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Myrtle Avenue (Broadway) is the final station and transfer point before M train leaves the Broadway elevated to branch up and go up to what remains of the Myrtle Avenue elevated, the remains of which are very much alive in the station, ever since it was closed about forty years ago on October 4, 1969 (Forgotten New York has a good article on it). The currently opened station is the lower level Broadway elevated platforms, which are in the express station layout for a three-track line with two narrow island platforms, and the middle track (used by J/Z peak direction express service during weekdays and M Shuttle trains during nights and weekends). The station was rebuilt in 1999 (at least that's when the stained glass in the island's platform's windscreens date from) and has the modern green color design for an elevated station. Each platform has two staircases down to a passageway almost at their eastern (away from Manhattan) end, directly beneath the skeletal remains of the Myrtle Avenue elevated, this passageway fallows the el from beneath the tracks before going up again half a staircase to the small station house. The station house would have be easier to access from the Myrtle Avenue el than the Broadway el, with no passageways. From this small station house are two exits down to either side of Myrtle Avenue at the southern corners with Broadway (meaning passengers leave the station underneath the station, not approaching it).

The remains of the closed portion of the Myrtle Avenue el in the station is above with some maintenance houses now on the remains of it's island platform, some of whose wooden plank bottoms (what the platform was made out of to the day it closed), are still visible from street level. The skeletal remains of the el also for some reason extend a block southwest of the station above Myrtle Avenue to Lewis Avenue. The steel remains that held up the two trackways are still there, in addition to the remains of some signal boxes, and the posts that held up the standard fence along the el. North of the station the el continues a block north until the M's elevated curves off the mainline, at a flat-junction (meaning Myrtle-Avenue bound trains must cross the Middle track and Manhattan-bound mainline tracks), and curve around over private property before rising up to the Myrtle Avenue el at what must have been a flying junction. Another remaining feature that I noticed is the numbering system on all the pillars of the elevated, are numbered along Myrtle Avenue and begin in the 200s along the abandoned elevated south of the subway station and continue to increase as the M curves around to join the elevated. One must have been somewhere in downtown Brooklyn.

The station also has the dubious distiction to be the last to recieve electronic turnstiles to accept MetroCards, with the 50-year old mechanical ones being removed on May 14, 1997 [1]

Art For Transit at Myrtle Avenue

Arts For Transit at Myrtle Avenue
Jammin' Under the EL, 1999,
Faceted glass in mezzanine windows and platform windscreens
By Verna Hart

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A view about to enter Myrtle Avenue on a Jamaica-bound J train.
29 May, 2009
Looking out of a stopped R42 J train at Myrtle Avenue.
29 May, 2009
A view down one of the two narrow platforms at Myrtle Avenue.
25 June, 2008
A close-up of a Myrtle Avenue column sign.
25 June, 2008
Looking down one of the tracks at Myrtle Avenue, old lettering is visible on the side of a warehouse.
25 June, 2008
Approaching one of two staircases down to the small mezzanine level.
25 June, 2008
The remains of the Myrtle Avenue elevated makes it's way north of the station, the M train's crossover to it joins it shortly.
25 June, 2008
R143A-1 #8453 and a Jamaica-bound J train leave Myrtle Avenue on the center track, there's a R143A-1 M train on that local track, and a Manhattan-bound train on it's track.
25 June, 2008
R143A-1 #8453 continues pulling out of the center track at Myrtle Avenue.
25 June, 2008
R42 #4811 stops at Myrtle Avenue, it's signed as Z for its return trip back to Jamaica, but right now its running as an all stops J train.
25 June, 2008
Looking up at the remains of the Broadway Station of the Myrtle Avenue el, now it's in non-passenger uses. It crosses diagonally above the Myrtle Avenue Station
25 June, 2008
A tower structure on the remains of the Myrtle Avenue el.
25 June, 2008
R42 #4811 signed as Z leaves Myrtle Avenue to continue an all stops (should be signed as J) trip to Manhattan.
25 June, 2008
The portion of the Myrtle Avenue station that's beneath the remains of the Broadway station on the el.
25 June, 2008
Looking down towards one end of one of two narrow island platforms at Myrtle Avenue.
25 June, 2008
The two staircases up to the Manhattan-bound platform from the narrow underpass that leads to the station's small station house.
25 June, 2008
The staircases down from the Queens-bound platform, and the passageway that leads the the station house that is beneath the abandoned Myrtle Avenue el.
25 June, 2008
The one bank of turnstiles that are the station exit at Myrtle Avenue.
25 June, 2008
Looking beneath the remains of the southern section of the Myrtle Avenue el, and the station house beneath the abandoned trackways.
25 June, 2008
Beneath the skeletal remains of the Myrtle Avenue el, the B54, the el's replacement boards passengers.
25 June, 2008
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[1] Pierre-Pierre, Garry "Last Click for Token-Only Turnstiles," The New York Times, May 14, 1997. Online edition (accessed 2 January, 2010)


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