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Nantgarw Colliery, Nr. Trefforest.


Nantgarw Colliery, 1984.

NGR ST119857 Google Map

Thomas Taylor, of Taylor's Navigation Steam Company Ltd., began sinking the two shafts of Nantgarw in 1910. At a depth of 856 yards it was one of the deepest collieries in the coalfield and the first coal was produced in 1915.

In 1923 there were 866 men employed working the Four and Six Feet seams. It was sold to the Taff Rhondda Navigation Steam Coal Company a year later.

Because of bad geological conditions production ceased in 1927 and it was sold to the Powell Duffryn Co. Ltd. in 1928, who kept it in mothballs for a number of years.

After Nationalisation in 1947 under the N.C.B. new landings were made in both shafts at 380yds. and at 280yds. in order to work the coal by horizon mining between these levels. The spoil from this development was tipped down the shafts until they were filled up to about 60ft. below the 380ft. level. This 60ft. was left as a sump and the water pumped from there.
The Main heading driven South then cut through all the previous seams , due to the 36 degree dip to the North, from No.1 Rhondda to the Bute and the extra two seams, the Brass and the Hard.

Later it was linked with the Windsor colliery and supplied the nearby coking plant with thousands of tons of prime coking coal each week.

The colliery closed on November 6th 1986.


Nantgarw Llantwit Colliery, Upper..


Nantgarw Llantwit Colliery, Lower. Both images from Colin Spencer.

Nantgarw Llantwit Colliery.

Nantgarw, Taff Vale.

NGR Lower ST120858 Google Map
NGR Upper ST122861 Google Map

This was a small mine that was opened in 1855 by Evan Williams approximately one mile north of the Nantgarw Pottery with the coal being loaded onto barges on the Glamorganshire Canal.

The owner had to pay compensation to the canal company due to his workings undermining the canal.

It was owned in 1878 by W. Williams and Company and was managed at that time by J. Williams while in 1893 it was owned by the Nant Garw Llantwit Coal Company.

It was also called Coedcae-Dyrys it abandoned the Llantwit Yard seam in July 1893 but employed 6 men in 1901 and 4 men in 1902.

The above information from Ray Lawrence.

More from Tony Cooke.


Glam. 36NE, ST 120858 (at 1873), 123862 (at 1893), Map 16 H3/H4

Minerals worked: Not stated (coal) (1888)

Seams worked: 1888 No. 2 Rhondda ('Llantwit Yard and Two Feet seams abandoned 2.1876, Yard seam abandoned 1889 (at Nantgarw or Coed-cae-Dyrys). Llantwit Yard seam abandoned 7.1893)


Pre 1873 Not listed. ('Mr. Evan Williams has struck the Maesmmvr seam in the Ty Fri wood, above the canal near Nantygarw..- Star 4.8.1855. 'Mr. Williams. who won the Upper Maesmawr seam in Coedcae-dyrrus near Nantyganv, is now putting down an inclined plane from his level to the Glamorgan canal. '- Star 24.5.1856, 'A vein four feet three thick was struck on [19.6.1858] at C'oedcae Derris near Upper Boat, by Evan Williams. '- AU/Star 26 6 1858B. (er 24.7.1858, 'The Maesmawr vein has been struck at Coedcae Derris Colliery of Evan Williams. M./ 10.7.1858, 'In consequence of a misunderstanding between the lessor and the lessee of the Coedcaedyrris Colliery, no effort has been made to win the Lantwit Lower vein, since the irruption of the canal which washed away the farmer trial level. '- star 5.11.1859, '1865 & 66 Williams, Evan (Listed as Coed-cae-Dyrys). '- Webster's 1865 & Ilarrod's 1866, 'For sale by auction on 2.4.1867. Coed-cae-Durris Colliery (lease from 25. 3.1858). '-Mi 163.1867/ CG 25.3.1867)


1873 Llantwit Red Ash Coal Co.

1874-78 Williams, William, & Co. (HMS & Ryland's give 1874 Williams, L.) CCoedcaedyrus (Nantgarw Llantwit) Colliery continues to make fair progress and iris expected that the output of coal at this colliery will soon be considerably increased . -SWISN 28. 10.1874/CT 31.10.1874, 'At Norton Bridge the Newbridge Navigation Co. are sinking night and day. '- SWIN 18.11.1874 & CT 21.11.1874, '1875 Williams, William, (listed as Bochvenarth Colliery at Norton Bridge). Worm/ Is 1875, 'Expected that Evan Williams will strike the No. 3 seam at Coedcae, Llantwit Vardre, this week [Query this site]' WM 2.3.1875, 'Evan Williams of Llantwit Vardre, colliery proprietor, bankrupt, First meeting of creditors 12.2.1877. LOPLG 30. 1. 1877IWM 31.1.1877, 'Advertised for sale. '- CG 27.4.1877, 'Sinking for two/three years near Norton's Bridge, Pontypridd, reached coal on 23.5.1877. W. Williams '- CT 26 5. 1877/CG 1.61877, 'The Three Feet Rhondda has been won near Navigation. by
Henry Williams. '- Eng. 1.6 1877)

1879-80 Not listed. (HMS gives Williams, W. & Co.)

1881-84 Nantgarw Llantwit Colliery Co. (HMS gives 1881 Williams. W, & Co.) ('1884 Nantgarw Llantwit Coal Co. '- Kelly's 1884)

1885-87 Not listed.

1888-92 Nant Gar y : Llantwit Coal Co. (1888 Listed as Nan: Ganv, 79 employed. 'At 1891, Nant Garw Llantwit Level with an upcast. 5ft diameter, 90 feet deep. Worked by longwall, 43 , 7 employed. Only worked 196 days in the year. '- HMIM 1891)

7.1893 Abandoned (Catalogue of Plans gives 'Nantgarw Llantwit or Coedcae-Dyrys)

COEDCAE-DYRYS (Query new site?)

1901-02 Harwood, Jas. (1901 5/1, 1902 3/1)

1903 Not listed.