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How to Collaborate


Collaboration of health and life sciences researchers with industrial partners is important and desirable to generate innovative ideas and solutions to yet unsolved health issues. Exchange of information and research material is inevitable.

In order to ensure the benefit of these collaborations and a concomitant long-term flow of know-how and technologies in both directions it is important that all parties agree on the nature of the proposed relationship.

To ensure that strategically critical issues are agreed upon in advance, clear agreements are necessary. The UMCG/University of Groningen provides several agreements as -Material Transfer Agreement, -Non-Disclosure Agreement, and -Software Licenses to share information, material and software (contact UMCG Legal Affairs Officer connected to the Center for Development & Innovation, Contact).

Would you like to work with UMCG researchers or are you interested in UMCG initiatives or facilities you can contact experts at the UMCG Center for Development and Innovation (UMCG CDI) or at the Science Shop for Medicine and Public Health.

They are willing to advise you depending on your needs and to guide you through the collaboration process