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  1. 15 uur geleden

    What a crowd! The book sale for is going very well! We are here till 14.30

  2. 19 uur geleden

    to our alumna Simone Tukker, talking about her BA American Studies at the Faculty of Arts

  3. 12 dec.
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    11 dec.
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    11 dec.

    The University has decided to cancel all activities for tonight due to Code Red (winter weather). Check

  6. 6 dec.

    Dishwashing an EEG-cap after a few tests for clinical linguistics research. This is too!

  7. 4 dec.

    What are my job prospects as an student? Faculty of Arts works as a journalist at and tells us all about it!

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    4 dec.

    De strip over dr. Martijn Wieling’s dialectonderzoek is natuurlijk ook te downloaden:

  9. 28 nov.

    Decaan Gerry Wakker spreekt Geesje Peters-Beuke toe. Sinds 1977 aan de verbonden en nu met pensioen! Veel plezier Geesje!

  10. 27 nov.

    Studenten van de ma applied linguistics houden voorlichting voor taalcoaches van over taalles voor vluchtelingen

  11. 23 nov.

    In het Groningse plaatsje Rottum zijn vandaag een aantal archeologen gesignaleerd. Wat deden ze daar toch? houdt ons in spanning...

  12. 23 nov.

    Dutch whalers who sailed to arctic Svalbard in the 18th Century wore no special clothes, colleague Sandra Comis explains to . And so they wore three jackets and knitted their own hats: 'It’s easy to imagine someone knitting these’

  13. 22 nov.

    Hoe gaan buurlanden India en China om met de Rohingya-crisis? Collega Susanne Kamerling, onderzoeker bij en , legt het uit bij de

  14. 21 nov.

    In it's lecture series on 22 and 29 November, invites you to ponder on Europe's current challenges, the lessons learned from the past and the strategies for its future!

  15. 20 nov.

    Good afternoon would-be master students! This Friday is our Master's event. See you there! (PS: we have drinks afterwards)

  16. 16 nov.

    On December 14th, we have our annual book market in the Weberfoyer. The proceeds of this sale will be donated to Stichting Ambulancewens (for terminally ill people). Do you want to donate books for the good cause? Follow this link:

  17. 15 nov.

    Learning Dutch is very 'gezellig', but also free! Join our award-winning online Dutch course, starting from the 20th of November. Or are you a fearrabbit?

  18. 15 nov.

    This is just great. Our bachelor's Archaeology, Minorities & Multilingualism, and English Language and Culture are among the top degree programmes in the Netherlands according to . Proud of all colleagues!

  19. 14 nov.

    Don't bring an 'eierbal' to your job interview and other tips and tricks at the 'Applying as an International’ workshop of . Tomorrow, 12.00.

  20. 14 nov.

    Tomorrow at 11 am: one of the world's leading political theorists and political scientists, Prof. Dana Villa (University of Notre Dame), gives a lecture about "Teachers of the People: Political Education then and now"

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