Naval History and Heritage
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  • Battle of the Coral Sea

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    The Battle of the Coral Sea was the first time since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that the enemy’s seemingly relentless advance into the Pacific was checked. It was also the first major U.S. Navy fleet action against Japan and the first naval engagement in history in which the participating ships never sighted or fired directly at each other. Our first victory in the Pacific was hard fought, but largely forgotten. Until now. Minder weergeven
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    • Vietnam Veterans Day - Duur: 3 minuten en 39 seconden.

      • 4 dagen geleden
      • 140 weergaven
      Between the years 1964 and 1973, 3,403,000 Americans deployed to southeast asia. Among them, 1.8 million served as Sailors.

      National Vietnam War Veterans Day is an American holiday observed annual...
    • Cannon Restoration - Duur: 2 minuten en 4 seconden.

      • 3 maanden geleden
      • 376 weergaven
      Restoring artifacts takes time and patience. In this video, Shanna Daniel, an archeological conservator with the Naval History and Heritage Command Underwater Archeology Branch, explains how this t...
    • USS Macon Airship wreckage - Duur: 3 minuten en 46 seconden.

      • 3 maanden geleden
      • 418 weergaven
      USS Macon (ZRS 5), a U.S. Navy Akron-class rigid airship, sank on February 12, 1935 off the coast of California in what is now the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. USS Macon’s wreck site con...
    • Dahlgren Leg - Duur: 3 minuten en 49 seconden.

      • 4 maanden geleden
      • 128 weergaven
      During the American Civil War, prosthetics advanced greatly, allowing men like Ulrich Dahlgren, son of Adm. John Dahlgren, to return to the fight even after losing his leg. Unfortunately, Ulrich's ...
    • U.S. Navy World War I Landing Party - Duur: 3 minuten en 46 seconden.

      • 5 maanden geleden
      • 713 weergaven
      Up until the 1970s, Sailors would sometimes assume the role of the infantry during beach landings, known as a "landing party." Occasionally, these Sailors would also provide land-based artillery su...
    • The Navy Medal of Honor - Duur: 91 seconden.

      • 6 maanden geleden
      • 176 weergaven
      The Navy and Marine Corps' Medal of Honor is our country's oldest continuously awarded decoration, even though its appearance and award criteria has changed since it was created for enlisted men by...
    • 100th Anniversary of the Naval Railway Gun First Firing Commemoration - Duur: 8 minuten en 31 seconden.

      • 6 maanden geleden
      • 110 weergaven
      The Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) held a commemoration ceremony for the 100th anniversary of the first combat firing of the naval railway gun, Sept. 6.

      Upon entering World War I in Apr...
    • "What History Means To Me" - Duur: 2 minuten en 34 seconden.

      • 6 maanden geleden
      • 669 weergaven
      Effectively running and fighting a warship relies on bridging the gap between officers and enlisted personnel. It was from this need that the creation of the rank of chief petty officer was born. F...
    • Heritage Week aboard USS Constitution. - Duur: 3 minuten en 11 seconden.

      • 6 maanden geleden
      • 514 weergaven
      Once a year, a few CPO selectees from around the U.S. Navy come to the USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat. Selectees live aboard the ship and perform various historica...
    • Navy Combat Art Series, Ep. 3: Damage Control - Duur: 61 seconden.

      • 6 maanden geleden
      • 84 weergaven
      For more Navy Combat Art, visit:

      In this video series, contemporary artist Kristopher Battles provides an in-depth look at his work as a representational artist for the U....
    • Navy Combat Art Series, Ep. 2: Buddy Care - Duur: 64 seconden.

      • 7 maanden geleden
      • 76 weergaven
      For more Navy Combat Art, visit:

      In this video series, contemporary artist Kristopher Battles provides an in-depth look at his work as a representational artist for the U....
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  • On This Day Alles afspelen

    "On This Day" recounts the most important events in US Navy history
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