world, you are free. Free to capitalise on opportunity anywhere. By providing global cloud-scale connectivity with unprecedented agility, flexibility and performance, O3b mPOWER delivers a premium user experience and empowers you with a new level of freedom to accelerate your business. 

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o3b mpower

O3b mPOWER Platform

Visit the interactive platform

Introducing an empowered world

Launching an empowered world

Five key benefits of O3b mPOWER:

  1. The only low-latency, high-throughput NGSO system offering multi-gigabit links with multi-terabit total system capacity
  2. Unprecedented flexibility to provide configurable end-to-end data services to thousands of users around the world
  3. Adaptive and dynamic intelligent software to ensure high performance, network resilience and extensible innovation
  4. Open standards solution with interfaces to interoperate seamlessly with terrestrial and MEO/GEO networks
  5. Reach and performance to drive new applications such as cloud, IoT, AI and mobile data markets everywhere
O3b mPOWER -  freedom to create and differentiate

Freedom to create and differentiate

O3b mPOWER creates opportunities for network operators of all kinds to introduce new, differentiated services—scalable to multi-gigabit per second bandwidth rates per dedicated connection—to under-served markets. With thousands of high-capacity beams per satellite, and new, intelligent software capabilities that optimise the use of network resources, O3b mPOWER affords operators more flexibility to extend network access into new markets with new service offerings and commercial models. 

This includes communications-on-the-move and fixed data applications, including where fibre and other access technologies may be available today, but require a more reliable primary connection, a more scalable link for network resilience, or a diverse path with which to create a logical, higher-throughput connection.

Freedom to integrate and optimise

O3b mPOWER enables the creation and delivery of end-to-end managed network services, eliminating the operational risk and capital expense of integrating and optimising satellite connectivity with the network core. Services delivered over O3b mPOWER include the industry’s most robust and comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) covering throughput, latency, and availability—from end to end. Our managed network solutions are MEF certified, adhering to the same performance thresholds of metro and core fibre networks operated by telcos and other service providers worldwide.

Freedom to economise and scale

Innovation across the entire O3b mPOWER system—satellite, ground system, and software technologies—results in exponentially more scale, and lower total cost of ownership per unit of capacity than any available satellite service portfolio. With O3b mPOWER, we can provision services at highly granular capacity rates, with the flexibility to shape and combine beams as required to match bandwidth needs and avoid wasted spectrum. Whether the end user is in the air, on a ship, or in a fixed business or residential location, O3b mPOWER delivers network operators the scalability needed to meet demand well into the future.

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